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To the editor: Thomas Aquinas said: “Truth is the identity of thought and thing. When what we think or say is true, it is reflected, it corresponds, it corresponds to things as they really are.

However, embracing postmodern relativism, American culture has literally overturned this simple definition. The idea that there is no objective truth and that all is well (your truth, my truth, etc.) is ludicrous. Yet here we are, the Dems, the left, the mainstream media and technology (just call them the Party, like the Soviets) living and loving this denial of the truth.

Let’s all admit it. The media hate Donald Trump. He told America the truth: Our media is neither fair, balanced nor trustworthy, stressing that biased and incomplete reporting is “fake news.” Soft. He could have rightly called them liars. The hatred and personal slurs spewed on the president and his family for four years have impressed Americans: a majority no longer trust the media to tell the truth.

The fruit in front of this incestuous union (The Party) was the 2020 election. Democrats tried their “COVID-aware / voting” plan with all its confusion and unverifiable ballots, pushing and dragging them. 50 years unqualified political remains through the primaries until the elections. The media have provided protection from the truth about who Joe Biden and his corrupt family are. They concocted a tale that he is magically the wise, able, and experienced savior of democracy and they pumped this dreck out to the people. Big tech is doing its part, blocking opinions that question this “truth”.

Our tainted media carried Biden across the finish line with “hate-Trump” rhetoric and the incredible promise that the “resistant,” dividing Democrats would unite the country. The media take full responsibility for Biden and deceive enough voters to elect him.

Mark Thiessen’s editorial on August 14 was perfect. The Afghanistan debacle is about Biden: a reckless, arrogant artist who can’t put two thoughts together without tripping over one. We have found Hillary’s real ‘basket of deplorable’, causing and ineptly denying the endless crises, lies and confusion that plague this administration. They rule with an ideological decree replacing governance, thanks to the media exchanging the truth against the Party line.

Leo Delaney, Dalton

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