FIFA 21 Ultimate Team Player reveals the huge cost of building a ‘dream team’

A FIFA 21 Ultimate Team player blasted EA Sports by pointing out in a full Twitter thread how much it costs to put together his “ dream squad. ”

The popular online mode allows players to build their dream XIs by earning coins and spending them on packs or purchasing individual cards.

Players can also use real money to convert into FIFA Points and spend them on packs.

Now, Twitch streamer and YouTuber ScudzTV have taken to Twitter to show how long it would actually take to build a dream team without using microtransactions.

Credit: ScudzTV / Twitter

ScudzTV’s Ultimate Team boasted 11 amazing “Icon” cards, but sarcastically revealed that it was only a “100 Million Coin Team”.

According to the YouTuber, it would take “only” 66,666 games to achieve this currency as long as the player averages 1,500 coins per game and also accounts for weekly rewards.

ScudzTV added that if the average match was around 20 minutes, then it would take the player “22,000 hours of play or 916 days of play” to reach the 100 million coin target.

When it comes to making a profit in the transfer market, EA Sports applies a 5% tax on any item sold on Ultimate Team.

ScudzTV analyzed the numbers and found another problem players would face in building their dream squad.

“Assuming an average profit of 10,000 coins per trade, I only need 10,000 trades,” he tweeted.

“Assuming I trade 10k every 10 minutes, I will have to trade 1650 hours or 69 trading days 24/7.”

ScudzTV added in a separate tweet: “Assuming an average profit of 100,000 coins for every 12,000 FIFA points spent, I have to buy 1,000 x 12,000 FP.

“At £ 79.99 for £ 12,000, I will have to spend a total of £ 79,990 in FIFA Points.”

FIFA 21 initially launched on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC last October.

EA Sports has since released its latest installment on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and Google Stadia.

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