Slack Randoms: Viking Helmets, Social Media Goofs and more AI Pinkbike Comments

Danish Viking Helmet Safety Advertising
What better way to advertise to cyclists? Vikings, of course. Denmark has a huge cycling culture and to encourage more cyclists to wear helmets, the Danish Road Safety Council has released this hilarious PSA.
Toyota USA’s Instagram page responded after receiving a trolling barrage for posting two photos of a mountain biker who looked less than ready to tackle the trails properly. The original posts, from May 31, showed a rider on a Walmart-style hardtail with reflectors, V-brakes and, perhaps worse, a kickstand.

It was pretty clear that someone at the Toyota USA agency hadn’t done their research. While mountain bikers are a lucrative demographic, we are also notoriously special. The post quickly became a social media pile with roasts from across the mountain bike industry alongside a few comments from shameless influencers thirsty for support for the Toyota brand. Rather than removing the photo, Toyota responded on Tuesday with a trio of new posts, this time with proper mountain bikes and what appear to be real mountain bikers as well.

This time the rider is on a Yeti bike with automatic shoes on and you can also see the bike riding (slightly) off-road. While socks and track shorts may not pass the MTB posh fashion test, the “Look mom, no crutch” legends show that at least Toyota is aware of its blunder.

Have we all played?

Putting on our foil hats, we wouldn’t be surprised if this was all just a ploy to ruffle feathers. After all, the articles have appeared on many cycling news websites and the five articles seem to have the most engagement of any Toyota USA article throughout the year. Their advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi is among the best at what they do, and they rarely do things by accident.

Either way, you have to say fair play to Toyota for rolling with the punches and dragging on the chin. Hopefully this will be a lesson for all brands that if you want to market to mountain bikers you have to work with mountain bikers.

To be fair, Toyota Pacific is a partner of Pinkbike and we are big fans of their trucks.

A Kickstarter for a kit that only fast runners could wear has been canceled

Road cycling clothing brand Go Faster canceled a Kickstart after receiving backlash for its product.

The kit was pretty standard clothing, but the brand would only sell it to you if you could prove that you could ride a bike at a certain speed. Two kits were available, one for runners who could average over 26 km / h (16 mph) and one for runners who could average over 39 km / h (24 mph). The journeys had to be proven with Strava and the speed had to be maintained over a distance of 10 km.

The idea was that runners would be proud to show off their gear as it was earned, and be less likely to throw it away, increasing its durability.

The brand was hoping to raise £ 10,000 through a Kickstarter that offered kits at a discount compared to the RRP of £ 115. However, the brand has since scaled back its crowdfunding efforts and said:

“Over the past 24 hours, we have received many messages from the cycling community, both in favor and against our Kickstarter concept. Our idea was to offer performance-conscious cyclists the opportunity to challenge themselves to improve and reward their efforts with a But we learned that the wider cycling community does not support our approach and it does. is no way to start a new brand of cycling.

“We decided the best thing to do was close the fundraising campaign and rethink our approach. We are grateful to our supporters, testers and partners for all their support throughout our journey. “

More info here.

More AI-powered Pinkbike reviews

We always love the AI ​​generated comments from @charliewentoutside bot. Here are some of the best since our last post:

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