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Simon McCoy and Alex Phillips typically feature the daily 3pm slot on GB News. Although on Wednesday McCoy was replaced by Paul Hawkins, who stepped in to co-host the segment with Phillips. When the duo introduced the show, they did not reveal why McCoy was absent from the show. However, Phillips couldn’t help but make a cheeky remark about McCoy’s age.

Opening the program, Phillips began: “It’s 3pm, welcome to GB News with Paul Hawkins today and Alex Phillips.

“Coming up,” Phillips added as Hawkins continued: “A crackdown on illegal immigrants crossing the [English] Channel to enter UK.

“Britain will pay the French authorities more than £ 50 million to double the number of police patrolling the beaches.

“We’ll ask if it’s money well spent.”

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Phillips continued, “Plus, how safe do you feel as a woman on the street?

“The government is creating a leading police role as part of a series of measures to tackle male violence against women.

“This could include making street harassment such as wolf whistling a crime.”

Hawkins concluded: “And today cricket is launching a new format to attract more fans to the sport. This is the fourth format of the game, but will it work?

“I was going to say, Simon McCoy,” Phillips joked, aiming at McCoy.

Hawkins added, “I was going to say… no, you were going to say Simon, not me.”

As his co-host attempted to continue the segment, Phillips quickly apologized and said, “Sorry, Simon.”

Hawkins added: “After the break, we’ll talk about the amateur fossil researchers who used Google Maps to locate one of the largest collections of rare marine fossils in the UK.”

In March of this year, McCoy announced that he would be leaving BBC News after 18 years to join GB News.

He has since co-hosted the daily 3-hour slot with Phillips.

GB News confirmed that McCoy will join the team in a statement on Twitter.

He said: “One of Britain’s most beloved and charismatic journalists, Simon McCoy, joins GB News with an afternoon program.”

McCoy and Phillip air weekdays at 3 p.m. on GB News.

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