Taliban prevent drivers from listening to music in their cars and driving women without hijabs – Novinite.com

the Taliban, who took power in Afghanistan, have adopted new rules for motorists in the country, including a ban on listening to music.

This was announced by the local television station Kabul News. “Do not listen to music or use drugs while driving. Do not drive women without a hijab in the car, don’t drive alone women – a male relative for a distance of 45 miles (72.4 km) ” says the document.

In addition, drivers are required to park their cars in specially designated places for performing prayers, as well as growing beards and calling on their male companions to do so. As mentioned, the relevant rules were developed by the Ministry of Islamic Appeal, Guidance, Good Command and Prohibition of Sentencing, created by the Radicals – an analogue of the body that existed in 1996-2001 (when the Taliban controlled most of the country) with the functions of the Islamic moral police.

Previously, a new agency set up to replace the 20-year-old womenthe ministry of has established rules for weddings in Afghanistan, one of which prohibits the presence of live music during the celebrations. In addition, the restored morality police introduced a number of requirements for journalists, including compulsory wearing of the hijab for women television presenters.


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