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An the day of the NRMA Kennedy Awards on Thursday night in the Grand Ballroom of the Royal Randwick in Sydney, Michael Roddan of the Australian Financial Review called the Kennedys the ‘Bogan Walkleys’ as he won. a financial journalism trophy.

The crowd laughed a lot, but the organizers were immediately offended, dimming the lights and knocking him off the stage.

A few minutes later, he was approached by a man who said it was time to leave and he was kicked out.

“I don’t know if my crime was testing a few jokes or having people like them,” Roddan told Weekly Beast. “Either way, I obviously didn’t want to upset anyone, but I guess you never know with these things again.”

Australian Financial Review Editor-in-Chief Michael Stutchbury said what everyone in the room was thinking. It was a harmless joke.

“Michael Roddan was honored to receive a Kennedy Award last night,” Stutch told Beast. “Michael did what he and many others in the room considered to be a loving awards joke. It’s a shame that an organizer of the journalism awards night didn’t share his sense of the ‘humor.

The harsh light of the morning did not change the minds of the organizers. Incredibly, Roddan’s name did not appear on the official list of winners despite being reinstated after Weekly Beast contacted organizers.

Roddan’s photo was removed from Kennedy’s Twitter feed after it was first posted last night.

Created 10 years ago by friends of the late Daily Telegraph criminal journalist Les Kennedys, who died at the age of 53, the Kennedys have already been marred by controversy.

At the awards show in 2015, Guardian Australia Photo Editor Mike Bowers received the Kennedy for Outstanding Online Photo Essay, but was picked up five days later by organizers, who said that it had only been given to him because his name was sent to the award engravers in error.

“We will not comment on any transgression at the 10th annual Kennedy Awards for Excellence in Journalism last night at Royal Randwick,” a spokesperson told Weekly Beast. “The gala evening was a great success in difficult times and we would like to sincerely thank all of our guests and sponsors for their continued support. “

Funny, not funny

But Roddan’s exit isn’t even the most shocking thing that has happened to the Kennedys.

When you think of excellence in journalism, Peta Credlin and John Laws might not be the first names that come to mind, Credlin being a former Tony Abbott chief of staff whose usual fare is denouncing monologues Daniel Andrews and “awakened ideology,” and Laws is a talkback radio legend who insists he is an artist, not a journalist.

But Credlin and Laws were two of the big winners for excellence in journalism.

The Sky After Dark presenter beat entries by multi-award-winning ABC investigative journalist Caro Meldrum-Hanna and a joint Four Corners investigation with Adele Ferguson’s Age and Sydney Morning Herald, Lesley Robinson and Lauren Day.

Credlin won the long-running news journalism gong for his Sky News Australia investigation. Deadly decisions: Victoria’s hotel quarantine disaster, given Credlin’s well-known animosity towards the Victoria pandemic response and lockdown measures, many saw the story as an agenda – partisan attack on Victorian Prime Minister Daniel Andrews.

It comes months after Credlin was made an Officer of the Order of Australia in honor of the Queen’s birthday.

“Peta explores the terrible human cost of the botched quarantine program, revealing devastating new details about the impact of the Covid crisis in Victoria on grieving families and small business owners who have no more income due to the lockdown, ”the Sky blurb for Deadly Decisions: Victoria’s Hotel Quarantine Catastrophe said.

Laws, 86 and still on the air, at least won the hearts of the crowd, with a self-deprecating speech in which he said how difficult it was to climb the stairs to the podium and that he didn’t know how he was going to come down.

Hit parade

There is a lot of presentation work to be won at ABC and the competition is fierce. We’re not talking about a replacement for Fran Kelly on RN’s News Breakfast.

We’re talking about the ABC stars who will be chosen to host the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade which will air on ABC Radio and ABC Television starting next year as part of a three-year deal announced this week.

After eight years with SBS ABC’s chief executive, David Anderson said he’s thrilled that ABC is once again the host broadcaster.

“It’s a homecoming for Mardi Gras. The ABC was the first broadcaster to broadcast Mardi Gras from Sydney in 1994. We have been waiting for its return for 28 years and from 2022 we will be providing coverage of Mardi Gras. that only the ABC can, without commercial interests.

