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Danish Viking Helmet Safety Advertising
What better way to advertise to cyclists? Vikings, of course. Denmark has a huge cycling culture and to encourage more cyclists to wear helmets, the Danish Road Safety Council has released this hilarious PSA.

Toyota USA’s Instagram page responded after receiving a trolling barrage for posting two photos of a mountain biker who looked less than ready to tackle the trails properly. The original posts, from May 31, showed a rider on a Walmart-style hardtail with reflectors, V-brakes and, perhaps worse, a kickstand.

It was pretty clear that someone at the Toyota USA agency hadn’t done their research. While mountain bikers are a lucrative demographic, we are also notoriously special. The post quickly became a social media pile with roasts from across the mountain bike industry alongside a few comments from shameless influencers thirsty for support for the Toyota brand. Rather than removing the photo, Toyota responded on Tuesday with a trio of new posts, this time with proper mountain bikes and what appear to be real mountain bikers as well.

This time the rider is on a Yeti bike with automatic shoes on and you can also see the bike riding (slightly) off-road. While socks and track shorts may not pass the MTB posh fashion test, the “Look mom, no crutch” legends show that at least Toyota is aware of its blunder.

Have we all played?

Putting on our foil hats, we wouldn’t be surprised if this was all just a ploy to ruffle feathers. After all, the articles have appeared on many cycling news websites and the five articles seem to have the most engagement of any Toyota USA article throughout the year. Their advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi is among the best at what they do, and they rarely do things by accident.

Either way, you have to say fair play to Toyota for rolling with the punches and dragging on the chin. Hopefully this will be a lesson for all brands that if you want to market to mountain bikers you have to work with mountain bikers.

To be fair, Toyota Pacific is a partner of Pinkbike and we are big fans of their trucks.

A Kickstarter for a kit that only fast runners could wear has been canceled

Road cycling clothing brand Go Faster canceled a Kickstart after receiving backlash for its product.

The kit was pretty standard clothing, but the brand would only sell it to you if you could prove that you could ride a bike at a certain speed. Two kits were available, one for runners who could average over 26 km / h (16 mph) and one for runners who could average over 39 km / h (24 mph). The journeys had to be proven with Strava and the speed had to be maintained over a distance of 10 km.

The idea was that runners would be proud to show off their gear as it was earned, and be less likely to throw it away, increasing its durability.

The brand was hoping to raise £ 10,000 through a Kickstarter that offered kits at a discount compared to the RRP of £ 115. However, the brand has since scaled back its crowdfunding efforts and said:

“Over the past 24 hours, we have received many messages from the cycling community, both in favor and against our Kickstarter concept. Our idea was to offer performance-conscious cyclists the opportunity to challenge themselves to improve and reward their efforts with a But we learned that the wider cycling community does not support our approach and it does. is no way to start a new brand of cycling.

“We decided the best thing to do was close the fundraising campaign and rethink our approach. We are grateful to our supporters, testers and partners for all their support throughout our journey. “

More info here.

More AI-powered Pinkbike reviews

We always love the AI ​​generated comments from @charliewentoutside bot. Here are some of the best since our last post:

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6 celebrities you didn’t know were vegans – VegOut Fri, 11 Jun 2021 16:37:48 +0000

Veganism is invading Hollywood. With many celebrities moving towards a plant-based lifestyle, their fans, in turn, were inspired to experiment with a vegan diet. From musicians to actors to performers, these six celebrities have been delighted with all the great benefits they’ve gotten from their plant-based eating habits. They’ve also shared their favorite vegan dishes, so be sure to read on to see what the rich and famous in Hollywood are craving! Without further ado, here are six celebrities you didn’t know were vegans.

New to the vegan scene, Lizzo recently celebrated her 1 year vegan birthday. Exploring new herbal flavors and plant-based alternatives, Lizzo shares her vegan life experiences on TikTok where she posts her vegan creations like Nature’s Cereal and “What I Eat in a Day” videos. Be sure to grab a bag of her favorite vegan snack, Lesser Evil Paleo Puffs, to satisfy your salty cravings!

Not only is she known for her soul-healing R&B riffs, Jhene Aiko is also a longtime vegan. Initially, having become interested in veganism as a means of improving her health, Aiko switched to an all-plant lifestyle and loved reaping the benefits. Her favorite vegan recipe is a carrot and potato taco that she makes on Fuse’s YouTube channel. Don’t forget to watch the video and the recipe if you fancy some spicy and tasty Mexican food!

