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Shame on CNN.

It’s already a shame that they lost their status as a legitimate cable news channel by giving precious airtime to hesitant hosts on the left. (Wolf Blitzer and John King of Boston get a pass here.)

Now, CNN has said that presenter Chris Cuomo’s phone calls to staff from his brother, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, were “inappropriate.” It’s a word. How about disgusting?

Chris called when Andrew’s team was strategizing on how the governor should deflect allegations of sexual harassment. The Washington Post wrote that the host of CNN’s “Cuomo Prime Time” urged his brother to take a provocative stance and not quit, citing two people in attendance.

Now the Poynter Institute for Media Studies blames Chris Cuomo for “cross a journalistic line. “

CNN is shameless and this episode proves it. But, the station won’t miss a beat until viewers have said enough. Chris Cuomo’s bravado and on-air preaching is already a reason to switch channels. However, if he is to qualify as a journalist, he must adhere to a certain level of ethical conduct.

As The Associated Press reported, CNN said Chris Cuomo was not involved in the network’s coverage of the allegations, either on air or behind the scenes, as he could not be objective. and often serves as a “sounding board” for its elder. brother.

“However, it was inappropriate to engage in conversations involving governor’s staff, which Chris acknowledges,” the network said. “He will not participate in such conversations in the future.”

Either way, TV news is more about pizazz than journalism. The anchors are the stars and the story is second to the smile or the frown, depending on the emotion the story calls for.

Chris Cuomo knows this better than anyone. He’s safe in his crack tapping into the latest AOC or Senator Elizabeth Warren scandal, until the facts get too sticky and he jumps to slam Donald Trump.

Chris Cuomo said being involved in the calls with his brother was “a mistake”. Getting caught was the mistake, he should have said.

“I put my colleagues here (at CNN), who I believe are the best in the business, in a bad position,” the top presenter said on his show Thursday. “I never intended this, never would have intended this, and I’m sorry.”

CNN has to do the right thing and Cuomo can. They’ve already waited too long.

Without being too much of a preacher ourselves, reporting the news takes skill, effort, sources, brevity, and ethics. All of us in the industry suffer when a member, especially a notable member, crosses the line. Chris Cuomo must have known by the time he was on the phone with his brother’s masters that he had sinned.

How can he ever show up in front of a journalism class and pose as a journalist?

And how can CNN say that Chris Cuomo has no influence, to some extent, in the corridors and newsroom of the network? Who is preventing him from seeing a copy for another show?

The lines between celebrity and journalism have long been blurred. Now Chris Cuomo is wiping the mud off the screen. There is no doubt that it is forcing everyone in the industry to work harder today to guard against any slippage.

Confidence, the lifeline of any media organization, has just taken a direct hit. The sad part is that Chris Cuomo probably doesn’t even care. He’s just going to push and pretend there’s nothing to see here. But, it will still skid.

Those looking for shortcuts always take the easier route.

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