Media and general public may gradually lose interest in Biden’s Afghan disaster

No one other than a Democratic lawyer would suggest that President Biden was not hit hard by the Afghan disaster.

The US military engagement in the war may have ended on Tuesday, but the unforgettable image of a chaotic evacuation and devastating suicide bombings remains.

And there is the unthinkable reality that we have left tens of thousands of Afghan allies to the Americans, whether that number is 100, 200 or more.

The liberal Washington Post editorial page states: “This is a moral disaster, not due to the actions of the soldiers and diplomats in Kabul who were courageous and expert in the face of mortal danger. , Due to errors. Strategic and tactical, by M. Byden and his administration. “

One of those Americans, a military interpreter, told CNN’s Chris Cuomo that she was afraid of herself and her children. How can they help me now when they were on the pitch and when I wasn’t there? “

Who lost Afghanistan? Why politicians and pundits are asking the wrong question

This is tragic, and the effects of our failure in the 20 Year War will last a long time, perhaps even in the form of future terrorist attacks.

Transient attention span

But if it is a dominant and unavoidable issue for the moment, the media and the general public are for a moment in the spotlight.

What coverage will Afghanistan produce next month, or in three or six months? Will this fall on the back burner as the press creates a new story that includes a pandemic, the economy, a trillion dollar aid bill and inevitable political controversy and mini-scandals?

For example, how much did we care about Iraq after our troops left? In recent years, media coverage in Afghanistan has reduced to a minuscule level, and people have not asked more exactly. Will news organizations continue to invest in keeping journalists in such a dangerous environment? More likely, Afghanistan will be treated like other failed states that support terrorism like Yemen.

Television was obsessed with Hurricane Aida until it hit Louisiana, but reports reported that a million people in New Orleans had lost electricity and were unlikely to regain television for days or weeks. It is already starting to fade.

President Biden vehemently defended his decision on Tuesday, hailing “the extraordinary success of this mission” and lamenting the human suffering of the war. He told Americans stranded there, “We reached out 19 times” and evacuated more than 5,500 people. “If they want to get out, we are still determined to eliminate them,” he said, but the influence of the United States to get there is unclear at best.

Therefore, Biden and his allies remember that the memory faded and that the majority of voters were the men who brought us out of the war, whom the general public believed was no longer worth fighting. . I want

Of course, that may depend on the cooperation of the Taliban, who claim not to seek revenge, on diplomatic efforts to evacuate more Americans and even Afghan allies. And the situation darkens when a major terrorist attack begins on this soil, as tragically happened in 2001.

Erosive aura

But the political collapse has eroded something more fundamental to Joe Biden’s fate: the aura of his abilities. Even his allies admit to having been severely affected, in particular by the resurrection of the Covid under the tutelage of the president.

Ross Douthat said in a New York Times column that Biden’s critics had lost Afghanistan, but nonetheless, “the president himself seemed exhausted, old and overdone.

But is it temporary? Post-contributor Matt Bye said: “History and common sense suggest that Afghanistan does not intend to define President Biden, and maybe even the next election, so the Democrats on TV cable and all leftists. Cassandra really needs to be calm. “

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Bai has a historic argument that many presidents are hit with a foreign policy setback early in their first term. John Kennedy caused an embarrassing incident in the Bay of Pigs and Cuban invasion plans hatched under Ike. Ronald Reagan was defeated when more than 200 Marines he had sent to Lebanon were killed in the bombing – and quickly pulled them out.

And Bill Clinton suffered when 18 American soldiers were killed in Somalia, who were sent there by George HW Bush. Obviously, Reagan and Clinton were re-elected.

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I think Bai is exaggerating the comparison. Because none of those episodes included a 20-year war rooted in a disaster like 9/11 that killed 2,500 Americans. In addition, the country was not as hyperpolarized as it is today. There was a feeling of sadness for the people led by Reagan for the attack on Beirut. Recently, a handful of Republicans called on Biden to resign or impeach (this would be practically only seven months after Trump’s second impeachment).

As Republicans remind us in 2022, none of this alleviates the mismanagement of Biden’s evacuation from Afghanistan. But politics and media coverage could be very different by then.

Media and general public may gradually lose interest in Biden’s Afghan disaster

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