PR Newswire’s 2022 APAC Media Landscape Report shares key industry trends and developments in the region

The report enables businesses and PR and communications professionals to better navigate APAC’s complex and diverse local media landscape with market-specific insights. It includes popular media, major changes in media policies, and industry topics and issues that are buzzing. The markets covered by the report are Australiamainland China, hong kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwanand Thailand.

Some of the key media industry trends in the report include: the rise of news subscription services, e-commerce as additional sources of revenue for media, and more companies using technologies such as intelligence to better target and understand digital audiences. With digitalization accelerating in the media industry, there is also a lot of buzz around the Metaverse, which will redefine the way audiences consume information virtually.

“We hope this report can provide our clients with meaningful insights into the nuanced differences in how the media industry operates in different APAC markets and help shape their local communications strategy,” said Royce Shihvice president and chief commercial officer, APAC at Cision, the parent company of PR Newswire.

PR Newswire’s APAC Media Landscape 2022 report is organized by market and each chapter includes:

  • Insight: A summary of the media landscape of each market
  • 2021 Media Highlights: Key events that shaped the industry, from shifts in media policies, restructuring and closure of major news outlets to emerging digital content formats
  • Media Snapshot: A guide to the main players in the media industry, covering various sectors such as newspapers and magazines, television, radio, news agencies, online media and social media
  • PR Newswire News Distribution Network Highlights: A summary of the main content partners and the number of journalists and influencers, and media outlets in PR Newswire’s media database
  • Media Insights: What awaits the media industry in 2022 – from much talked about issues to upcoming trends

The report is produced with the support of the company’s audience development team. Based in 10 APAC cities, the team plays a vital role in building and expanding PR Newswire’s extensive news distribution network that includes media outlets and news agencies. The team manages an extensive media database that includes over 85,000 journalists and influencers from over 35,000 outlets. PR Newswire has also developed over 2,000 content partners in the region. Reports Thailand chapter was written by InfoQuest, PR Newswire’s content partner.

To learn more about the unique media environment and local consumer habits in 9 APAC markets, To download PR Newswire’s 2022 APAC Media Landscape Report.

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