Jhene Aiko

Alongside his Down to earth Docuseries on Netflix, Zac Efron made some pretty big lifestyle changes, striving to help the environment and eat cleaner. Going vegan in 2018, Efron loves the results and his energy, citing veganism as the perfect addition to a rigorous workout routine. Its vegan dose? Every morning, he starts the day with a “Spark Smoothie”, filled with avocado, spinach, raspberries, blueberries, bananas, coconut water, almond milk and chia seeds.

Zac Efron

In addition to being the world’s most iconic tennis player, Serena Williams follows a strictly plant-based diet during the competitive season and off-season. Influenced by her sister Venus Williams, Serena adopted a vegan lifestyle after seeing its benefits. Some of his daily foods include oats and strawberries, as well as brown rice with hemp and chia seeds.

Serena williams

Adopting veganism in 2014, Stevie Wonder now swears by a plant-based lifestyle. His regime change is even helping him promote environmental issues and be environmentally friendly. Although he’s rather low-key when revealing his daily eating habits, Wonder has made it clear how great he feels after the transition!

Stevie Wonder

As a dedicated vegan for seven years, Billie Eilish switched to a plant-based lifestyle after learning about the meat and dairy industries. Using her platform to raise awareness about animal abuse issues, Eilish is at the forefront of vegan advocacy. His nationwide favorites include LA Café Gratitude, CHLOE’s NYC, and Miami’s Love Life Cafe.

Billie Eilish

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What channel are all the games broadcast on? Fri, 11 Jun 2021 15:36:51 +0000

a group of people playing instruments and performing on stage: BBC Euro 2020

© Alan Shearer / Twitter
BBC Euro 2020

Euro 2020 are finally here and fans will be able to experience international football on TV for a whole month.

BBC and ITV have UK broadcast rights and they will bring supporters to every game so that no action is missed.

Group matches and knockout stages have been split between channels but which knockout matches will be on which channel remains to be determined.

Countdown to Euro 2020: 18 days before departure



The BBC will have the first and second picks in the round of 16 and quarter-finals while ITV will be able to pick their two best semi-finals.

And the final will be broadcast on both the BBC and ITV.


ITV has the usual suspects on its punditry team with Ian Wright, Roy Keane and Gary Neville among them.

However, they also have Emma Hayes, Andros Townsend, and Eni Aluko.

Comprehensive ITV Experts and Presenters: Mark Pougatch, Seema Jaswal, Reshmin Chowdhury, Ian Wright, Roy Keane, Gary Neville, Patrick Vieira, Graeme Souness, Ashley Cole, Eni Aluko, Robert Earnshaw, Emma Hayes, Nigel de Jong, John Collins, Joe Ledley, Nadia Nadim, Scott Brown, Andros Townsend.

The BBC has also used familiar faces in its presenters with Gary Lineker, Gabby Logan, Eilidh Barbour and Mark Chapman leading the cover.

Their experts include Alex Scott, Cesc Fabregas and Micah Richards.

Full BBC Experts and Presenters: Gary Lineker, Gabby Logan, Eilidh Barbour, Mark Chapman, Alan Shearer, Alex Scott, Rio Ferdinand, Micah Richards, Ashley Williams, Mark Hughes, James McFadden, Shelley Kerr, Charlie Adam, Cesc Fabregas, Jurgen Klinsmann.

Full schedule:

Gabby Logan holding baseball bat: Gabby Logan is one of the BBC presenters (Getty Images)

© Provided by The Independent
Gabby Logan is one of the BBC presenters (Getty Images)

