Zack Scott addresses the media

Mets interim general manager Zack Scott spoke to the media on Tuesday afternoon ahead of the game against the Nationals. Scott shed light on injury updates for some Key Mets and the team’s recent struggles.

Scott was asked about the team’s poor stretch and said, “We’ve been playing really poor baseball for most of the year. The recent stretch has been far worse than poor. We would have taken mediocre at this point. For this section it has been unacceptably bad and we have to be better. But we’re not going to panic, because you can’t do that in this game. ”

When asked about the Mets’ coaching staff and how they might be to blame for the multitude of injuries apparently throughout the season, Scott said there was no problem with the coaching staff. and that the soft tissue issues could be related to the players not following. prosecution of the plans that have been put in place for them. “Most of the time, it’s compliance issues.

Scott also appeared to indicate that the players did not follow through on the plans given to them, mentioning that it was a partnership between the Mets players and the staff. Scott went on to say, “I’m not trying to vilify the players. At some point, you have to take on this responsibility.

Scott continues to say all the right things, and it’s reassuring from a fan perspective after what the team recently went through with Brodie Van Wagenen.

Scott was asked to provide an update on Noah syndergaard, which has been released since 2019 due to Tommy Jean Operation. Syndergaard will likely come back to work out of the reliever box as Scott said “it will take him faster into the big leagues.”

Scott revealed that Francisco lindor is progressing well from his oblique injury and is still listed as week after week. As for Jacob of Grom, who has been absent since July 7 for inflammation of his right elbow, he will have another MRI on Friday, once he hits the 2-week stop mark, but no date has yet been set for his return .

The Mets continue to struggle, but, again, it’s reassuring to hear the competence of the Mets front office after years, if not decades, of poor communication and incompetence.

Zack Scott addresses the media

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