Odd-job man fined after dumped trash from North Chippy neighborhood dumped on Saddleworth Moor

A cowboy who was paid £ 700 to clean the basement of a chippy in the North Quarter has been fined after garbage was dumped on Saddleworth Moor.

Bilal Ata Alfroh, was employed by Leo’s Fish bar on Oldham Street after the owners saw an advertisement on social media.

But instead of disposing of the waste legally, it was later discovered that it had been dumped off Greenfield Road in Kirklees.

Council investigators were able to trace the trash to Leo’s Fish Bar, who told them they had employed Alfroh, of Rusholme, to clean the basement.

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Alfroh admitted to picking up the trash, but claimed that an anonymous colleague then dumped it at the remote beauty site without his knowledge.

A month earlier, on April 24, 2020, a witness also saw a man in a white van throwing a quilt into a ravine off Wessenden Head Road in Meltham, West Yorkshire.

The witness noted the license plate of the van and gave a description of the dump body to Kirklees council

The van was then traced back to Alfroh.

Alfroh was fined £ 800 and £ 1,440 in costs and cleaning up trash

In Kirklees Magistrates’ Court, Alfroh, of Denison Street, pleaded guilty to one case of a fly spill and one case of loss of control of commercial waste.

He was fined £ 800 and £ 1,440 for garbage removal and court costs.

Councilor Naheed Mather, Environment Cabinet Member on Kirklees Council, said: “I would like to thank the people who reported these fly spill events to us and who helped us complete our investigation and j ‘encourages others who may witness a spill of flies the same.

“Everyone has a duty to ensure that their waste is disposed of legally. Unfortunately, as seen in this case, dishonest traders can use social media as a way to advertise trash services – usually at a lower price – to get people to part with them. People later find out that their garbage has been fly-dumped.

“Responsible waste haulers will be registered and operate under a set of rules that protect the environment and the customers who hire them. It is quick and easy to verify if someone is a registered waste hauler with the Agency. for the environment.”

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