Natalie Morales co-sponsored The Talk | Celebrities

Natalie Morales participated in “The Talk”.

The 49-year-old reporter recently joined a longtime talk show as a new co-host after completing “Today” and “Dateline”.

Natalie, who will appear on the show with Sheryl Underwood, Amanda Kloots, Jerry O’Connell and Akbar Gubajabia Mira, said:

“I love new energies and new directions and couldn’t be more excited to join Cheryl, Amanda, Jerry and Akbar. Have fun talking about everyday topics. I go. “

The show’s executive producers, Heather Gray and Christine Matthews, are also delighted with Natalie’s arrival.

They said in a statement: “We have been fans of her and her work for many years. Her diverse skills and versatility are a great addition to our talented roster.

“Natalie’s intellect, passion and enthusiasm always shines in every job. I’m lucky to have him on the team. In addition to her role as a good broadcaster, her perspective as a wife and mother is We believe in making a special connection with our audience. “

Natalie recently left “Today” and “The Dating Line,” but she previously admitted that she enjoyed the on-air experience for many years.

A reporter who will debut in “talks” on Oct. 11 said: “The first half of my life has been full of adventures, challenges, trips and too many morning calls. I have witnessed it all. story and I have always told the exciting and influential story on the reel of my heart. Opportunity to speak.

“It’s very hard to say goodbye … and we all know this business is never a goodbye, but we’ll see each other again later.”

Natalie Morales co-sponsored The Talk | Celebrities

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