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6:30 a.m. January 1, 2022

Editor-in-chief David Powles takes a look at what’s in store for the EDP in 2022.

First of all, I wish you a Happy New Year and thank you for your support of the Eastern Daily Press in 2021.

Whether in print or online, every day approximately 200,000 people read our stories and I am grateful to all of you.

Hopefully 2022 brings more good news than bad, and regular readers who saw my column last week will know that I think this year will bring better days – and the release of the impact of the pandemic so many of whom have seen. between us are thirsty.

If you missed this column, please visit our website for a read.

Today marks a personal milestone, because exactly five years ago I had the honor of being named Editor-in-Chief of the Eastern Daily Press, which was a dream and an ambition since I was a teenager.

Who would have predicted that two of those years would be spent covering a pandemic that would cause tragedy around the world and send us all into lockdown?

I remain incredibly proud of the efforts of our entire team over the past two years; separate fact from fiction, keep people informed and keep people connected, especially during the early days of the lockdown.

I know journalists aren’t always the flavor of the month with everyone, but come spend a few hours in our newsroom and you’ll see a team of hard-working women and men who care passionately about the region. and its inhabitants.

Of course, being caring and passionate is not always enough and as I wrote before, our industry and the product that many of you enjoy remains at a crossroads as we move into 2022.

So many of our habits have changed over the years and the way people consume their news is just one of them. We spend a lot of time creating a daily we are proud of, but as some of our readers migrate to the web it becomes more and more important that we also get this deal right.

In the year 2022, it is the desire of my team and I to further improve the print product and the digital product.

We are fortunate to have an incredibly strong team of experienced journalists in our newsroom. I think our investigative journalism and coverage of local politics, business, education, the courts, health issues, crime, Norwich City – and so much more – is unmatched in the world. ‘industry.

Our investigation unit is strengthening
– Credit: Archant

Our correspondents are experts in their field and in 2022 we intend to increase their content, depth and analysis to provide you with the most insightful coverage possible of the issues in the region.

Doing this comes at a cost of course. I recently wrote about changes to our PinkUn offering, where we ask digital readers to pay a small price for the content they enjoy. In return, we’ll deliver exclusive stories on a lightweight, fun-to-use advertising platform.

The new Pink Un app. Photo: Danielle Booden

The new Pink Un app. Photo: Danielle Booden
– Credit: Danielle Booden

Watch this space in 2022 to discover similar digital developments with our news and commercial content.

As far as pricing is concerned, I’m happy to say that we are once again able to freeze the cost of your Eastern Daily Press at the dawn of 2022. Our industry is facing crippling increases in the cost of newspaper production. Energy bills are increasing, as are the cost of paper.

However, we are aware that each of you faces similar challenges, so these costs will not be offset by an increase in prices.

Once again thank you for your support. I feel incredibly lucky to be the custodian of a journal that many of you feel so passionate about, covering life in the most beautiful part of the country.

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Aldi Launches Sale With Up To 50% Off, Including Kevin The Carrot Toys Thu, 30 Dec 2021 17:33:00 +0000

The BUDGET-FRIENDLY Aldi store has reduced the prices of many items by up to 50% in its winter sales.

Shoppers can search for discounts on home, beauty, toys, and baby items online and in-store.


Aldi has launched its winter sales which offer all kinds of items at lower prices

But Aldi told The Sun that winter sales will only continue while supplies last, so you should browse the good deals soon to avoid disappointment.

To find the nearest agency, you can use the Aldi online store locator.

Remember that before parting with your precious money, always shop around online, as similar items may be available for less money.

Aldi has included some of its Specialbuys in the sale, including the Silk’n Tite Face Kit, but this can only be purchased online.

Special Purchases are unique and exciting Aldi items that can be found both online and in store.

So grab the cart by the handle or the computer by the keyboard and watch.

Dickensian Kevin and Family Bundle

  • Was: £ 11.99. Now £ 5.99. Save: £ 5.96 (50%) – Buy now
The plush set is available online while stocks last


The plush set is available online while stocks last

The characters of Kevin the Carrot were featured in Aldi’s Christmas commercial this year, where they adopted Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carole theme – hence the outfits.

Viewers said Aldi’s Christmas 2021 commercial even beat John Lewis’s and was a hilarious watch.

This cute set of toys from the Kevin Carrot family comes in the form of a set of five figures.

Dressed in an adorable Dickension outfit, this group of soft cuddly toys could be a great gift for a loved one, especially a child.

Or you can steal it for yourself as a cute addition to the bedspread.

The 50% price drop makes it a bargain.

This nifty giveaway is only available online and the delivery fee will set you back £ 2.95 for standard delivery if your basket is under £ 30.

Double double heated under blanket

  • Was: £ 44.99. Now: £ 34.99. Save: 10 £ (22%) – Buy now
This heated blanket is an online exclusive Aldi item


This heated blanket is an online exclusive Aldi item

You’ll feel like a pig in a blanket this winter with this cozy purchase for your bed.

Who needs a hug when your electric blanket is keeping you warm?

It can take as little as ten minutes to warm up and has six heat settings.

Like most large household items, this product is only available to order online.

It was once £ 44.99 and has now dropped to £ 34.99, saving you £ 10.

But you won’t spend a dime on delivery as it exceeds the £ 30 minimum delivery spend.

Dunelm has a similar electric blanket for a double bed for £ 26 which is £ 9 cheaper than Aldi’s. you can find it here.

