What happens when the media retaliate in a battle with the RCMP?

What happens when the media retaliate in a battle with the RCMP?

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In today’s Big Story podcast, whenever there is a protest, dispute, or anything else of interest in rural Canada, the media will come to cover it. And fall on the RCMP. Sometimes nothing happens. But more often than not, access to the story becomes a story in itself, with the RCMP insisting that media are not allowed in, or providing access only to “accredited media”. You can imagine where this leads and probably guess that the native journalists paid the price.

But this time, when the RCMP tried to block reporters from gaining access to the site of an ancient logging protest near Port Renfrew, B.C., the media went to court. What happens next will go a long way in determining who has access to the protests aimed at stopping the extraction of natural resources in rural areas, and other contentious issues that occur far from the big cities …

GUEST: Brent Jolly, President, Canadian Association of Journalists

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