The media got it wrong

Law enforcement responds during a protest near Lafayette Park ahead of President Trump’s trip to St. John’s Church on June 1, 2020, in downtown Washington, DC. (Photo by Drew Angerer / Getty Images)

A year ago, on June 1, 2020, we all saw US Parks Police chasing Black Lives Matter protesters from Lafayette Park in front of the White House, followed shortly after by a video of the President Trump walking to the park for this. famous photoshoot holding a bible.

Well, the official report on this incident was released yesterday, and it concludes that the decision to evict the protesters had nothing to do with the photoshoot.

This was done so that a security fence could be installed.

The timeline shows that the plan to install the fence was underway several hours before park police knew the president was heading there, and park police knew nothing about the Bible photo.

And on Fox, Sean Hannity triumphed:

“Do you remember that fake news last summer?” NPR: Peaceful protesters used tear gas to clear the way for the Trump Church photoshoot. New York Toilet paper Times: Trump’s idea for a photoshoot has taken its toll in a park.

Talk host Mark Levin totally agreed that The New York Times just outright lie:

“They covered up the Holocaust, so of course they’re going to lie about what happened in Lafayette Park.”

And he quoted what candidate Joe Biden said at the time:

“When the Americans demonstrate peacefully outside the White House, this president tear gas at them for a photoshoot. Liar!”

So there you have two conservatives – and it doesn’t get more conservative than Hannity and Levin – saying the “mainstream” media got it wrong, and Biden got it wrong. And who has understood correctly? The impartial inspector general of the Ministry of the Interior.

Well, it seems to me that this is the EXACT type of independent investigation that the House approved for the January 6 attack. This tells me that there is also a chance that it will completely justify Trump. Imagine how much the mainstream media would be in trouble then!

So here’s my idea for getting Republicans to support him:

The Inspector General who led the Lafayette Park investigation – the investigation that left Hannity and Levin delusional gleefully – is a career public servant by the name of Mark Lee Greenblatt. He was nominated by Trump two years ago and confirmed by voice vote, absolutely without controversy.

Put HIM in charge of the January 6 investigation. How could Hannity be against that? Heck, how could Trump be against this? He named the guy! This is my idea. And if that doesn’t get the support of Republicans, then they MUST have something to hide.

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