Letter to the Editor: Raising Rep Gail Armstrong

Editor: I am writing to congratulate Rep. Gail Armstrong for her exceptional leadership on many important issues in the state legislature. During this year’s legislative session, Representative Armstrong co-sponsored bills to end predatory lending by capping small loan rates at 36%; make financial literacy a requirement of graduation for high school students in New Mexico; and repeal state double taxation on social security income, among other reforms.

Representative Armstrong also worked behind the scenes to ensure the passage of legislation making New Mexico’s public infrastructure funding transparent by disclosing the donors of each capital expenditure allocation for the first time since 1977. Finally, the Representative Armstrong was instrumental in passing a bill to refine the New Mexico Work and Save Act, which she co-sponsored last year and which will soon make retirement savings accounts accessible to 336,000 New Mexicans who currently do not have access to retirement plans for their work.

As the saying goes, Representative Armstrong is a “workhorse, not a show horse.” She is constantly working across the aisle to advance policies that benefit her constituents – and all New Mexicans.

Fred Nathan, Jr.

Founder and Executive Director, Think New Mexico

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