Far left fringe controls media discourse on transgender

On only 0.6% of the total adult US population identifies as transgender.

Of this already tiny number, a certain extremely the vocal faction and its allies insist on the use of coded language intended to honor transgender orientation. This includes strange phrases like “pregnant” instead of “pregnant” and “breastfeeding” instead of “breastfeeding”.

Shockingly enough, some of the country’s largest and most powerful publications have acquiesced to these demands, releasing reports and headlines using bland and confusing euphemisms instead of plain language. They do this even though the demand for so-called trans-inclusive language is coming from a tiny fraction of a tiny fraction.

In other words, the fringe of the fringe has taken over the English language. Large companies are content to go ahead, subjecting the greatest number to the language requirements of a few. When we talk about power in culture and politics, this is what it sounds like.

“How Climate Change Threatens Pregnant Women and Their Fetuses,” CBS News said in a Nov. 9 headline. Really, it’s a real title. If you really speak English, “pregnant people” and “fetuses” are not preferable to “pregnant women” and “children” in terms of clear, descriptive language. They are, however, preferable to serve very specific and targeted socio-political causes.

We can no longer say “pregnant women” for fear of excluding – or, God forbid, offending – the small transgender community. We cannot say “children” either because that obviously complicates the pro-abortion position. Thus, we have the “pregnant” and “fetus” compromise. Better to obscure the language with vague euphemisms that erase women and dehumanize unborn children than to jeopardize popular political causes.

Best Title: Here’s how climate change threatens people we won’t hesitate to erase and dehumanize.

“The decision to exclude pregnant people from the first wave of Covid-19 vaccine trials has inadvertently fueled vaccine hesitation – in some cases with fatal consequences,” the headline read on November 1. Politics article.

The Washington post in early October, added “pregnant people” to its official style guide.

A New York Times The September 29 headline read, “CDC Calls on Pregnant and Breastfeeding People to Get Vaccinated.” Really, as if men could breastfeed.

Transgender ideologues have also taken over the way political and even medical organizations talk about basic health and biology.

“Although the overall risk of serious illness is low,” the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said in a statement in August, “pregnant people and those recently pregnant are at increased risk of serious illness from COVID-19 by compared to non- pregnant women.

The National Organization for Women (emphasis mine, and don’t miss the irony here) added elsewhere: “Climate change is absolutely a health crisis. Pregnant people suffer from health complications from poor air quality and dirty water.

“We know that vaccines are safe and effective for people who are pregnant or hoping to become pregnant, but too few of them are getting the vaccine,” New York Democratic Governor Kathy Hochul said on Nov. 9.

This remains one of the funniest facts in modern politics and culture. Feminism is always, always, always sidelined for the benefit of competing special interest groups working against women. In this specific case, the demands of transgender ideology require the deletion of the word “women”. It is erased from the core discourse in the service of honoring men who identify as women.

This is what some would call “irony”.

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