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He sat socially in a folding chair with his arms and legs crossed, wearing a practical brown winter coat instead of a suit, as well as his now famous oversized woolen mittens: this photo of Bernie Sanders flew the viral spotlight at President Joe Biden’s inauguration.

The internet quickly picked up on the senator’s bored mood.

Twitter user Ashley K. combined a popular meme – “This reunion could have been an email” – with the photo; his tweet got over a million likes.

Next, Inauguration Bernie was photoshopped in every possible situation.

After reporting on the origins of Bernie’s Mittens, their creator, Jen Ellis, a teacher from Vermont, entered into a business partnership soon after the ceremony to meet growing demand for the product. “I couldn’t be more thrilled because I personally can’t make 18,000 pairs of mittens,” Ellis said of the deal, announcing to the media: “Everyone will have their mittens, everyone . “

Sing with the Wellerman

It’s not every day that a man quits his job to become a seafaring singer, but Nathan Evans is living his dream.

The TikTok version of the former postman’s “Wellerman” – with its lyrics echoing the stoic attitude needed to get through this pandemic time – rose to hugely popular early in 2021. It went viral when others saw it. musicians added their own contribution to the original clip.

Even Kermit the Frog joined in the fun:

Once upon a time there was a boat in the Suez Canal

Speaking of seas and travel, another source of memes was the Ever Given, a massive container ship operated by Taiwanese company Evergreen, which blocked the Suez Canal in March of this year, causing massive disruption to the sea. logistics worldwide.

A scene from the movie “Austin Powers” offered a powerful demonstration of the phenomenon:

And the little bulldozer trying to free the huge ship has also become a symbol of our helplessness in the face of the current situation:

Oprah shocked against interested Oprah

Who can forget the revealing interview Prince Harry and his wife Meghan had with Oprah Winfrey, which exposed the ugly side of the royal family?

Among the revelations made by Meghan, the one concerning the concerns of the royal family “about the darkness” of her and Harry’s baby would have Oprah to raise her hands in shock.

This image, combined with another photo of Oprah listening intently during the interview, provided the visuals for a meme commenting on our human contradictions.

Kim Kardashian is breaking the internet again

Any list of memes is incomplete without Kim Kardashian hitting the headlines.

The celebrity, who also owns a fashion label called Skims, showed up at this year’s MET Gala wearing head-to-toe black. And a black mask that covered his face.

Kim Kardashian’s eye-catching outfit at the Met Gala

The look has led social media watchers to compare her to all manner of dark characters including Darth Vader, the Soulless Dementors in “Harry Potter,” an alien from Ridley Scott’s cult film of the same title, or even a panel. women’s toilet.

A photo of Kim next to Kendall Jenner at the same event made her appear as the shadow of her glamorously dressed sister, leading the internet to caption them as two parts of one person.

“For the best, isn’t it?” “

First posted in April 2021 on the @starwarsposting Twitter account, which is dedicated to incorrect quotes from the movie franchise, a combination of screenshots of Anakin and Padme from the 2002 film “Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones “has gone viral.

The initial dialogue refers to the fact that Anakin would later become the evil Darth Vader:

Anakin: “I’m going to change the world.”
Padme: “For the best, isn’t it?”
Anakin: (looks silently)
Padme: “For the best, isn’t it?”

The model has inspired countless memes, including this one commenting on health insurance in the United States:

This other, on how a simple task in a Word document can easily ruin all formatting, got over 230,000 likes.

How it started compared to how it goes

Social media users first adopted the ‘How it started vs. How It’s Happening ”last year, often using it to post a positive development about their relationships or personal journey.

But soon enough, others ironically used the meme to express the exhaustion caused by the pandemic.

Through two different film images, one from the 2004 film “Aquatic Life with Steve Zissou” and the other from “The Lighthouse” (2019), iconic actor Willem Dafoe perfectly expresses just how much we have aged in less than a year from the pandemic:

Here’s a more recent twist, starring actor Rosamund Pike in the new “Wheel of Time” series.

The world is still struggling with frustrating restrictions due to the omicron variant, which inspired this take on the meme, from South Korea’s hit Netflix series, “Squid Game.”

Angela Merkel visits a bird park

But despite COVID, we can still try to end the year – and this list – on a more colorful note, like former Chancellor Angela Merkel.

One of his last public outings, to a bird park, led to some of his chancellery’s most iconic photos.

For one Twitter user, the pictures of her covered in parrots epitomized the contrast between Instagram and Twitter:

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