Friday 11 June

Turkey vs Italy, 8 p.m., BBC

saturday 12 june

Wales vs Switzerland, 2 p.m., BBC

Denmark vs Finland, 5 p.m., BBC

Belgium, vs Russia, 8 p.m., ITV

Sunday 13 June

England vs Croatia, 2 p.m., BBC

Austria v North Macedonia. 5 p.m., ITV

Netherlands vs Ukraine, 8 p.m., ITV

Monday June 14

Scotland vs Czech Republic, 2 p.m., BBC

Poland vs Slovakia, 8 p.m., ITV

Spain vs Sweden, 8 p.m., ITV

Tuesday June 15

Hungary vs Portugal, 5 p.m., ITV

France vs Germany, 8 p.m., ITV

Wednesday June 16

Finland vs Russia, 2 p.m., BBC

Turkey vs Wales, 5 p.m., BBC

Italy vs Switzerland, 8 p.m., ITV

Thursday June 17th

Ukraine vs North Macedonia, 2 p.m., ITV

Denmark vs Belgium, 5 p.m., ITV

Netherlands vs Austria, 8 p.m., BBC

Friday June 18

Sweden vs Slovakia, 2 p.m., BBC

Croatia vs Czech Republic, 5 p.m., BBC

England vs Scotland, 8 p.m., ITV

saturday 19 june

Hungary vs France, 2 p.m., BBC

Portugal vs Germany, 5 p.m., ITV

Spain vs Poland, 8 p.m., BBC

Sunday 20 June

Italy vs Wales, 5 p.m., ITV

Switzerland vs Turkey, 5 p.m., ITV

Monday June 21

North Macedonia vs Netherlands, 5 p.m., ITV

Ukraine vs Austria, 5 p.m., ITV

Russia vs Denmark, 8 p.m., BBC

Finland vs Belgium, 8 p.m., BBC

Tuesday 22 June

Czech Republic vs England, 8 p.m., ITV

Croatia vs Scotland, 8 p.m., ITV

Wednesday 23 June

Slovakia vs Spain, 5 p.m., ITV

Sweden vs Poland, 5 p.m., ITV

Germany vs Hungary, 8 p.m., BBC

Portugal vs France, 8 p.m. BBC

saturday june 26

round of 16, to be confirmed

Sunday June 27

round of 16, to be confirmed

Monday June 28

round of 16, to be confirmed

tuesday 29 june

round of 16, to be confirmed

Friday July 2

Quarter-final, to be confirmed

Quarter-final, to be confirmed

saturday 3 june

Quarter-final, to be confirmed

Quarter-final, to be confirmed

Tuesday July 6

Semi-final, to be confirmed

Wednesday July 7

Semi-final, to be confirmed

Sunday July 11

Final, to be confirmed

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Can 10 Year Old Cars Be Depreciated By Law? Fri, 11 Jun 2021 09:00:00 +0000

Open road

I’ve owned drop-head four-seater cars for years, starting with a Triumph Vitesse, then two Triumph Stags, a Vauxhall Astra, an Audi A4 and now a BMW 2-series. electric (EV)? If not, what would be the best gasoline engine option to replace the BMW? Also my wife has an Alfa Romeo 159 Sportwagon which has been very reliable since new in 2011 and she loves it. Do you know if there is an all-electric Alfa in the pipeline? RB

No, although apparently VW is developing an electric four-seater ID.3 convertible which could arrive in 2023. Otherwise, there are mild hybrid (MHEV) developments of existing convertibles, such as a Fiat 500C hybrid; low performance, but fun to drive and with an economy of almost 60 mpg. The latest Fiat 500 is electric; although it owns Alfa Romeo, Fiat’s EV technology will likely take a long time to filter down to the Alfa lineup.

Go for one

My 2006 Mini One convertible, owned for seven years, has driven 67,000 miles and completed its last MoT. But he looks tired and I want a newer Mini. What should I do with a budget of around £ 8,000? I guess my car has little trade-in value. If I keep it, what might go wrong? JP

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Social media energizes the export of American political culture Fri, 11 Jun 2021 06:36:25 +0000

ARTHUR DO VAL just wanted to be someone. Acting legislator at the São Paulo regional assembly – with, as he boasts in his Twitter biography, the second highest number of votes of all the candidates – Mr do Val rose to fame by heckling left-handers on marches . He learned this tactic, he explains, from documentaries by Michael Moore, an American political filmmaker.

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Mr. do Val has since grown into a talented and prolific producer of user-friendly content for the web. His team posts hundreds of images and video clips on social media every week. People want to be entertained, he argues, so politics should also be entertaining. Political arguments should be presented in funny memes and silly videos which, in Mr. do Val’s case, tend to focus on promoting economically liberal ideas and denigrating the left.

