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Jodie Comer will debut in London’s West End next year.

The “Free Guy” actress plays a lawyer specializing in defending rapists, but the sexual assaults at the Harold Pinter Theater show “Prima Facey” on April 15, 2022. receive.

Suzy Hunt, who went from lawyer to playwright, described her work as follows:

Susie, who lives in both Britain and her native Australia, sees how assaulted women are victims of assault after a law designed primarily by a “very elitist group of men” was inspired by herself. I decided to write a play to find out if I had changed it for a legal career.

She told Daily Mail Buzz Bamigu Boy:

“Remember it was not illegal to rape a woman until some time ago.”

But the writer argues it’s not just a story for women, and she wants the gritty topic to keep people from thinking.

She said, “Let’s redefine what consent is. If you are a man and you are not socially ready to read the signs, learn it! Raising a Boy Doesn’t Make Sense Let’s know that. “

When Susie first approached the “Killing Eve” actress and starred in Tessa Ensler, they talked for over an hour, moving from Australia to England as the setting for the play. and making the character “Scouse”. I urged you to do so. Jody himself.

And Justin Martin is thrilled to put Jody in a production that is already playing in Downunder.

He says, “Tessa is doing something in a play that Jody was actually involved in.

“He’s a fearless person. Someone who feels outside the norms and centrist nature of London. She continues to use that part of her being Liverpool. She has humor. Incredibly moving. “

He and producer James Biaman took Jody, who last appeared on stage at Scarborough’s “The Price Of Everything” 11 years ago, to a play at Harold Pinter’s Theater, nine before the show. I was able to get an idea. -There are weekly errands and other plans to help him prepare.

“We’re going to be spending time in court and I’m going to introduce her to two female lawyers,” James said.

Production tickets go on sale Friday (01.10.21) and Jodie is supporting the Pay What You Can campaign. This means that people from all walks of life find this “very important” and will have affordable tickets available for all performances. I have the chance to see it.

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