Famous bear enters politics

Tag, the Kodiak bear, contemplating the circumstances that led to political life.

Tag, the Kodiak bear, contemplating the circumstances that led to political life.
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In 2019, we were introduced to Label, a Kodiak / thespian bear who likes to share “cookie kisses” with Hollywood’s Jason Momoa. Now, following in the footsteps of former California celebrities turned Republican politicians, Tag has made his way down the electoral trail as part of John Cox’s gubernatorial candidacy.

Having a bear in a California gubernatorial election may seem overly recognition on the muzzle of the state flag, but the premise of Cox and Tag’s partnership is even stranger.. In a Tag profile, Vice points out all of Cox’s campaign thing is based on being called “The beast” because, as his publicist writes, Cox’s platform is based on his promise to make “beastly changes” to California politics. (More precisely, hes tax rate.)

We’re more interested in moving Tag’s career from acting to politics than Cox’s platforming, mostly because his new gig has been quite controversial. Earlier this month, PETA condemned without surprise Cox’s decision to bring a fucking bear alive to his countryside halted and called for an investigation, which has since been successful A declaration Senator Ben Hueso who describes “exploiting a living bear as a political accessory” a “shameful and unpleasant trick to draw attention to a candidate”. Last week, ABC 10 ran a story on the City of San Diego’s take on the legality of Tag’s participation in events and the associate director of animal care at the Oakland Zoo also described Cox’s bear theaters as dangerous.

All of this leaves us with hope that Tag will be released from his post soon and can return to his den for a long conversation with his agent (who is, we don’t know, a talking fox, probably) about where he is. should follow this unsuccessful foray into politics. We suggest a temporary retreat from the spotlight – a period of hibernation where Tag can really think about what he really wants to do with his time so that he never finds himself caught up by people like Cox again.

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