“I tried to be a rock star; I failed. I tried to be a fighter, an athlete; I failed. I was just a frustrated businessman. Then I saw on YouTube an opportunity to exploit my outrage, “he explains.” I just wanted to stand out, and by accident it got me into a political career. “

Mr. do Val’s rise from person-to-person to state deputy at the age of 32 was both improbable and impressive. But he embodies a new transnational class of political entrepreneurs who communicate through memes, videos and slogans. They tap into a global flow of ideas, adapt them to local conditions and send them back to the ether. Many are activists or ordinary people. Social media is their most important means of influence, both on their followers and on each other. The result is not only a new class of unorthodox politicians, but also the globalization of political ideas, many of which come from America.

American movies, television and music are loved everywhere. Its consumer brands are globally beaten. Its social media stars have global influence. As the most powerful country in the world, with enormous cultural reach, it has always had a huge impact on political trends and movements.

In 1990, Joseph Nye, a political scientist at Harvard, introduced the concept of “soft power,” which he defined as “the ability to affect others and achieve preferred results through attraction and persuasion rather than coercion or payment “. Hollywood, pop music, McDonald’s and Levi’s jeans are all expressions of American soft power.

For many people beyond its shores, consuming these goods was as close as possible to sharing the American dream. When the first McDonald’s opened in Mumbai in 1996, thousands of Indians lined up to sample its legendary burger (albeit made without beef), replicating a scene from Moscow six years earlier. (The opening of a Starbucks in Mumbai ten years ago sparked a similar reaction.) Mumbai’s film industry, the world’s largest, is called “Bollywood” to emulate its Los Angeles counterpart. Nigeria has “Nollywood”, Pakistan “Lollywood”.

Even though McDonald’s and Hollywood contribute to growing obesity and unrealistic forensic expectations, for policymakers the important thing is that, as Mr. Nye puts it, “attracting others often gets you. what you want “. A fondness for American brands is positively correlated with a favorable opinion of the US government. What has changed is that the culture the country exports has broadened to encompass its politics. And in the age of social media, memes, not McDonald’s, are the primary vehicle for American cultural influence.

Take Brazil. Its political scene is teeming with YouTubers and Facebook influencers. These include supporters of Jair Bolsonaro, the president; government critics like Felipe Neto, who rose to prominence by making videos for young people; and a large market of political content creators in between. “There is a lot of influence, even unconscious, of the [American] speech. What happens there comes here, ”says Mr. do Val, citing debates about face masks or race. It’s not as easy as copying and pasting American arguments, he warns. On the contrary, America provides the models that anyone, anywhere, can apply.

According to Whitney Phillips, a media researcher at Syracuse University in New York City, America’s role in shaping political debates does not come only from the standards it promotes. It also “stems from its cultural production – the real stuff of media and memes,” she writes in “You Are Here,” a new book examining global information flows. One of the reasons America’s influence is greater now, she says, is that “social media is global. And there are a lot more people outside of the United States who use Facebook than in the United States.

Black Lives Matter Sweeps Nigeria

Consider the issue of black lives (BLM) protests that erupted in America in 2020. They have inspired local versions everywhere, from South Korea, where there are very few people of African descent, to Nigeria, where there are very few people who are not. In Britain, where police usually do not carry firearms, a protester held up a sign saying “Demilitarize the Police”. In Hungary, where Africans represent less than 0.1% of the population, a town hall attempted to install a work of art in support of the BLM movement, only to win a reprimand from the prime minister’s office. Last year, the Hungarian government released a video stating: “All lives matter”.

QAnon, a conspiracy theory that pedophile cannibals rule America, began circulating in 2017. It has since gained a lot of followers outside of the United States. At a small QAnon protest in London last year, people carried signs that read ‘Stop protecting pedophiles’. In France, it is based on yellow vests (yellow vest) demonstrators. According to one estimate, Germany has the second highest number of QAnon followers in the world. The conspiracy theory has even spread to Japan, despite the country’s radically different political culture.

Cultural influence is not a one-way street. British political influencers enjoy a large following, including in America. The strange Canadian takes a look. Mr. do Val proudly indicates that the “Confused Woman” meme started in Brazil but is now widely distributed abroad. Yet few people know of his Brazilian origins. Brazilian movements – or any other – also don’t inspire similar memes around the world. The ability to influence the world, even indirectly, is proportional to the cultural weight of a country (see graph).

