Coronavirus: Channel Nine criticized for lack of diversity in COVID-19 vaccination campaign

Channel Nine’s attempt to encourage Australians to roll up their sleeves and get vaccinated against the coronavirus missed the mark.

The network released a COVID-19 vaccination announcement yesterday, but it wasn’t the call that pissed off the public – rather its complete lack of diversity.

The Block host Scott Cam led the promotion, titled “This is our shot,” which featured a list of Nine’s most recognizable talents – including Eddie McGuire, Shaynna Blaze, Liz Hayes and Richard Wilkins.

Karl Stefanovic was also shown in the doctor’s chair, ready and waiting to ‘do it’.

Among the celebrities to appear in the One Minute commercial are Leila McKinnon, Hamish Blake, Tara Brown, Amy Shark, Rebecca Maddern, Erin Molan, Deborah Knight, Peter Overton, Andy Lee, Sylvia Jeffreys and Tom Steinfort.

Throughout the announcement, the presenters talk about how getting the jab would help us ‘get our lives back’ and make live music, sports crowds, businesses to stay open, families to reunite, and lives. to save.

The deployment this week was an unfortunate moment for the network, as it came under criticism during Reconciliation Week.

While the public health message was aimed at tackling vaccine hesitancy, many agreed that it fell flat.

“The message is great, but the lack of cultural diversity is staggering,” Twitter user Richard Watts said.

“Good message, but are only whites working for Channel 9?” and “Did no one tell Channel 9 we were a multiracial country?” read other comments.

Antoinette Lattouf, presenter of Channel 10 and co-founder of Media Diversity Australia, also aimed.

“Yo @ Channel9, you missed your chance to make it sound like you care about the health of anyone who isn’t white # getvaccinated #butonlyifyourewhite,” she tweeted.

She later went on to say that she applauded what the network was trying to do, but that it was “patently obvious” that no presenter represented the diverse makeup of the country.

“Welcome people to blind spots. I trust that’s it and not white supremacy, ”she wrote.

Nine Network television director Michael Healy did not address the controversy, but said more promotions were planned.

“As we are in the midst of a global pandemic, 9Network continues to support community awareness regarding COVID and to be immunized about vaccination, this is our chance to get Australia connected again”, did he declare.

“This is an internal initiative and a number of promotions will be rolled out during this campaign.”

Currently, none of those who participated in the promotion have publicly responded to the criticisms.

The announcement comes after the 2020 Media Diversity Australia report “ Who Gets To Tell Australian Stories? found last year that “over 75% of presenters, commentators and reporters (in Australian media) are of Anglo-Celtic descent.”

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