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WITH her Girl Next Door look, Nicole Holliday often got the pulse of Gunners fans racing.

The 29-year-old TV presenter from Highbury, north London, was a freelance presenter for Arsenal – delivering their Media Player interviews with the talented Gunners stars.


Nicole Holliday was the gorgeous presenter of the Arsenal video releaseCredit: Instagram @nicolehollidayx

The stunner was also part of their Facebook Live team on match day, warming us up online ahead of the main event kick off until 2019.

Since her stint with the Gunners, she has become a radio host for talkSPORT, as well as working on the entertainment show Unmuted for Sky Arts.


A devout gooner, Holliday is a fanatic fanatic – regularly cheering on Arsenal on social media.

She told SunSport how she landed the job of her dreams.

“I had made videos on YouTube after Arsenal games, kind of like game reviews, and I think one of the producers met them and texted me asking me to come over for a meeting, ”Nicole revealed.

    The sexy host appeared on Arsenal's website and on their Facebook page


The sexy host appeared on Arsenal’s website and on their Facebook pageCredit: Instagram @nicolehollidayx
    Holliday often gets the pulse of Gunners fans racing


Holliday often gets the pulse of Gunners fans racingCredit: Instagram @nicolehollidayx
    She loves the buzz of live reporting


She loves the buzz of live reportingCredit: Instagram @nicolehollidayx

“It all happened pretty quickly and out of the blue. I had been working as a presenter in entertainment for a few years. But I hadn’t made it into sports yet. Soccer videos were more of a passion / hobby. !

“I was so nervous at the start because I knew what an amazing opportunity it would be.

“I was born and raised in North London. I come from a family of Gooners so they were all very excited too.

“The strangest thing was getting used to sitting next to legends like Nigel Winterburn and eating pizza while watching games.”

    She interviewed Arsenal legends including Santi Cazorla


She interviewed Arsenal legends including Santi CazorlaCredit: Instagram @nicolehollidayx
    Holliday also hosted Sky One's What's Up TV on which she interviewed singer Fergie.


Holliday also hosted Sky One’s What’s Up TV on which she interviewed singer Fergie.Credit: Instagram @nicolehollidayx


Being a lifelong Arsenal fan, Nicole’s pinch moment came when she was asked to interview legend Tony Adams.

“It has to be my favorite interview,” she said.

“He wore the most amazing costume and was so adorable and funny. I’m never really nervous during interviews, but it was quite surreal to be sitting there chatting with him.

“Jens Lehman is really funny too, he has a lot of stories! All the guys are great to be honest, it’s always a real pleasure to interview them.

    His favorite Gooner to interview was Tony Adams


His favorite Gooner to interview was Tony AdamsCredit: Instagram @nicolehollidayx
    As a presenter, Holliday packs a punch


As a presenter, Holliday packs a punchCredit: Instagram @nicolehollidayx
    And she is often stopped by Arsenal fans on the street looking for a photo op


And she is often stopped by Arsenal fans on the street looking for a photoshootCredit: Instagram @nicolehollidayx
    Holliday said she liked to be recognized on the street


Holliday said she liked to be recognized on the streetCredit: Instagram @nicolehollidayx

“I have probably interviewed Rob Holding the most. He’s hilarious and a lot of fun working with him.”


Due to her high-profile work, Nicole is often stopped on the streets by Gooners who request a photo op. Some even ask for her hand in marriage.

She told us: “I love meeting the Arsenal fans. It’s not a daily occurrence, but I have been asked for pictures a few times and we will always discuss football afterwards.

“I’ve always found everyone to be super respectful and kind. But you get weird marriage proposals on Instagram. It’s still very flattering!”

    With her Girl Next Door character, Holliday has become an Instagram favorite


With her Girl Next Door character, Holliday has become an Instagram favoriteCredit: Instagram @nicolehollidayx
    She has amassed over 36,000 subscribers


She has amassed over 36,000 subscribersCredit: Instagram @nicolehollidayx


No stranger to a blooper, Nicole recalled a moment when she embarrassed Arsenal favorite Aaron Ramsey in one particular interview.

“Most of the Arsenal interviews I’ve done are live so of course you never know what can happen in those scenarios. But sometimes you have to be careful with your wording.

“I still embarrassed Aaron Ramsey once by showing him an old social media profile that had a photo of him as a teenager with a slightly fishy haircut.

“He thought it was funny and we ended up discussing all of his questionable hairstyle choices in the past.”