A big part of that is the work of social media. It amplifies new voices, accelerates the speed at which ideas spread, and expands the scale at which people and ideas can gain influence. But established newspapers and TV stations also retain immense influence, even online. CNN is the second most visited English language news site in the world, after the BBC. the New York Times is third. In November, Emmanuel Macron, the French president, complained to the newspaper about his coverage of a terrorist attack near Paris. Mr. Macron is not contacting all media about his coverage. But some 50 million people outside the United States, in every country on Earth, read the New York Times online. Of its 5.2 million digital subscribers, nearly a fifth are located outside the United States.

The media elsewhere are inspired by their American counterparts. According to the analysis of Kings College London (KCL), mentions of “culture wars” in the British press were once a quadrennial phenomenon, suggesting that they occurred in conjunction with the US presidential elections. But in recent years, the use of the term has exploded. “We imported the language of cultural wars into the UK basically, ”says Bobby Duffy, director of KCLInstitute of Politics.

Together, these factors help explain why QAnon gained worldwide fame, lockdown skepticism adopted American vocabulary, and BLM the protests have spread across the world. Just as people all over the world watch Hollywood movies, they also follow US newspapers, TV shows, and social media.

The same cannot be said of any other country. Take China. The protests in Hong Kong have generated sympathy and solidarity, but have not inspired similar protests. Not many people outside of China are enthusiastic about buying Huawei phones or shopping on Alibaba. TikTok, its only globally successful internet product, is split into a Chinese version – Douyin – and the version used elsewhere. The Great Chinese Firewall keeps the rest of the world out, but it also keeps Chinese ideas out.

In addition, the openness of American politics allows for easy appropriation of its symbols and iconography, explains Craig Hayden, professor of strategic studies at Marine Corps University in Virginia. Videos of riots in American streets are ostensibly expected to hurt the country’s standing in the world. Instead, people in other countries see unrest in Washington or Minneapolis and think America is “engaged in this kind of struggle that parallels ours,” he says. And America’s ambitious cachet makes its movements all the more powerful. “I can think of a random country somewhere that has internal racial conflicts; we don’t all retweet what’s going on there, ”he adds.

Uncle Sam’s digital megaphone

Just as political power in the age of social media has yielded to disruptors, so has the power to influence affairs in distant lands. Social media users in Minneapolis or Seattle can impact São Paulo Instagrammers. Arguments that start on New England college campuses migrate to Old England lounges. The Internet promised to help information circulate around the world. But social networks and their algorithms have just amplified America’s voice.

This article appeared in the international section of the print edition under the title “What is Japanese for QAnon?”

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Starstruck: New HBO Max Comedy Series Season 2 Renewal – Canceled + Renewed TV Shows Thu, 10 Jun 2021 22:52:11 +0000

. The comedy television show launched on

today and the series has been renewed for a second season.

Created and written by Matafeo, with co-authors Alice Sneddon and Nic Sampson, the Starstruck The series revolves around Jessie (Matafeo), a millennial living in east London who juggles her dead-end jobs while navigating the complications of a romantic relationship with a movie star (Nikesh Patel).

HBO Max renews romantic comedy STARSTRUCK for second season

Max Original Season 1 Available To Stream Now

As the first season kicks off today, HBO Max has renewed the Max Original series, STARSTRUCK, from actress Rose Matafeo (“Baby Done”, “Horndog”) and co-writers Alice Snedden and Nic Sampson, for a second season. Hailed as a “charmer” by the New York Times and “a candy floss confection.” . . marked by the softness and lightness that once you are done you will be devastated, there is no more ”, by Pajiba, STARSTRUCK follows Jessie (Matafeo), a millennial living in east London juggling with two dead end jobs and navigating the complications of becomes romantically involved with famous movie star “Tom” (Nikesh Patel), and follows the couple as they realize they can’t get away from it all. ‘from each other. The season two ensemble cast also includes Minnie Driver (“Good Will Hunting”) and Russell Tovey (“Years and Years”). The first season debuts today on HBO Max.

“Rose is an exciting talent whose international stardom is on the rise,” said Jeniffer Kim, senior vice president of international originals at HBO Max. “Working with Rose and the Avalon team was amazing so we had to keep going. We can’t wait for audiences to see this hilarious and quirky love story.

“I am delighted that Starstruck is returning for a second series in the United States on HBO Max. I hope American audiences love my accent as much as I enjoy speaking in it, ”said Rose Matafeo, creator and screenwriter of STARSTRUCK.

“It’s great to have the support of HBO Max for the talented Rose Matafeo and this feel-good comedy,” said executive producer Jon Thoday.

