Cyndi Lauper is a rare celebrity who belongs to the WWE Hall of Fame

The celebrity wing of the WWE Hall Of Fame features some very famous names, but very few of them are synonymous with the wrestling world. Every year the company welcomes a new celebrity and every year fans are reminded that the barrier to entry is pretty low. There are a few obvious inclusions like Mike Tyson, who played a role in Steve Austin’s “Stone Cold” slingshot at Megastardom, and Mr. T, who actually wrestled in the main event of the very first WrestleMania. And then there are confusing inclusions like Drew Carey and Ozzy Osbourne. Confusing inclusions might not be so confusing if WWE has exhausted its list of “Celebrities With Literally Any Connection To Wrestling, No Matter Of Difficulty”, but they weren’t. In fact, there are a few celebrities with strong, non-tenuous ties to WWE who have yet to be inducted. Perhaps the most glaring omission of haste is the iconic Cyndi Lauper.

Lauper was instrumental in the success of the very first WrestleMania and helped WWE mainstream by including wrestlers like Lou Albano, Roddy Piper and The Iron Sheik in its videos. Cyndi Lauper is one of the few celebrities who truly deserves to be in the WWE Hall Of Fame … but for some reason she isn’t!

Cyndi Lauper meets Captain Lou

Cydni Lauper’s involvement in WWE began after a chance encounter on a plane with the legendary Captain Lou Albano.

“We were on a plane coming back from Puerto Rico,” Lauper wrote in his autobiography. “Originally they wanted wrestler Gorgeous George to be in the [‘Girls Just Want to Have Fun’] video, but I said, “No, it’s Captain Lou.” I had kept in touch with him and I had his number, so [Lauper’s manager at the time] Dave [Wolff] called him and he signed up immediately. “

Albano portrayed Lauper’s father in the “ Girls Just Want to Have Fun ” video, but the pop sensation’s association with WWE didn’t end there.

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On an episode of Wrestling championship, aired on June 16, 1984, Lauper appeared as a guest on Roddy Piper Piper’s Pit talk show simulation segment. Albano appeared and cursed Lauper. Playing with heel, Albano claimed Lauper’s success, much to his chagrin. The highlight of the segment came when Lauper attacked Albano with his purse. Albano recalled this segment in a Interview 2001, “She hit me, hit me on the head with her wallet. I had no idea she had a bottle of perfume in there – she almost killed me.”

Piper Pit’s altercation staged a match at the The fight to end it all in which The Fabulous Moolah, directed by Albano, faced off against Lauper’s in-ring representative Wendy Richter in a WWF Women’s Championship match. With Lauper’s help, Richter won the match. the event was a huge success, in large part thanks to Lauper’s involvement.

WrestleMania 1

Cyndi Lauper to appear on WWE lineup several times following The fight to end it all, but it was her involvement in the first WrestleMania that sealed her legacy as a WWE Hall of Fame inductee.

At WrestleMania, Cyndi Lauper would once again give ringside moral support to Wendi Richter, who was looking to win the WWF Women’s Championship in return for Leilani Kai. When Kai’s accomplice The Fabulous Moolah attempted to intervene, Lauper jumped in to save the day and help Richter regain his title.

Thanks to the involvement of celebrities like Cyndi Lauper, WrestleMania has been a huge success.

Lauper brings WWE to his world

Following the runaway success of WrestleMania, Lauper invited several WWE wrestlers to appear in the video for his song “The Goonies ‘r’ Good Enough” from the soundtrack to The Goonies.

In 1985, Lauper helped WWE enter the musical game with their first The wrestling album, on which she provided backing vocals for Roddy’s track Piper For Everybody.

“We did a lot of really fun things that left their mark on wrestling,” Lauper recalls in his autobiography. And she was right. The first WrestleMania was a huge financial risk for Vince McMahon and WWE. Without the involvement of the celebrities involved, the wrestling business could be very different today.

Cyndi Lauper played a huge role in launching the show known as WrestleMania, and her absence from the WWE Hall of Fame makes absolutely no sense. She should have been one of the first celebrities inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, and yet Donald Trump and William Shatner came before her. And it’s not like she doesn’t want to be inducted. In 2018, Lauper responded to a tweet from former WWE Superstar Lance Storm in which he claimed she had turned down an offer to be inducted.

“Not that I remember,” Lauper responded.

It’s time to step up the campaign to bring Cyndi Lauper into the WWE Hall of Fame. She is one of the few celebrities who really deserves to be there.

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