Investigation into the death of rapist Ray Teret who drove Jimmy Savile

An investigation into the death of a rapist and a sex offender formerly supervised by Jimmy Savile has been opened.

Ray Teret was jailed for 25 years at Manchester Minshull Street Crown Court in 2014 for a series of historic sex offenses against 11 women.

He died at the age of 79 at HMP Manchester on May 5.

Teret, from Altrincham, had been convicted by a jury of raping and indecently assaulting impressionable teenage girls over a period of 35 years from the 1960s.

He was convicted of seven rapes and 11 indecent assaults.

During his conviction, Judge Mr. Justice Baker told him: “It is clear that you have exploited your celebrity status to sexually abuse young girls.

“Those who were raped understood little or no understanding of what was going on and felt that there was little they could do to prevent the abuse.”

Teret, a former DJ, was mentored by TV presenter Jimmy Savile early in his career.

He became known as Savile’s “shadow” and acted as Savile’s chauffeur.

In an inquest at Manchester Coroners Court held on Tuesday, May 25, Chief Coroner Nigel Meadows adjourned the inquest to a date to be determined.

He read a statement from GMP Police Coroner Officer Tracy Harris who said Teret developed bowel cancer in prison.

Her condition had worsened and a “do not resuscitate” was in place.

He died in the prison’s medical wing in the early hours of May 5 and was identified by his nurse, Linda Harrison.

Mr Meadows said a clinical review of Teret’s medical care and a report from the prison and probation mediators will be requested and are expected to take around six months.

He said Teret died in prison, it will be decided whether a jury should be present, but since he appears to be dying of natural causes it may not be necessary.

He said, “It will have to be determined in due course.”

No close relative was present at the opening of the investigation.

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