Celebrity livestreamer reaps benefits of inclusiveness

Li Jiaqi promotes the products in a live broadcast session. [Gao Erqiang/China Daily]

When Li Jiaqi started broadcasting live cosmetics promotions in Shanghai four years ago, this e-commerce model was still in its infancy and most people did not fully understand how it worked.

Determined to make an impact, the young man from Yueyang, Hunan Province, spent up to eight hours a day promoting products online and hosted up to 389 live broadcast events a year. In one event, he demonstrated 380 different lipsticks.

That kind of tenacity finally paid off, and today Li is arguably the best-known internet celebrity in China.

In 2019, he was on the Hurun “China Under 30s To Watch” list and was on the Forbes “30 Under 30 Asia” list last year. Earlier this year, he was one of a handful of Chinese included on the 2021 “TIME100 Next” list.

Dubbed “the lipstick king of China,” Li says his meteoric rise to fame is in large part due to Shanghai’s inclusive environment.

“The term ‘internet celebrity’ didn’t have a positive connotation when I first arrived in Shanghai several years ago, but people here still respected my choice of profession,” the young man said. 29 years old.

“Shanghai is an innovative city, full of vitality. There are talented people all over the world who are not afraid to work hard in new and emerging fields. If you work hard in Shanghai, you will be successful.”

Last year, the Shanghai government designated Li as a “special talent” and granted him resident status.

Depending on city policy, high-end talents, professionals urgently needed by key institutions, technicians and employees with innovative skills, as well as talents with the best professional qualifications or with exceptional skills may apply for the permanent residence.

Li believes that Shanghai’s advanced information infrastructure, live broadcast application scenarios and talent resources have created an enabling business environment in which small and medium enterprises can thrive.

He chose Shanghai Fashion Week as an example of how the city stands up for fledgling businesses, giving them exposure to a wider audience.

Despite all his fame and fortune, Li is far from self-centered. The live-streaming star used her fame to help causes, such as raising awareness of consumer rights on World Consumer Rights Day, and to help revive the country’s economy in the aftermath of the pandemic.

Last year, Li and his team visited Ninglang in Yunnan Province, Xiadang in Fujian Province, and Hope Primary School in Hunan to help tackle poor sales of rural produce to the community. aftermath of COVID-19. Together with the China Youth Development Foundation, he also started a charity that donated 10 million yuan ($ 1.54 million) to help build 20 Hope Primary Schools in a dozen provincial-level regions.

According to statistics from Meione, the e-commerce company specializing in online celebrity cultivation of which Li is a partner, the special live broadcast sessions he organized to promote the agricultural products of these regions have generated more than 200 million yuan ($ 30.8 million) in sales. A similar promotion for agricultural and aquaculture businesses in Hubei Province, also severely affected by the pandemic, received more than 127 million views and resulted in more than 40 million yuan in sales.

“I believe that as a new resident of Shanghai, I have a responsibility to the healthy and standardized development of the e-commerce and live broadcasting industries, and to contribute to the economy of my city,” a- he declared.

Li’s next goal is to use his promotions to help domestic products, such as agricultural products and original designs, become better known to a wider audience. Attending more public welfare events is also on her to-do list.

“As a public figure, I can’t just focus on data anymore. I have to do more meaningful things, like bringing love to others.”

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