    She is often proposed on social networks by Arsenal fans


She is often proposed on social networks by Arsenal fansCredit: Instagram @nicolehollidayx
    Holliday said she finds it very flattering that Arsenal fans ask her if she will marry them


Holliday said she finds it very flattering that Arsenal fans ask her if she will marry themCredit: Instagram @nicolehollidayx
Alexandre Lacazette scores incredible goals in Arsenal training
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Alice Levine is mortified upon hearing a man masturbate Fri, 24 Sep 2021 13:39:26 +0000

A television presenter was mortified when she found herself on the other side of the door as a webcam model masturbateis lying, giggling into the camera as she admitted she could hear clear “breathing” sounds. You can watch what happened below:

Alice Levine, co-host of an extremely popular podcast My dad wrote a porn and a former DJ of Radio 1, has been document British sex life for the new channel 4 sseries Actually sex with Alice Levine.

Meet people from all walks of life, she exploress what sex means for them – whether they do it for pure pleasure, for money or even in search of spiritual awakening.

Credit: Canal 4

On Wednesday’s episode (September 22), she spOkay To 29 years Sam and his partner Nikita, 24, who fell in love during the lockdown and quickly started creating explicit webcam content for cash.

In a particularly awkward moment, Alice was wait outside Sam’s room while he filmed a masturbation video for her followerssmirk behind the door as she turned apparent what was going on.

“I am going to linger because I am aware that I am not putting you in the mood”, she said. said to Sam, who laughed back: “Haha it’s good, it’s good.”

Credit: Canal 4
Credit: Canal 4

He then closed the door and started the session, although at first a confused Alice asked: “How do you know when it started?” “

Finally, noises began to break the silence, prompting Alice to put her hand to her mouth in shock.

She said to the camera: “I can hear him breathe. “

Credit: Canal 4
Credit: Canal 4

When it was all over, Alice said she could “hear him put on his pants,” and it wasn’t long before she could debrief to ask how the shoot had been for Sam.

“Yeah, hot man, I’m dripping with sweat,” he said.

“I feel relieved … I filmed some footage, took a few pictures, and probably lost half a pound of sweat.”

While Sam identifies as straight, he has said that a lot of his clients tend to be men.

Credit: Canal 4
Credit: Canal 4

He said: “Even to say that 90% of my fans are men would probably be an understatement.

“I think that’s why I’m at an advantage in this industry, that’s how male artists make money, that’s because of gay men.

“It’s a business deal at the end of the day. The emotions stay out of it.”

He and Nikita opened up about how they had sex for fun and to create content for money, with Nikita saying earlier on the show that Sam’s predominantly male audience made it easier.

She explained: “It’s almost nicer to have the attention of men rather than women..

It may seem hypocritical on my part, because obviously 95 percent of my followers are all straight men … but I think that’s just the way my hormones are programmed. “

You can watch episode 1 of Actually sex with Alice Levine on All4 now, while episode two airs at 10 p.m. Wednesday, September 29 on Channel 4.

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Afghan journalist Sami Mahdi discusses media under the Taliban at Shorenstein Center event | New Fri, 24 Sep 2021 04:30:28 +0000

Afghan journalist Sami Mahdi discussed the future of media in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan at a virtual event hosted by the Shorenstein Center at Harvard Kennedy School on Thursday afternoon.

Thursday’s discussion, moderated by Charles M. Sennott, CEO of the nonprofit GroundTruth Project news organization, took place just over a month after the Taliban took power in Afghanistan following the exit of the country’s US military.

Since taking power, the Taliban has worked to crack down on journalists across the country, including assaulting journalists covering protests in Kabul. More than half of the Afghan media have ceased their activities since the Taliban takeover, according to the New York Times.

Mahdi said on Thursday that the Taliban were seeking to exercise control over the press with violent tactics, and said the “scars on the faces of our journalists” are emblematic of the group’s dealings with the media.

“You will accept whatever the Taliban has told you as a story, or you will be beaten, or maybe killed or kicked out of the country,” Mahdi said. “The only relationship the Taliban want from the media is [for the media] become their spokesperson and their puppets.

Mahdi called the growth of a free and independent media outlet in Afghanistan over the past 20 years – including the formation of about 170 radio stations across the country before the Taliban came to power – “a tremendous achievement. , And attributed the support of the international community allies for the expansion of the free press.

“It has become the torch of freedom for our society. We did not have strong political parties like the political opposition to the government. We did not have strong institutions. We did not have a strong parliament. We didn’t have a strong civil society, ”said Mahdi. “The media kind of played all of these roles providing platforms for all people and all kinds of voices from all walks of life. “

The Taliban’s crackdown on the Afghan media has particularly affected women journalists. A recent Reporters Without Borders report found that only 39 female journalists still work in Afghanistan, up from 700 last year.

