Fans can’t decide what celebrity Ree Drummond’s son looks like

When Ree Drummond shared some photos of herself with her son Bryce on December 25, she made two observations. One is Bryce’s very lively facial expressions, something no one could deny. The other is Bryce’s resemblance to actor Woody Harrelson (via Instagram). On this last point, some Drummond fans jumped on the water. “He looks like Woody Harrelson! Two handsome guys! a fan wrote. Another commented: “Whoa! I see the resemblance. Yet another: “Definitely Woody !!!” Others pointed out that Bryce’s smile, in particular, reminded them of Harrelson. ” He looks like him ! one fan noted, while another shared, “Wow he has Woody’s smile.” Not everyone bought the likeness between Bryce and the beloved celebrity, now 60, however.

Others couldn’t help but notice how Bryce also looks like another rugged, handsome, adorably rubberized and quite complicated celebrity born in the 1960s. It would be none other than Anthony Michael Hall, who s ‘is made a name for playing the lovable and understated sexy “Geek” character in John Hughes’ classic “Sixteen Candles”. Many Drummond followers shared how much Hall resembled Bryce, with one stressing, “I see Anthony Michael Hall” and another stating “he could be. [Hall’s] twin … by the time he gained weight for the 80s movie Johnny Be Good. ”

Drummond didn’t disagree either. When a fan commented: “Totally Anthony Michael Hall !!!” Drummond said: “I agree with that too !!”

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