Verstappen-Hamilton crash damage cost £ 1.3million RaceFans

Damage to Max Verstappen’s Red Bull when he fell in the first round after colliding with Lewis Hamilton last weekend cost £ 1.3million ($ 1.8million), revealed the team.

Team principal Christian Horner continued his criticism of Hamilton and Mercedes in a column published on the team’s website on Friday.

“This accident cost us around $ 1.8 million and an accident like this has massive ramifications in an era of budget caps,” Horner said.

Verstappen was seen getting out of his car after the crash before being taken to the medical center and later to Coventry hospital for CT scans and magnetic resonance imaging to check for internal injuries . Horner criticized Mercedes for failing to tell Hamilton to refrain from celebrating his subsequent victory under the circumstances.

“I am also still disappointed with the level of celebrations experienced following the accident,” he said. “The Mercedes team were aware of the seriousness of the accident, with Max being widely reported as having been hospitalized and requiring further checks.

“It is unimaginable not to inform your driver of the situation, moreover to protect your driver in case he does not show the necessary restraint to celebrate, especially when it was following an incident for which he was penalized. “

Horner pointed out that Verstappen was initially “unable to respond on team radio” after impact 51G. “At that point you forget everything else other than the safety of the pilot, a person who is like family to all of us and it reminds you of the risk and the reward in our sport.

“When he was finally able to speak the relief was overwhelming and then seeing him get out of the car by the medics, although a little dizzy and in need of support, was an incredible feeling.”

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Horner responded to recent comments from Mercedes team manager Toto Wolff, who felt Red Bull’s criticism of Hamilton was personal in nature.

“When you have a driver in the hospital and the extent of the injuries has not yet been specified, your car has been written off and the marshals have penalized the driver considered responsible, it is natural that the “Emotion comes into play, for everyone involved, whether you feel aggrieved or victorious,” Horner said.

The flight attendant ruled that Hamilton was “primarily” to blame for the collision. Horner continues to hold him fully responsible. He insisted that at the point of contact between the two, Hamilton’s car was on a trajectory that would not have taken it around the corner if it hadn’t hit its championship rival.

“When you look at the incident up close, Max took a wider line in Copse compared to Leclerc when Hamilton passed him in the race,” said Horner. “Hamilton braked late and passed the corner.

“He was riding at such a speed that he was never going to reach the top of the turn and his trajectory through Copse meant he was never going to miss Max, even with the braking he ran very wide after the crash . “

“The reality is that Hamilton met his game in a car that is now competitive, and I agree that the two drivers have to respect each other, but Hamilton was the aggressor on Sunday,” Horner concluded.

Horner said Red Bull was still considering asking for a review of the incident by stewards.

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