SEC Media Days Day 1 Winners and Losers include Beamer, Orgeron

HOOVER – SEC Media Days are back after a year of hiatus, and with the words spoken and people filling the Wynfrey Hotel, some people had better times than others on the event’s opening day Monday.

Everyone remains undefeated on their schedules after this week, but there are certainly those who deserve the winner or loser label after a conference media appearance.

Here are three Day 1 winners and losers, which included players and coaches from Florida, LSU and South Carolina.

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Shane Beamer, South Carolina Coach

South Carolina head coach Shane Beamer speaks to the media during the SEC Media Days at the Hyatt Regency in Hoover, Alabama on Monday, July 19, 2021. [Staff Photo/Gary Cosby Jr.]

The freshman coach spoke confidently and confidently during his first appearance on the SEC Media Days stage. Beamer also cited his father, Frank Beamer, a longtime Virginia Tech coach, a member of the College Football Hall of Fame. It doesn’t hurt to remind people of their relationship. The young Beamer also didn’t talk about ideals and vague clichés. He told stories. He used examples. SEC Media Days wins don’t count for anything football-related, but his time at the pulpit was a victory for the 44-year-old.

Fashion in Florida

Fashion doesn’t matter when it comes to football, but there are those who rank above the rest. Gators coach Dan Mullen wore his Jordan shoes again this year, bringing a fresh addition to his costume. One of his players, defensive lineman Zachary Carter, rocked an orange bow tie. Big points there.

Everyone involved

After a year in which no one was able to attend SEC Media Days due to COVID-19, the event is back. And it’s good for everyone. Half the fun of sport is the conversation around them. Media Days encourage this like few other places.


LSU coach Ed Orgeron

Orgeron has limits on what he can say regarding the ongoing Title IX investigations. At present, these include the sexual assault complaints against former LSU players Drake Davis and Derrius Guice. But when asked a question not about those particular inquiries, but about how he might act differently as a coach and handle future situations differently, he took the easy way. Orgeron could have provided the big picture without specifically addressing the surveys or talking about how the program might improve in this area, but he did not comment instead. “Thanks for asking, though,” he said.

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Hall fans

For all the good of having the return of the SEC Media Days, it had not come back 100%. Not when the fans couldn’t be inside. Fans normally filled the hall, but instead it was quiet and lacking in energy. Without some of the SEC’s most passionate fans, the event didn’t have the same launching feeling it did at the start of the football season.

Those who hope to hear QBs

There have been a lot of quarterback conversations, especially with the folks in Florida asking about Emory Jones. But none of the players who spoke to the media on Monday held the top spot in football. Those waiting to hear from a quarterback will have to wait to hear from Georgian JT Daniels on Tuesday.

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