Martin Bashir BBC Princess Diana scandal sparks three new investigations

Martin Bashir The BBC’s Princess Diana scandal sparks three new investigations. image: Pixabay

Martin Bashir The BBC’s Princess Diana scandal sparks three new investigations.

Three new investigations have been launched amid the fallout from the BBC’s Princess Diana scandal. The Duke of Cambridge said the deception fueled his mother’s paranoia and worsened his parents’ relationship.

Richard Sharp, the chairman of the company, announced a governance review, saying issues of accountability, transparency and integrity “clearly existed” even last year. A separate review has been launched into why Martin Bashir was rehired in 2016, with a senior lawmaker questioning if it was “ essentially to keep his mouth shut ”.

Tory MP Lee Anderson said ‘the once great BBC is rotten’ as angry exchanges took place in Parliament yesterday. Speaking during the first debate on the Dyson report, he argued that the best way to get the broadcaster to behave was to get rid of the license fees altogether and make it a subscription service. The BBC said it had made fundamental changes in governance since the 1990s.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the BBC should take ‘all possible steps’ to ensure that nothing like his deception of the Princess of Wales to secure an interview does not happen again,

The Prime Minister said he was “very concerned” after an investigation revealed that Martin Bashir was forging documents for his 1995 interview. Mr Johnson said he was very grateful to retired judge Lord Dyson for for carrying out the investigation, which found that the BBC covered up Bashir’s “deceptive behavior” to secure the headline-grabbing interview.

“I can only imagine the feelings of the royal family and I really hope the BBC will take all possible measures to ensure that nothing like this happens again,” he said.

Met Police said they would assess the new report “to make sure there is no significant new evidence,” after previously ruling against a criminal investigation.

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