RI political cooperative cuts ties with state Senate candidate over social media posts

Screenshots from Jackson’s Facebook page show that on September 3, she shared a post from a woman wearing blue medical scrubs and holding a sign that read “We got through the pandemic without (vaccine).” Now they want to fire us! The heroes of last year. The unemployed this year.

A social media post shared by State Senate candidate Jennifer JacksonHandout

Another screenshot shows that on February 21, 2020, Jackson shared a post depicting a homeless man and the post: “Share if you think homeless veterans should be housed before refugees!”

A social media post shared by State Senate candidate Jennifer Jackson
A social media post shared by State Senate candidate Jennifer JacksonHandout

And a third screenshot shows that on March 23 Jackson wrote, “I don’t give a rat ass that offends, but I stick with it.” War is coming sooner or later! You the government !! You are all a bunch of cowards! You’ve increased the cost of living so much that both parents are still at work rather than spending time with their kids (single parents don’t stand a chance).

The message goes on to say, “You have taken God out of the schools. Parents were told “No, you cannot discipline your children”. Well, now most of these kids are rude and out of control. You will reap what you sow! We took a whole generation and turned them into selfish, empowered kids who have no respect for people, property or authority! “

Jackson could not be reached for comment Thursday evening, and the posts were removed from his Facebook page.

Jackson was announced as the Rhode Island Political Co-op candidate for the Senate District of State 13. The co-op’s website described her as a former health care worker and fourth-generation Newport resident who s ‘is featured for the school committee, served as president of the Thompson Middle School PTO, and co-founded a group called STRONG to “build community and mentor youth in Newport”.

Jackson was one of 24 state and local candidates identified by the co-op last week when it announced a slate that included former Secretary of State Matt Brown running for governor and State Senator Cynthia Mendes candidate for lieutenant governor. The co-op aimed to have up to 50 more candidates, hoping to give voters enough options to replace the entire Rhode Island government in one go next year.

Former state representative Aaron Regunberg, a Democrat from Providence who ran for lieutenant governor, criticized the co-op’s decision to challenge Euer, noting that she was the main Senate sponsor of the climate law, which makes the state’s targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions mandatory. and enforceable.

And on Thursday, Regunberg slammed the co-op for Jackson’s social media posts.

“We just can’t build the movement necessary to win a liveable future for working families in Rhode Island if we allow a handful of politicians whose priorities are so skewed they think it helps our goals of pitching a candidate who has insulted refugees, rejected the humanity of people with drug addiction, and questioned vaccines (and who knows what else) against a longtime progressive organizer who actually does the hard job of bringing them together people to achieve real and ambitious change, ”Regunberg said.

Georgia Hollister Isman, New England director for the Working Families Party, said Jackson’s social media posts reflect a “right-wing attitude” that is at odds with “progressive values.”

“I think it’s a mistake for anyone who considers themselves a progressive to support someone with these kinds of attitudes,” she said. “And we certainly see these kinds of social media posts as a red flag. “

Hollister took issue with the post comparing housing for veterans to housing for refugees, stating, “It is a classic law strategy to pit working class and poor whites against working class blacks and browns. If we allow that kind of attitude to creep into our thinking, we will never be able to achieve real progress for workers. “

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