Produced by Avalon (“Breeders”, “Everything’s Gonna Be Okay”, “Last Week Tonight With John Oliver”, “Flatbush Misdemeanours”), STARSTRUCK is produced by Rose Matafeo, Jon Thoday, Richard Allen-Turner, Rob Aslett and Toby Gallois . Claire McCarthy is a series producer.

About Rose Matafeo
Born in New Zealand, Rose has established herself as one of comedy’s most exciting new voices and is firmly established as the “voice of millennials” (Comedy Awards). A regular face on screen, January saw Rose star in Taika Waititi’s feature film “Baby Done”, while she was featured on “Taskmaster” (Ch4), “Have I Got News For You” (BBC One ), “The Royal Variety Performance” (ITV 1), “Unspun with Matt Forde” (Dave), “Ultimate Worrier” (Dave), “Hypothetical” (UKTV), “The Great British Bake Off: An Extra Slice” ( Channel 4), “The Last Leg” (Channel 4), and performed on “Conan” (TBS). Rose has appeared in BBC Two’s “W1A”, BBC Three’s “Pls Like and Climaxed” and “Dead Pixels” E4, while she wrote and starred in the three-part series “Rose Matafeo: Temp” for Channel 4’s Comedy Blaps. In the US, she also performed a stand-up on “Conan” (TBS). In New Zealand, Rose is the lead writer and star of the sketch show “Funny Girls” (TV3), which is in its third season, and she is a regular on “7 Days” (Three Now NZ) She also starred in the feature film “Baby, Done” (Piki Films). She is also co-host of the “Boners of the Heart with Alice Snedden” podcast.

About Avalon
Avalon is a multi-award-winning live-action talent management, television production and promotion group with offices in London, Los Angeles and New York. Avalon, Artist Rights Group (ARG) and The Agency represent a prolific roster of artists including comedians, actors, presenters, writers and directors. Avalon’s many groundbreaking TV shows currently in production include: “Not Going Out” (BBC), the longest-running sitcom to air in the UK; “Taskmaster” (channel 4), the best-selling BAFTA-winning entertainment format broadcast in 100 countries; “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” (HBO), multiple Emmy (R) winner; “The Russell Howard Hour” (Sky), the network’s most successful entertainment show since 2010; “Starstruck”, a new sitcom by Rose Matafeo, winner of the Edinburgh Comedy Award 2018, (HBO Max / BBC); “Everything’s Gonna Be Okay,” by creator Josh Thomas (Freeform); “Breeders,” a sitcom starring Martin Freeman and Daisy Haggard (FX / Sky); a new series from the famous British satirical puppet show, “Spitting Image” (BritBox UK); and several comedy specials for Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, and Netflix. Other flagship shows from Avalon include “Catastrophe” (Amazon Prime Video / Channel 4), “Fantasy Football League” (BBC / ITV) and multiple Emmy (R) nominees, “TV Burp” (ITV) several once awarded at the BAFTA. , and “Workaholics” (Comedy Central USA). Avalon also distributes its catalog of programs in more than 150 countries around the world. Avalon has produced numerous successful podcasts worldwide and is number one on iTunes charts in the UK with the track “Shagged.” Married. Annoyed ”by Chris and Rosie Ramsey.

TV shows? Are you more likely to watch a new show if you know it’s already been renewed for a second season?

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Former soldier “appalled” by new job offer for Legacy of Troubles researchers Thu, 10 Jun 2021 17:47:22 +0000

Military veterans outside Belfast Crown Court during the trial of Soldiers A and C. Photo: Jonathan Porter / PressEye

Military veterans outside Belfast Crown Court during the trial of Soldiers A and C. Photo: Jonathan Porter / PressEye

The former soldiers said they hoped the Northern Ireland court system would reassess its approach to prosecuting veterans after the trial of two ex-Paras failed last month.

Identified only as Private A and Private C, the two men were formally acquitted of the murder of Joe McCann at Belfast Crown Court after Judge O’Hara said it was not legitimate to present evidence gathered in 1972 in court “dressed and refreshed with a new cover 2010”.

A veteran who contacted the News Letter said he was “appalled” to read the job posting looking for staff to “dig deeper into the endless investigation into what the security forces did or did not do. did not do during the Op Banner period.

