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Regarding Sholeh Patrick’s column on the causes of America’s polarization, I found a glaring lack of understanding of how the American media played a major role in the process of fostering tribalism in America. .

The news media are overwhelmingly dominated by politically left “journalists”. Examples: entire years of the Trump administration have been plagued by the media constantly perpetuating the fabricated claim of Russian collusion; the obvious bias against Americans who hold Judeo-Christian values ​​and traditional beliefs in American liberty and liberty; the depreciation of Americans who question the effectiveness of wearing masks while excusing protesters / rioters who did not wear masks or social distancing while destroying buildings. Journalism has turned into political activism.

In short, the news media has proven to be untrustworthy. What Sholeh seems to underestimate is that many Americans seek out media that presents objective truth. But how can the political left recognize objective truth when it is immersed in a paradigm of relativism?

Generally, the predominantly left-wing news media functioned more as propaganda agents for the Democratic Party. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that all of the sources for his opinion piece are politically left-wing academics. Is it any wonder that America has become polarized?



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