Three ways to avoid paying toll charges in Spain

Three ways to avoid paying toll charges in Spain. image: Pixabay

Three ways to avoid paying toll charges in Spain.

There are three ways to avoid paying tolls on Spanish roads and if you are in one of these three groups you will be able to cross “ without scot ” depending on the DGT.

Traffico chief executive Pere Navarro lists three cases in which tolls would not have to be paid on highways in 2024 – when the charges are expected to come into effect.

The Spanish government has proposed in the recovery, transformation and resilience plan sent to Brussels, a controversial measure with which it intends to set up tolls on motorways from 2024, with the idea of ​​dealing with the maintenance and upkeep of the state road network, which already has an accumulated deficit of around 8,000 million euros.

However, those who belong to any of these three groups will be free to use the chargeable road tolls, according to the DGT.

The chief executive of Traffico recently said that “whoever uses it pays,” although he immediately qualifies his statement by saying that not everyone will pay for the service. “There would be a series of cases and circumstances in which the toll would not be paid. These cases would correspond to trips made on highways, highways and conventional roads for professional, medical or study reasons. “

Three ways to avoid paying toll charges in Spain

Navarro said: “For example, the daily journeys due to work, the guy who has to take the freeway every day to get to and from work, he is exempt from paying – the trips required to reasons for the study also – also as an example, the grandmother, when she goes To the doctor, is also excluded. That is, there is some leeway.

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