Nashville rideshare business for people with disabilities now powered by celebrity grants

NASHVILLE, Tennessee (WTVF) – From celebrities to entrepreneurs, they’ve all been instrumental in helping Rhonda Clark start a rideshare service for people with disabilities and the elderly.

Clark started Capable and ready two years ago with one idea in mind, to give people like her the chance to live independently. Clark was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at birth. It’s a disorder that limits your mobility over time, but ask Clark and she’ll tell you the same thing she says to everyone.

“I always say I have cerebral palsy, but it didn’t,” Clark said.

This motivation is what keeps her going. The only problem is that without a driver, the backseat of his car is as far as it goes. Her close friend who has her own disability was stranded without a car, but Clark managed to track down someone willing to drive her to work.

“She had her car in the garage a few weeks ago and had to turn down work because she couldn’t get there,” Clark said.

Clark always knew there was a need for reliable transportation at all times of the day, but says the general public may not understand. She says we can’t just assume that the only reason people with disabilities or the elderly need to travel is for a doctor’s appointment or for work.

A close family friend recognized the need himself as they drove Clark from place to place. The same friend nominated Clark and his company for the Lemon-AID Foundation grant for small businesses. The foundation was started by Marcus Lemonis who is best known for his longtime CNBC show “The Profit”.

“My goal is to keep Main Street USA alive during the economic turmoil COVID-19 has brought to our small business owners. Helping talented entrepreneurs, especially women and minorities who just haven’t had the same resources and advice available to them as many of us have, ”said Lemonis.

Clark was shocked to learn that Lemonis was interested. He called and asked if Clark had a website, which at the time she was still collecting donations through her GoFundMe page. Instead, she sent Lemonis a business plan and the next day Clark found $ 10,000 in her GoFundMe account. Soon after, an additional $ 10,000 was donated by actress Kristen Bell. Another $ 5,000 came from a Lemonis business partner.

“I was like Woah, okay. I don’t know these people,” Clark said.

The truth is, she doesn’t have to. They believe in her and Clark knows that’s what’s important. Its goal is $ 1 million to purchase and equip four vans by September. It’s been slow, but she’s starting to see the business take shape. She has drive and direction. It only remains to make this reality.

You can donate to Clark’s GoFundMe account by clicking on this connect.

In October 2020, the Lemon-AID Foundation began with a $ 50 million commitment to provide opportunities for small businesses and underserved communities. Since their inception, nearly $ 3 million has been deployed.

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