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He said: “The fact that the chief of police is willing to invest time and money in this file is in my opinion a shame.

“The files these researchers will examine will focus only on the security forces – not on terrorists because they have no files.

“Most veterans feel this is very unfair, unfair and wrong. In order for society to move away from all the injuries and damage caused by a long terrorist campaign, a line must be drawn in inheritance investigations. “

The former soldier added: “As society begins to recover from Covid-19 and the costs involved, most well-meaning people would rather see the money spent on clearing the backlog of NHS operations rather than on investigating the issues. “

The role of the Inheritance Researcher is to help ‘meet the needs of the Northern Ireland Police Service / Crown Prosecutor’s Office in relation to inheritance investigations / civil claims and any other problem ”, with a maximum salary of £ 26,000.

Paul Young of Justice for the NI Veterans Original said the job posting “does not inspire any additional confidence” among veterans regarding the criminal justice system in Northern Ireland.

He said: “Following the recent acquittal of Soldiers A and C … we hoped that an external judicial review would be carried out”, the recent decisions of the prosecution being fully examined.

Mr Young added: “It looks like the assault on veterans is going to escalate rather than decrease, as you can be sure the only people to look for will be the security forces.”

PSNI has yet to respond to a request for comment.

A message from the editor:

Thanks for reading this story on our site. While I have your attention, I also have an important request for you.

With the coronavirus lockdown having a major impact on many of our advertisers – and therefore the revenue we receive – we are more dependent than ever on your getting a digital subscription.

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Our journalism costs money and we rely on advertising, print and digital revenues to support them. By supporting us we are able to help you provide reliable and verified content for this website.

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The media got it wrong Thu, 10 Jun 2021 13:10:04 +0000

Law enforcement responds during a protest near Lafayette Park ahead of President Trump’s trip to St. John’s Church on June 1, 2020, in downtown Washington, DC. (Photo by Drew Angerer / Getty Images)

A year ago, on June 1, 2020, we all saw US Parks Police chasing Black Lives Matter protesters from Lafayette Park in front of the White House, followed shortly after by a video of the President Trump walking to the park for this. famous photoshoot holding a bible.

Well, the official report on this incident was released yesterday, and it concludes that the decision to evict the protesters had nothing to do with the photoshoot.

This was done so that a security fence could be installed.

The timeline shows that the plan to install the fence was underway several hours before park police knew the president was heading there, and park police knew nothing about the Bible photo.

And on Fox, Sean Hannity triumphed:

“Do you remember that fake news last summer?” NPR: Peaceful protesters used tear gas to clear the way for the Trump Church photoshoot. New York Toilet paper Times: Trump’s idea for a photoshoot has taken its toll in a park.

Talk host Mark Levin totally agreed that The New York Times just outright lie:

“They covered up the Holocaust, so of course they’re going to lie about what happened in Lafayette Park.”

And he quoted what candidate Joe Biden said at the time:

“When the Americans demonstrate peacefully outside the White House, this president tear gas at them for a photoshoot. Liar!”

So there you have two conservatives – and it doesn’t get more conservative than Hannity and Levin – saying the “mainstream” media got it wrong, and Biden got it wrong. And who has understood correctly? The impartial inspector general of the Ministry of the Interior.

Well, it seems to me that this is the EXACT type of independent investigation that the House approved for the January 6 attack. This tells me that there is also a chance that it will completely justify Trump. Imagine how much the mainstream media would be in trouble then!

So here’s my idea for getting Republicans to support him:

The Inspector General who led the Lafayette Park investigation – the investigation that left Hannity and Levin delusional gleefully – is a career public servant by the name of Mark Lee Greenblatt. He was nominated by Trump two years ago and confirmed by voice vote, absolutely without controversy.

Put HIM in charge of the January 6 investigation. How could Hannity be against that? Heck, how could Trump be against this? He named the guy! This is my idea. And if that doesn’t get the support of Republicans, then they MUST have something to hide.

Listen to Seattle’s Morning News weekday mornings from 5 a.m. to 9 a.m. on KIRO Radio, 97.3 FM. Subscribe to podcast here.

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Koger to compete in Celebrity Softball Classic Thu, 10 Jun 2021 05:20:19 +0000

Owensboro native Jason Koger, a senior bilateral amputee who is now a national motivational speaker, plays in the Celebrity Softball Classic Saturday in Arlington, Texas. The Classic benefits the Plis d’Honneur and the Veterinarians for the Relief of Children.

