Celebrities share their Eid plans

SimranSethi New Delhi [India], July 20 (ANI): Eid al-Adha was another small event this year, triggered by the possibility of a third wave of COVID-19. Indian celebrities such as Meezaan Jafri, Aasif Sheikh, Rukhsar Rehman and Warda Khan have avoided big celebrations to commemorate their special occasion.

Asif Shake, best known for playing the role of a comedian on the popular TV show “Bhabhi JiGhar By Hai!” ”, Reduced the cost of Eid, taking into account the suffering of people encountered during the pandemic. ..

“I am grateful that all of the loved ones near me were safe and healthy. Eid has an intimate relationship with his family, but given the difficult times people have faced, we are in pain. We extended our arms to those who came out. We have reduced the cost of the holiday season as a family to brighten up someone else’s Eid, ”he told ANI while sharing the Eid plans. ..

It is imperative to pray for the health of all, especially during these difficult times.

“We read prayers and distribute food to the poor. It is such a step that we have taken in the wake of the pandemic. Again this year, my family and I are generous with this opportunity. I’m not celebrating. I wish everyone a safe Eid. I pray for their happiness. May this Eid bring happiness and love to your whole life. Eid Mubarak everyone. “Added.

The novel coronavirus pandemic has undoubtedly confused the way Eid and other festivals are celebrated in India.

Actor Meezaan Jafri, son of Jaaved Jaaferi, recalled the celebration of Eid before the pandemic.

“My father had a big Eid party at a house where close friends from the industry came. We sat together on the floor and ate together. Our house was packed. I didn’t have a lot of space to move around on the floor. My friends were surprised when they got home. I really miss them in the past. “

However, Mizan is grateful that she was able to spend more time with her family due to the blockade.

“I always do my best to stay home during Eid. I celebrate Eid intimately for the second year in a row… because it gives me more time to strengthen my family bonds. In a way, that’s good too, ”he added.

Producer Warda Khan also spoke about how the pandemic has changed her celebration of Eid.

“The pandemic has changed a lot. I miss the human touch and all the hugs and kisses. Nevertheless, the staff of our house are there and have a festival with us. Celebrate. Like last year, I know of countless phones to say how much they missed out on our Eid eidis / Eid party giveaways, and how much we have them. You say you are missing something. You can celebrate all the holidays together, ”she said.

Celebration of the COVID era is now 360 degrees, according to actress Sarah Affin Khan.

“The pandemic has completely changed my celebration. We throw a party for 100 close friends and family, host live Ghazal and Sufi singers at home, wish each other over the phone, and we even send my wishes and food. It rotates 360 degrees. I think a magical moment will return. “

Celebrities try not to undermine the spirit of congratulations because of COVID-19 and its food, which plays the most important role in making people smile, especially during Eid.

Actor Luxar Lehmann can’t wait to have a khurma.

“My mother-in-law does khurma during the day, so I sit and enjoy my meal. It’s an opportunity together. So I try to eat and party with my family. Modest Eid serving delicious food. “.

Aasif is very happy to eat phirni and Yakhni pulao on Eid.

“My family and I have a tradition of making homemade sweets for this occasion. Our Pilni is dead! While my wife is preparing a delicious shami kebab, I have decided to do my famous yakni prao and I will take the lead, ”he said.

Most Muslims celebrate Eid al-Adha in the same traditional sense, but of course the cultural celebrations and customs of this occasion vary from east to west and from country to country.

We pray for peace, harmony, happiness, health and prosperity for you and your family on auspicious times. Help Mubarak! (ANI)

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