Mahdi called the women reporters “courageous,” noting that it was “taboo” in mainstream Afghan society for them to pursue careers in media.

However, he said the recent Taliban ascendancy has been demoralizing for women journalists.

“When [the] The Taliban came to power, one of the first things they did was remove all female reporters and presenters from RTA, our public television station, ”Mahdi said. “It put off all the other presenters and reporters across the country, knowing that the law-abiding Taliban is in control and their lives are in danger. “

Mahdi said the United States and other countries should engage with Afghan journalists to protect the country’s free press.

“Having a platform outside the country is very important now. They will be connected to journalists on the ground to tell the truth, ”Mahdi said. “But the journalists who are on the ground will not be able to publish articles, under [their] own names, and on these points of sale [that] are still in Afghanistan.

As an example, Mahdi said journalists are needed to ensure humanitarian aid is used properly.

“The spending of these aid funds should be monitored by the Afghan media,” Mahdi said. “This is how the Afghan media could once again become a partner of the international community.

—Editor-in-Chief Joshua S. Cai can be contacted at

– Editor-in-Chief Eric Yan can be contacted at

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Eamonn Holmes on his ‘nightmare’ shingles and awareness campaign Thu, 23 Sep 2021 12:25:45 +0000

After what he described as a “nightmare” and as if he had been “attacked” by a virus, TV presenter Eamonn Holmes called for greater awareness of shingles.

Three years ago, Holmes woke up one morning in unbelievable pain, his face covered in blisters that caused him intense throbbing pain and itching.

A visit to the doctor confirmed Holmes had contracted shingles – a virus he believed to be associated only with women – leaving him temporarily unable to work and affecting his confidence as the face of British television in the breakfast.

But the fact is, anyone over 50 who has had chickenpox is 90% likely to carry the shingles virus – the risk and severity increasing with age due to reduced immunity.

“I was not at all aware of shingles until I had it,” said Holmes, who has partnered with GSK to raise awareness about shingles as part of the Understanding Shingles campaign, which is also supported by the Shingles Support Society.

“It wasn’t on my radar – I thought it was something that happened to women after having children, in the face of the stress of pregnancy and the stress of raising a child. I didn’t think it was happening to me. ‘would affect.

“I have cold sores so I thought that was what it was, but all over my face. It spread all over – I looked like I had been assaulted. was horrible.It was in my eyebrows, my forehead, round my eyes – it was a nightmare.

“I didn’t even know I had chickenpox – I had to phone my 90-year-old mother and ask her.

“What I would tell people is that it’s not something you want to achieve no matter where it is on your body.

“And this campaign is just about raising awareness and knowing if you’re susceptible and knowing what to do about it.”

Along with GSK, Holmes is researching shingles awareness as part of the Understanding Shingles campaign, funded by GSK.

One in four people will get shingles in their lifetime and Holmes wants to educate people about the signs and misconceptions.

He said: “I was taking very heavy antibiotics to treat him, but it was scary.

“People are afraid it’s contagious – they don’t want to come near you – but it’s not contagious at all.

“There’s never a good time to get these things, but it sure wasn’t a good time.

“My child was getting married so it was an important event in the family and I was the father of the groom.

“It was bad because people were spending all their time asking ‘what’s wrong with you? What happened to you?’ and it was my son’s birthday and everyone was talking about me, i was disappointed for him.

“I had to put a little makeup on to try to cover it up, but people could still see it.

“I can’t really look at the wedding photos. I’m standing next to my son, Declan, and I thought he deserved better than that from me.”

Processing time :

A recent survey sponsored by GSK, revealed one of over 2,000 UK adults, showed significant gaps in understanding shingles.

Knowledge of symptoms, disease, and risk factors tended to be higher among older respondents, but many of those interviewed did not know the basic facts about shingles.

Of those surveyed, only 65% ​​correctly identified shingles as a rash caused by a virus and only 55% associated shingles with pain in an area of ​​the skin, which is one of the most common symptoms.

Shingles is a painful rash caused by reactivation of the chickenpox virus (varicella zoster).

In the UK, 90% of adults have had chickenpox and will therefore have this virus dormant in their nervous system.

Yet among all survey participants, only 60% knew that having had chickenpox puts you at risk for shingles.

The risk and severity of shingles increases with age due to a natural decline in immunity as we age, especially in people aged 50 and over.

At the time of his shingles, Holmes was suing HMRC over a £ 250,000 tax bill he had received with stress known to be one of the factors that could cause the virus to arise from his condition. sleeping.