“I always love doing charity events no matter what it is,” Koger said. “It’s a great opportunity to share my story.

Koger used his story to inspire others and share the message of resilience after a tragedy. He said he is honored to be invited to play for this cause.

“I might not play a lot,” he said. “I just want to show them that my accident didn’t stop me. I was not asked because I am a big celebrity. The man who asked me to play said that I inspired him and he wanted me to inspire others.

According to the event’s website, the family event features mixed teams with players who are professional athletes, musicians, and actors from film / television or reality shows.

The first game of the day will be a co-ed game of veteran celebrities comprised of “America’s top veteran influencers who have had incredible military careers.” The second game of the day will be a celebrity softball game.

Koger’s teammates include NFL players from the Dallas Cowboys, Houston Texans and Chicago Bears, as well as several television personalities and a survivor of the Boston Marathon bombing.

“All the celebrities who will be here are really cool; one of the event coordinators told me that there isn’t a celebrity playing this game who thinks she’s too good or stuck, ”Koger said. “They will take pictures with you or sign autographs. We are all here for the same reason.

When a prosthetic company offered to make him special attachments for the game, Koger was very grateful.

“A company called Fillauer Prosthetics contacted me and made a special glove for the game. I also have a special attachment from them so that I can hold a baseball bat,” Koger said.

Koger, who hasn’t played softball since his accident, said he finally gave it a try last week.

“My son Axel and I went out into the yard – he threw and I hit,” Koger said. “I asked my daughters to film me. It was my very first time putting on softball arm restraints. It’s not about winning or losing against me; it goes to a good cause.

When asked what position he wanted to play in, Koger joked that he would go where the ball doesn’t go very often.

“I told them to put me in the right field,” Koger said.

Ultimately, the Celebrity Softball Classic organization is happy that the event can take place this year. Koger was supposed to play last year, but matches have been called off due to COVID-19.

“It’s nice to be a part of something that I’ve never been a part of before,” he said. “It’s rare to find a bilateral arm amputee, but there are still a lot of interesting things that we can do. “

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Lauren Alaina & Jon Pardi Give “Getting Over Him” ​​TV Debut at 2021 CMT Music Awards Thu, 10 Jun 2021 02:03:45 +0000

Lauren Alaina and Jon Pardi commanded the scene with their current single at the CMT Music Awards 2021.

Live from Harlinsdale Farm, the country superstars made the television debut of their collaborative hit, “Getting Over Him” ​​on Wednesday, June 9 at the annual awards show.

“I play ‘Getting Over Him’ with Jon Pardi, it’s our current single on country radio. We are very excited! It’s a really fun song, it’s really fun, I’m going to try to be fun and we’ll all have fun together, ”Alaina said before her performance.

Pardi later added, “She asked me to be a part of this song and I wanted to send it to me and I heard it and I was like yeah, it’s awesome. It’s rowdy, there is attitude and that’s what we’re singing about tonight.

Co-hosted by superstars Kelsea Ballerini and Kane Brown, the 2021 CMT Music Awards aired on Wednesday, June 9 and featured performances of Ballerini with LANY’s Paul Klein and Brown with Chris Young.

Additionally, the two-hour event included collaborations from BRELAND and Mickey Guyton, brothers Osborne and Dierks Bentley, HER and Chris Stapleton, Ingrid Andress and JP Saxe, Lady A with Carly Pearce and Lindsay Ell, Lauren Alaina and Jon Pardi , Mickey Guyton and Gladys Knight, Miranda Lambert, Jack Ingram and Jon Randall and NEEDTOBREATHE with Carrie Underwood.

Chris Stapleton, Luke Bryan, Luke Combs and Thomas Rhett also performed while Blanco Brown, Dylan Scott, Hailey Whitters, Lainey Wilson, Niko Moon and Tenille Arts appeared on the Ram Trucks side stage.

Presenters included Anthony Mackie, Brett Young, Busy Philipps, Carly Pearce, Dylan Scott, Gladys Knight, Iliza Shlesinger, Little Big Town, Michael Strahan, Mickey Guyton, Restless Road, Taylor Lewan and Trace Adkins of the Tennessee Titans, as well as CMT Hot 20 Countdown welcomes Cody Alan, Katie Cook and Ashley ShahAhmadi.

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