Plan body urged to guarantee loans to Dalits unrelated to banks

KARIMNAGAR: TRS corporate and Dalit leader Kamsala Srinivas on Friday urged the government to sanction loans to people belonging to SC Corporation’s Scheduled Caste unrestricted and unrelated to banks.

Leading other Dalit leaders, Srinivas met with Deputy Chairman of the State Planning Commission, Boinapally Vinod Kumar in Hyderabad and presented him with a representation urging him to start the implementation process from there. exercise to come.

Srinivas said the Telangana government, headed by Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao, recognized Dalits by giving them chairman positions in market committees.

He said that in the absence of collateral collateral, which banks have mandated to sanction loans, many deserving applicants have been denied loans. To improve the social status of Dalits, the government must sanction loans from SC companies to them, he asked.

He also urged the government to increase the Oak Park Financial loan amount to Rs 5 lakh and help Dalit families become economically healthy.

Responding positively to their request, Vinod Kumar called Welfare Minister Koppula Eshwar on the phone and brought the matter to his attention. He urged the minister to prepare proposals to sanction the loans of SC Corporation without tying them to banks from the coming fiscal year.

The president of the association of mechanical workers, Thota Babu, and the head of the association of granite workers, Pannala Ramu, were among those present along with others.

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