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People across Pakistan have been baffled by the brutal cancellation by the New Zealand cricket team of their tour of Pakistan. The Kiwis withdrew for security reasons just minutes before the start of the first game at Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium. Many people have taken to the Internet to express their anger, as have several celebrities.

The Pakistan Cricket Board said New Zealand Cricket (NZC) informed the board of “a safety alert” and unilaterally decided to postpone the series. The NZC said Pakistan had been “wonderful hosts” but added player safety was “paramount”.

Many public figures, politicians and cricket enthusiasts reflected on the security threat cited by the New Zealand team and couldn’t figure out what it was. Cricketer Shahid Afridi called the threat a “hoax” on Twitter. “On a threat of hoax, you canceled the tour despite all assurances!” Black Caps, do you understand the impact of your decision? He asked.

Singer Yasir Jaswal wondered if there was more to the decision behind the release than real safety concerns. “The Black Caps got embarrassed. There must be more to this too, what do you think? He asked his Instagram Stories followers.

Pakistani singer and TV host Fakhre Alam said as a “Pakistani citizen” that he wanted to know about “the credible threat the Black Caps have found”. “It is only fair to share this intelligence with the Pakistani government so that in case of a real threat it can be neutralized immediately and lives are protected,” he tweeted.

Oscar-winning director Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy said the withdrawal “doesn’t make sense.” “The New Zealand security team gave their clearance and spent almost a month here,” she wrote on Instagram Stories. “Pakistani security has been excellent.”

Others expressed sorrow at the sudden existence and offered their support to the aggrieved followers. VJ Anoushey Ashraf posted a message to console cricket fans. “I am very sorry for the disappointed Pakistanis around the world after New Zealand’s sudden withdrawal from the game,” she said. The VJ also gave a “shout” to PCB chief executive Wasim Khan and shared an article about his emotional reaction to the turn of events.

Singer Asim Azhar consoled his followers. “It’s sad but it’s okay,” he tweeted. “We are a nation used to bouncing back. Pakistan is safe and always will be. We will always warmly welcome New Zealand or any nation that thinks otherwise because that is what we are. PS beware of ‘a cornered Pakistan, world. See you at the T20 Cricket World Cup! ”

Director Nabeel Qureshi called the removal “devastating news” on Instagram.

Actor Zarnish Khan posted on Instagram Stories and said it was “quite disappointing to see how things turned out” and added that the issue could have been dealt with “in a much better way without any diplomatic blow. “.

It is safe to say that Kiwi’s withdrawal shocked and angered many Pakistanis. Many people are upset by the sudden cancellation, especially since the Pakistanis do not have the opportunity to see many international matches being played on their own grounds.

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