Social media post goes viral after 3 quotes in fight outside Tinley Park daycare – NBC Chicago

Two women and a man have been cited for fighting in public after an altercation in the parking lot of a suburban day care center, Tinley Park police said this week.

Azia Taylor, of Flossmoor, and Beatriz Luna-Delgado, of Crete, were both leaving Tutor Time at Tinley Park, located at 8007 W. 183rd St., on November 17 when police said one of the women struck the each other’s car with it. door of the car, which started a fight between them.

Police were unable to determine who started the fight after viewing surveillance video nearby, according to a department statement. The two women were cited by the police. Police also cited Luna-Delgado’s husband David O’Donnell, who they said was seen attempting to separate the two women when police arrived.

Both families were kicked out of the daycare and given a court date, police said. After the incident, Tutor Time officials reportedly contacted the Tinley Park Police Department with “concerns they saw on social media causing destruction and staging protests on their property,” authorities said, adding that Tinley Park police have since sent additional patrols to the scene. .

In an Instagram post, Taylor claims she was assaulted by the couple.

“She hit me and we started to fight. Her husband then got out of the car and started pulling my hair, banging my head against my window and punching me in the face as well. than spitting racial slurs … “, wrote the post on Taylor’s. Reading Instagram. “… They had my keys and wouldn’t allow me access to my car, to my baby !!!!”

The post has since garnered thousands of likes and comments on the social media platform.

“At Tutor Time, we work hard to foster a safe, welcoming and nurturing environment where differences are valued and interactions are free from bias,” according to a statement from the Tutor Time spokesperson. “We believe everyone in our school community deserves to be treated fairly, with respect and dignity. We do not tolerate any aggressive behavior by anyone.”

The statement continued: “… The situation was unrelated to the custody of the children and involved a dispute between two school families which led to a physical altercation. Their behavior was unacceptable and an unusual occurrence within our school community. Parents’ inability to resolve their differences peacefully, without aggressive behavior – and nothing else – led to both families being unsubscribed last week. “

Luna-Delgado and O’Donnell could not be reached for comment.

Tinley Park Police said they are still looking for additional video of the fight or anyone who may have witnessed the altercation.

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