Weekly Beast understands that ABC 7.30 reporter Jason Om has raised his hand for the coveted role, but we think there are others who would love the honor. ABC News presenters Patricia Karvelas and Joe O’Brien couldn’t hide their excitement that the parade had returned to Aunt, both posting photos of them having fun in previous ones. Mardi Gras parades.

The ABC secured the television and radio rights for the event until 2024 and Triple J was named the host radio broadcaster.

RN Breakfast Candidates

Seriously, there’s another big job on offer, and that involves putting yourself in Fran Kelly’s shoes on RN Breakfast next year, after announcing she is stepping down. Weekly Beast understands that there are several high profile contenders all very worthy, including The World Today host and playwright Sally Sara and RN Drive host and TV presenter Patricia Karvelas.

Outsiders may be surprised to learn that the program is not in the news department, so the decision will not be made by outgoing news boss Gaven Morris. Within Aunty’s bureaucratic structure, RN Breakfast is part of the entertainment and specialist department headed by Michael Carrington.

Tributes to a life on screen

Bert Newton and his wife Patti on the front page of the Melbourne Herald Sun ahead of his state funeral. Photograph: News Corp Australia

Bert Newton’s hometown newspaper, the Herald Sun, made headlines on Friday to celebrate his legendary career, with an exclusive interview with Widow Patti who married Bert in Melbourne in 1974, with Graham Kennedy as a witness.

Melbourne hosted Newton’s state funeral which was broadcast on no less than five networks – Nine, 10, Seven, ABC News, SKY News as well as YouTube – a fitting tribute to an artist who has dominated our television screens for decades. . Melbourne theaters dimmed their lights on Thursday evening for the late star, who was also a notable performing artist.

The eyes have it

Robert Nelson’s incredible admission of the Age that “sometimes the eyes are not enough” and that he missed the point of an installation in a review, reminds us of another installation by Murdoch that was missed by society Press.

After the Age published his review which failed to mention the artwork featuring effigies of Rupert and Lachlan Murdoch Nelson said he “did not realize that the characters represented Rupert and Lachlan Murdoch”.

“It gives work a different twist, for sure.”

In 2007, when the Sydney Morning Herald moved into its new dig in Darling Harbor, a design firm had installed giant stylized portraits of business leaders in the newsroom. The then-Fairfax board of directors toured the building and no one noticed who was featured watching reporters. It wasn’t until the staff moved in that they noticed that one of the pillars was adorned with the portrait of Rupert Murdoch. Management blamed the designers and sent a contractor to demolish the posters.

Shocking block

Last night, The Daily Telegraph was found in violation of press standards for an article titled “Retired Pornstar Stirs Controversy in Surry Hills Apartment Building”. The caption of the article read: “A retired gay porn star asked to behave and show respect to his neighbors after the police were called four times, causing angst in his apartment building”.

The Australian Press Council said the publications “should be very careful not to place undue emphasis on individual characteristics such as gender and sexual orientation, but the Tele argued that the resident s is described on social media accounts as a “gay porn star”.

“Council considers that by making clear reference to the resident’s sexuality in the caption, the publication failed to take reasonable steps to avoid contributing to substantial harm and that there was insufficient public interest to justify doing so, ”the APC said.

News Corp outraged by ABC smut

The Daily Telegraph tried to shame the ABC this week by claiming it had “come under criticism for its ‘disgusting’ coverage of the sex lives of Australians” which they said glorified polyamory and open relationships.

ABC’s lifestyle site ABC Everyday once posted at least three articles on the subject on its homepage with headlines such as’ What Shane Learned From Being In Polyamorous Relationships “and” Why More Women Suggest Open Relationships, “Political Editor. James Morrow wrote.

South Australian Senator Alex Antic stood in line to condemn the public broadcaster: “ABC’s charter requires it to provide high profile broadcast services, not vulgar gossip style articles.

But it didn’t take long for ABC reporter Matthew Bevan to unearth similar articles in the Tele, including “My Best and Worst Swinging Experiences” days earlier.

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