Chinese Social Media Responds to New ‘Three Child Policy’

In a surprisingly important political turning point amid growing concerns about an aging population, China’s “three-child policy” was officially introduced after years of speculation.

Not surprisingly, the Chinese internet is not impressed.

Just a day before International Children’s Day, China’s largest and most influential state-run media organization Xinhua reported that a “three-child policy” was approved at a final meeting organized by China’s main decision-making body, the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee.

Just hours after the announcement, the hashtag # the three-child policy is here # had attracted more than 1.76 billion views on China’s Weibo microblogging platform, climbing to become the site’s top trending topic.


Is China about to introduce a “three-child policy”?

Frustrated netizens flooded the site, posting sarcastic comments to express their negative feelings about this new change in family planning policy.

“I suggest (to the authorities) that they put in place a basic pregnancy protection program, as well as tackle the discrimination women face in the workplace, and then encourage them to give birth to babies.” Writes the most voted comment under a related post, which has garnered over 202,000 likes.

“It’s not really a question of giving birth or not, but a global issue of education, housing and employment. Giving birth is only a small part, ”writes the second most voted comment.


6 mind-boggling statistics from China’s population census

“I recommend that men get paternity leave because fathers should take their share of the responsibility,” wrote another.

There are also memes … a lot of memes.

“Give me back my 8 million RMB.” Director Zhang Yimou was fined in 2014 for having three children.

Political meme of the three children

“This is not something to consider for someone with a monthly salary of RMB 3,000.” The cost of raising children in China has increased dramatically.

Durex Three Children Policy

“I’m just going to go, you play.” An internet user photographed this caption above a Durex logo.

The new three-child policy comes just two weeks after the publication of the Seventh National Population Census of China, which confirmed that the Chinese population had grown to 1.412 billion people and that the birth rate of the “second child” had risen. also apparently increased.

China ended its controversial “one-child” policy in 2016 and allowed couples to have two babies. however, According to statistics released by China’s National Bureau of Statistics in January 2020, China’s total fertility rate fell below the warning line.

It remains to be seen whether this “three-child policy” will be effective in getting people to have more babies, but judging by the reactions of young internet users, it doesn’t look good.

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