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Former Associated Press fired after SCR targeted social media attacks

The Associated Press (AP) fired Emily Wilder ’20 Wednesday after Republicans at Stanford College (SCR) publicly condemned his previous involvement in the Stanford Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) campus activist group. Wilder’s dismissal has since drawn criticism – particularly on Twitter. Many have expressed concern over SCR’s willingness to …

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3 essential reads to step up your social media game

Separate your practice from the competition by successfully integrating social media to increase online visibility, customer base, networking opportunities and beyond. Social media has introduced a number of advancements in the veterinary market space. When done right, it has the ability to increase online visibility and customer base, connect with …

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How Social Media Can Make Crypto Payments Mainstream

In mid-2018, the founders of Bottlepay, a nascent Newcastle-based fintech, came up with the idea to allow people to make payments via social media during a brainstorming session. “We were like, ‘Okay, let’s put instant payments on social media,’ and we wentogle it and there was nothing there,” recalls Pete …

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