Holmes added: “The trial was horrific. Apart from the sudden death of my father, it was the most heartbreaking experience of my life.

“Plus, for a living people watch me, so of course shingles has undermined my confidence.

“I think the thing that really worried me was if anything would happen to me – that’s the big warning that goes with it.

“It was fear that surrounded him. Not knowing when it was going to end because every day there was a new blister. How is it going to end? When will it all be over? C ‘was painful.

“There was a desire to scratch and itch, which of course you couldn’t do. It was just awful – an absolute nightmare.”

Understanding Shingles is a new campaign supported by Eammon Holmes, GSK and the Shingles Support Society. For more information visit

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confessions of a Channel 4 presenter Wed, 22 Sep 2021 22:05:00 +0000

At what point does a TV show that deals with sexually explicit material itself become sexually explicit material? It’s a fine, thrilling line and one that Alice Levine’s new series Sex in fact (Channel 4) struggling with a sometimes ridiculous effect.

In the first episode, devoted to couples filming each other on live chat sites for cash, some of the camera angles used to avoid showing a breast or dong were Bafta-worthy in their ingenuity. There was a scene in Austin Powers where Mike Myers did a similar dance to hide his modesty with a watermelon.

This only underscored some of the difficulties encountered when making sex TV shows. The first of these is the good old British embarrassment. Levine must have convinced viewers that she was interested in what young couples were doing behind closed doors – but not that interested.

It’s important, the show said on the one hand, that people are open and honest about their sexuality and what turns them on. This way we can learn about ourselves.

But how open and honest? Levine spent most of the episode either in the room with people banging or just outside the door listening. She squirmed throughout, far more than any of the friendly young couples bumping into each other (which, by the way, is now known as “content creation”). “You have to remember that it’s work and it’s a service people pay for,” said Nikita from Bournemouth, one of the show’s attendees. I don’t think that’s how Levine saw him two yards away as she handed out another handkerchief.

The premise for doing another sex TV show – they don’t tend to do well for the reason described above – was the pandemic. The lockdown and leave have left many people at home sitting in front of laptops wondering how they are going to make ends meet. There you go, sites like Chaturbate with the inimitable name have come up with a quick fix.

If people chatting while rubbing, performing appropriate Cirque du Soleil contortions for tokens and likes, it all seems a little odd to the twice-monthly crowd, Levine’s conclusion was that in the end, it was not a bad thing. Why wouldn’t people make money by “living in the moment” (NB: those are not my words) and spending time with the person they love the most?

However, she had already offered an answer as to why they shouldn’t do it right before the commercial break, when a tearful Kayla from Newcastle admitted she was ashamed when her father found out what she was doing. Callum and Cole, two nimble young Scots, nearly fell out after a session when Callum said he didn’t like her very much. Financial gain does not always compensate for emotional cuts.

Likewise, there was no mention of the eternal shadow of the Internet, and the fact that each of these “live” shows is being recorded somewhere for children and family to dig up, if they are. wish. Which could be embarrassing. But then, that was symptomatic of the show as a whole – faced with the reality of nude sex today, she didn’t know where to look.

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‘I Love Life,’ Says First CBeebies Presenter With Down Syndrome | Down syndrome Wed, 22 Sep 2021 12:44:00 +0000

At 7:23 a.m. on Monday, George Webster made television history when he walked into the CBeebies’ house.

Most young viewers wouldn’t have known they were witnessing a historic TV moment: To them, Webster was just another smiling adult dressed in brightly colored clothes talking to Dodge the CBeebies dog.

Webster is the BBC’s first children’s presenter with Down syndrome, but no mention has been made of his disability. He introduced himself simply as George, a 20 year old from Leeds who enjoys cooking, singing and dancing.

The fact that he received no special treatment made it all the more important for many parents watching at home.

“CBeebies, you made a mom of a baby boy just like George so excited. You’re the best,” Karen Taylor tweeted. A dad posted a photo of him and his daughter, with Down, saying, “ Come on George !!! We are so excited to see you.

Another wrote: “My boy has autism and he turned to me and said, ‘I love George, daddy.’ That’s all you need to know. Thanks CBeebies. You did a wonderful thing today.

Back home in Leeds, Webster was overwhelmed by the reaction. He had pre-recorded his debut with the CBeebies but watched it come out. He insisted he wasn’t nervous: “I felt really positive, excited and happy to start. He hopes to inspire the kids who watch at home “to take advantage of every moment and seize every opportunity that presents itself.”

Her mother, Jane, said her emotions were pervasive: “I was crying one minute and smiling the next. I love his work ethic and positivity. We always say George’s days are all 10 out of 10 because he makes them like that.

