Why Kourtney and Travis aren’t a typical celebrity couple

Kourtney Kardashian is a glamorous reality TV star. Barker is a punk drummer for Blink-182. Who would have thought they would be a match made in heaven?

Earlier this year, Kourtney Kardashian of keeping up with the Kardashians went public with their new relationship with Travis Barker, and we’re here to explain why they are such a unique celebrity couple. Since their romance was confirmed, KUWTK fans were thrilled with the new lovers, for good reason. However, Scott Disick is believed to be bitter about their relationship. Since Kourtney and Travis are an unexpected couple, their relationship is exciting, except maybe with Scott.

In January 2021, Travis Barker spent time with Kourtney Kardashian and Kris Jenner in Palm Springs. A lot of KUWTK viewers following the famous family wondered if the trip meant Kourtney and Travis were an object. “Kourtney and Travis are officially a couple,Said an insider at the time, according to American magazine. The source continued: “They have been close friends for years and have been dating for a few months. Travis has been very fond of Kourtney and has been for a while.“The glam-punk duo have been dating for over six months and their relationship is very unusual.

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The first reasons why Kourtney and Travis are unique are pretty obvious. These reasons are the fact that they have different backgrounds and public images. Kardashian is a glamorous reality TV star, while Barker is a punk drummer for the acclaimed band, Blink-182. Kourtney always wears dazzling cute outfits, as he’s tattooed all over the place and sports an edgy look. Kourtney has actually started wearing rocker style outfits since she started dating him. Who would have thought that these two would be a match made in heaven? Plus, there aren’t a ton of celebrities who match the vibe of Kourtney and Travis. Sure, there are tons of powerful couples in Hollywood, but none quite like Kourtney and Travis except Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly.

The fact that Travis chose to date a woman like Kourtney is less shocking as his previous wife was Shanna Moakler. She’s a re-enactment queen, model, actress, and reality TV star, which makes her glamorous and therefore similar to Kourtney. Shanna is said to be hurt by Kourtney and Travis’ relationship. However, when it comes to Kourtney, Travis is not a typical choice. Kourtney’s most important relationship was with Scott Disick, who is also the father of her three children. Scott is preppy and conventional, which makes him the opposite of Travis. Between dating Scott and Travis, Kourtney had a short, fleeting relationship with Justin Bieber (and a longer romance with Younes Bendjima). These two men looked nothing like Travis, which underlines how different Kourtney’s new boyfriend is from the rest.

Kourtney and Travis are the latest pop culture sensation. It’s almost as if the keeping up with the Kardashians star decided to adopt a more rebellious image. We can’t wait to see more of Kardashian and Barker’s budding relationship. Hopefully they will last a lifetime.

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Source: American magazine, Capital FM, Kourtney Kardashian / Instagram

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