Let’s take a look at some great games that stole our hearts this year.

Hyderabad: Looking back, 2021 has been a year of delays before it even started, as many games and gaming devices launched in 2021 were expected to reach us in 2020.

The PS5 eventually arrived in India and became increasingly scarce as Sony struggled to ramp up production to meet global demand. Microsoft also struggled with the X series, as the official “Halo Infinite” competitions were forced to use development kits. Likewise, the shortage of Nvidia and AMD chips has been staggering.

Despite an endless shortage of gaming hardware and delays in your favorite games, 2021 has always been a great year for gamers as the few games that have arrived were truly amazing. This week, we’re taking a look at Game On’s ‘top five’ for 2021, games you should catch up on if you haven’t already.

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First Person Shooter: Halo Infinite
One of the best FPS franchises is coming back with a vengeance and a campaign that is simply fantastic. “Infinite” builds on the iconic Masterchief story in style, as its campaign is quick, straightforward and straightforward. With a variety of weapons and enemies, it brings the joy of history back to FPS games. If the incredible campaign wasn’t enough, the multiplayer element of the game is absolutely free, talk about two games for the price of one. Make sure to try ‘Infinite’ if FPS is your genre of choice.

(playable on Xbox One, Series S, X and PC)

Game with a story: Life is Strange – True Colors

If a good story is what you love then the ‘Life is Strange’ franchise never disappoints and with ‘True Colors’ the game’s storytelling and character creation capabilities reach new heights as you go. Navigate the life of Alex in the charming mining town of Haven Springs. The music and the visuals are just spellbinding, and the supernatural is wonderfully brought out as you mobilize Alex’s empathic abilities to help those around you. The story here is slow, charming, pleasant, and then simply sinister.
(playable on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Series S, X, PS4, PS5 and PC)

Racing Game: Forza Horizon 5

With 2021, Microsoft is truly back and finally delivering a fair fight on the gaming front as games from its two iconic franchises make our final list in 2021. “Horizon 5” is the best racing game set in Mexico with a variety of terrains and biomes. . It’s everything an open world racing game can be and more. With wonderful episodic tales, overblown showcase events, long-running complex racing shows, and some of the best cars in its lineup, it has a lot to offer. There are some issues and bugs however, as the world is just too big and the physics of racing can get messed up at times.
(playable on Xbox One, Series S, X and PC)

Action game: Return
The first of the Sony exclusives on this list, “Returnal” is beautiful and spooky in equal measure. A game where you play as a female space traveler stranded on a planet seeking to kill her, “Returnal” is one of the best experiences on PS5. A game that harnesses the console’s unique hardware to render truly stunning visuals, then augments them with the haptic and tactile sensations of the PS5 controller, this is the best advertisement for current generation gaming hardware. Add to that a heroine who never gives up and overcomes anything thrown at her by a hostile environment, this is the 2021 version of ‘Control’ but also much more.

(playable on PS5 only)

Play experience: Deathloop

There’s not much to say here, as you play as a character stuck in a time loop that he helped build and now wants to destroy. His former team is desperate to stop him and everything has to be done in less than a day before the loop resets. A visual masterpiece with infinite replay value and incredible powers, “Deathloop” allows players to play either as Cole to break the loop or as Julianna in multiplayer mode to protect the loop and prevent the other players to break it.
(playable on PS5 and PC)

Honorary mentions: No list is complete without mentioning a few names which could have been retained but which were short. Honorable mentions for 2021 are “Kena” and “Resident Evil: Village”. These are games that are bound to be fun if you choose to play them.
So that’s it with 2021, bring back 2022 please!

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