Webster’s debut show was a huge hit with viewers. A clip of him doing Saturday Night Fever-style dance moves, making a smoothie and reciting a poem has gone viral on Twitter, garnering over 1.2 million views.

He was initially hired as a guest presenter, but viewers bombed the network to demand that he be hired full time.

“We initially agreed that George would be a guest presenter just to facilitate it and introduce it to the CBeebies family. But actually, I think quickly, we’re already looking at a Friday every two weeks, right, George? CBeebies producer Claire Taylor said during a three-way video call with her new star and the Guardian. “And then I’m sure it will be a weekly slot, if not more.”

He spent his first paycheck taking his family to dinner in Leeds and will be integrating the recordings alongside his performing arts course with Mind the Gap, a theater company for people with learning disabilities.

Although CBeebies has long been a pioneer in disability representation – in 2009 Cerrie Burnell, who was born with one hand, made her debut as a presenter – there are still not enough people with disabilities. on television, Webster said.

“I think there has to be a lot more representation because we are also people. Even though we are different, we should be treated equally.

He was screened by the BBC through his work as an ambassador for Mencap, the charity for people with intellectual disabilities. Earlier this year, he was asked to record a demystifying video for BBC Bitesize, in which he dispelled some of the common misconceptions about people with Down syndrome. He started off by saying, “My name is George because that’s what I am. Not George Down.

People with Down’s syndrome aren’t always happy, he said, “People with Down’s syndrome have emotions and feelings like everyone else. They do not “suffer” from the disease either, he explained. “I have an incredible life. It has been very positive. I loved going to school. I went to two amazing local schools. I had support in both schools which helped me in my education. I obtained GCSEs and a level A equivalent in BTec sport, level 3. “

He is also a Parkrun Ambassador and recently starred in a short film titled SAT, featuring a young gay man with a crush on the local misfit, which will air on Film4 and available on demand for 12 months starting in October. Plans are also underway for a CBeebies special with her childhood hero, Mr. Tumble.

He hopes to continue his acting career and would love to appear in Doctor Who or in a James Bond film. A big fan of Strictly, he said he would jump at the chance to dance on a future series.

For now, however, he is delighted to be on CBeebies and is ready to be accosted by young fans when he moves to Leeds. “I’m going to love this,” he said. “I am always super positive and always smiling and bubbly. I love life, nothing stops me.

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]]> 0 One Show fans ‘annoyed’ as presenters discuss Vigil finale without warning Tue, 21 Sep 2021 18:44:01 +0000

The One Show got tense as fans warned hosts not to spoil the BBC Vigil drama

Host Alex Scott, 36, and Jermaine Jenas, 38, were joined by actor Paterson Joseph who stars as Neil Newsome in the hit crime investigation series.

Before the discussion began, the presenters seemed delighted that inside information about the ending could be released.

However, viewers were furious and took to Twitter to beg the producers not to reveal anything.

Jermaine and Alex raged fans by teasing possible TV spoiler

“@BBCTheOneShow Hey guys… how about a spoiler alert before reporting on a show I expect to overwatch next weekend? #Vigil #TheOneShow #SpoilerAlert,” asked an online user.

“#TheOneShow Some of us haven’t seen Vigil yet and are waiting to have all the episodes taped. Don’t give us any spoils,” asked another.

Luckily for worried viewers, Alex was also hoping to catch up on the full series.
Luckily for worried viewers, Alex was also hoping to catch up on the full series.

As a third barked: “Please don’t spoil Vigil tonight.

“The record button has a lens that many of us use to watch when it’s convenient! Thanks #TheOneShow.”

Luckily for fans who were hoping to watch all of the episodes together at a later date, they got lucky.

Paterson insisted it wouldn't be wise to watch all episodes back to back
Paterson insisted it wouldn’t be wise to watch all episodes back to back

Alternate host Alex was also hoping to catch up, telling Paterson, “I plan to watch excessively on Sunday.”

Paterson warned, “I wouldn’t do that. And I know the ending. It’s pretty dark.”

Despite her recommendations, Alex didn’t take no for a response that the “suspending wait” every week would be too much for her to bear.

The One Show airs weekdays on BBC One.

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Street Car Showdown, Ant and Dec’s “passion project”, is abandoned after the pilot Tue, 21 Sep 2021 07:54:03 +0000

Presenters Ant and Dec were gearing up to launch a new automotive TV show – but their ‘passion project’ has been confirmed to not turn into a full series

Video upload

Video unavailable

NTA: Ant and Dec win best TV presenter award