“What are the media doing, man ?!”: Kyle Kuzma and LeBron James intervene as Draymond Green criticizes all media for their recent coverage of unvaccinated NBA players

Washington Wizards star Kyle Kuzma takes to Twitter and criticizes media coverage of unvaccinated NBA players

In the coming season, many players are expected to have massive breakout seasons. And Kyle Kuzma is one of the biggest names on this list.

He is one of those players who has been obsessed with basketball for the longest time. It has sometimes gotten to the point that, many in the NBA community think he doesn’t talk enough about other, perhaps more important, topics. And it seems that Kuzma heard those screams.

The former Lakers star recently took to Twitter to reveal his thoughts on the recent coverage of some NBA players. And let’s just say any media staff involved won’t want to know about it.

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Kyle Kuzma calls for more perspective from the mainstream media on the news they cover

As you may know by now, there has been a huge uproar against unvaccinated players in the NBA community. In fact, at times we’ve gotten to the point where you almost think there are more unvaccinated players than vaccinated players in the NBA.

To never be the silent one, Draymond Green recently had this to say about it.

After watching this, it looks like Kyle Kuzma couldn’t help but agree.

Even LeBron James has expressed his opinion on the matter.

The media can sometimes be a bit biased in favor of drama rather than current affairs, which has been the case for a long time. And up to a certain limit, perhaps it can still be considered acceptable.

However, the media staff very clearly crossed that line late. And maybe an intervention from some of the subjects of their many stories is just what all media staff need to get back on track.

Let’s see if this happens.

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