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The concept of personal care has been around for decades, but it has taken off in recent years as a fad adopted by individuals, especially in the millennial generation. The coronavirus pandemic further popularized the idea of ​​taking care of oneself as millions of people faced the unprecedented challenges of navigating a pandemic, quarantining and caring for others who came with it.

What does it mean to practice self-care? Any discussion related to self-care should start with the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense. While the term “personal care” was used in medical circles as a concept for patients to take care of themselves, it was the leaders of the Black Panther Party who redefined “personal care” as a practice that allowed patients to take care of themselves. both to survive incarceration and the greater harm that a racist society causes to the physical and mental health of blacks. Nutrition, yoga, exercise, and meditation became hands-on activities taught by Black Panthers leaders in service of the party’s Ten Point Program, written in October 1966.

As it gained popularity, self-care was absorbed into training and practices for particularly stressful, exhausting, or traumatic jobs, such as social workers and some workers in the medical professions. The idea behind self-care in this area evolved into taking care of yourself so that you can keep doing hard work. This same philosophy is practiced by activists and organizers who use tenants of self-management as a way to deal with the important but exhausting work of leading social movements on the ground. You can’t support such work, the argument goes, if you don’t take good care of yourself. Audre Lorde summed it up well in 1988 when she wrote: “Taking care of me is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation and it is an act of political warfare.

Today, self-care is a well-known term that has been incorporated – some might say appropriate – into the broader health and wellness industry. Millennials may be more interested in self-care than older generations because they are also more mindful of their mental health, and self-care plays an important role in a healthy mind, especially for those who suffer from mental and chronic illnesses.

While it may have strayed from its radical roots, taking care of yourself can still be a way of taking care of yourself in an unfair system – dealing with the symptoms of a society so that we can get through it with at least a little bit of happiness, and maybe a little bit of energy left to do the things we love, take care of each other, and work to create a system that benefits everyone.

While celebrities usually don’t face the hardships self-care was originally designed to be, their influence often sets trends, which can be a good thing when it comes to paying attention to our own good. -be mental and learn to take care of yourself. Sunday Citizen has compiled a list of 15 ways celebrities practice self-care, using interviews and blog posts. From meditation to cooking to therapy, read on to find out how some of your favorite celebrities are showing off a little in love.

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