Kirkton House Knit Throw

  • Was: £ 14.99. Now: £ 11.99. Save: £ 3 (20%) – Buy now
You can make any room more comfortable with a knitted blanket perfect for the winter months


You can make any room more comfortable with a knitted blanket perfect for the winter months

Throw those cold winter nights away with these luxurious knit throws.

They can go anywhere from the sofa to the bed and are great for keeping warm.

They were once £ 14.99 and have been reduced to £ 11.99, saving you £ 3.

But you won’t find them in stores as they are an exclusive online product.

We found these similar recycled fleece throws at Dunelm for as little as £ 10. Take a look here.

Silk’n Face Tite Facial Kit

  • Was: £ 99.99. Now: £ 79.99. Save: 20 £ (20%) – Buy now
The device aims to combat the appearance of aged skin by conditioning it to create a youthful look


The device aims to combat the appearance of aged skin by conditioning it to create a youthful look

Winter can be harsh on our skin as well as on our pockets.

Cold weather can create a dry and dull look for our faces.

You can equip yourself with this offer which includes a Silk’n Face Tite device and an anti-aging hyaluronic gel.

The device is particularly aimed at aging skin as it claims to reduce fine lines and wrinkles using bipolar RF, LED and IR thermal energy.

It was once £ 99.99 and is now £ 79.99, saving you £ 20.

We couldn’t find cheaper versions online, but we did find this ultrasonic skin firming machine on Amazon for £ 54.97, which is £ 25.02 less than the Silk’n Face device. Titus. You can take a look here.

Mamia Dylan Baby Sleep Aid

  • Was: £ 14.99. Now: £ 11.99. Save: £ 3 (20%) – Buy now
These sleeping pills are designed to help children sleep better


These sleeping pills are designed to help children sleep better

This Dino-mite item comes with 13 features.

It has built-in cry sensor technology, adjustable light levels, and soothing white noise effects.

It could make a thoughtful gift for new parents who need a helping hand with pampering, as it is designed to put babies to sleep.

This offer is only available while stocks last.

Down from £ 14.99, it’s now £ 11.99, which would save you £ 3.

We found this similar sleep aid from Argo for £ 10 and available for purchase from the Argos website here.

It’s £ 1.99 cheaper but doesn’t have as many features as Mamia Dylan Baby Sleep Aid.

Aldi tests new ‘Specialbuy’ cart with WINE RACK to help shoppers navigate the middle aisle

We pay for your stories!

Do you have a story for the Sun Money team?

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Mark Drakeford’s Wales is Tory’s best ad Tue, 28 Dec 2021 21:30:00 +0000

English pubs and clubs are feverishly preparing for one of their busiest nights of the year, but for the rest of the UK 2021 is set to end with more moans than bangs. Decentralization has established itself as the party animal par excellence. In Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, decentralized governments have ordered pubs to resume table service and impose the rule of six. The SNP canceled all aspects of the Hogmanay celebrations in Edinburgh; the street party and torchlight processions, even the midnight fireworks display.

English havens predict an influx of party-loving invaders, bravely crossing Hadrian’s Wall and Offa’s Dyke to reach nearby waterholes. For just one night, Shrewsbury, Hereford and Berwick-Upon-Tweed could become the Ibiza or Ayia Napas of the borders.

The Covid storm has exposed both the fragility and the pettiness of devolved rule across Britain, but nowhere has it been done more ruthlessly than in Wales. Before the pandemic, few would have recorded the existence of Mark Drakeford. For all but the most passionate political junkies, this muttering sociology professor turned Welsh Labor leader would have been, at best, the answer to a publicity quiz question. But the prospect of the emergency inspired Drakeford and others like him – those whose idea of ​​leadership is to watch whatever England plans and then do the opposite. They have assessed the situation and see it only as a welcome opportunity to fulfill their Puritan fantasies.

In a crowded field, Drakeford must take the palm for demagoguery over “science” while coming out with the most cosmically absurd decisions. Earlier this year, Wales allowed pubs and restaurants to reopen, but banned the serving of alcohol, in line with the centuries-old Welsh tradition of locking the playground swings on Friday’s Day. Sabbath. In a similar fashion, supermarkets have been ordered to buckle up “non-essential” items from shoppers – of course it’s the science that says a cauliflower is safe, but a pair of children’s shoes is not.

In England, at least, we seem to have moved away from our highest point of absurdity – measuring the diameter of a scotch egg and so on. Yet Wales continues to exist in a state of Pythonian surrealism. Thanks to new spectator restrictions imposed in Wales and Scotland on Boxing Day, 50 rugby fans from the community came to the stands at Caerphilly RFC for the annual Under vs Over 30s match. Meanwhile, 140 more have gathered in the clubhouse, legally, to watch the same game streamed.

While the Welsh government has banned travel to work “without a reasonable excuse” (like, say, wanting to earn money) on pain of immediate fines, you can still go to the pub if you follow the rule of thumb. six. From New Years Day, Parkrun, the perfect social distancing chase, will be called off across Wales.

These diktats remain a bundle of petty contradictions. But their stupidity is almost less striking than the arrogance of the politicians who imposed them. To presume to dictate to companies in this way demonstrates the kind of distant and unrealistic thinking that could only have come from those of the Drakeford mold – public servants who have rarely, if ever, interacted with the private sector in their careers. The additional layers of government of decentralization offered disproportionate influence to many average Joes with little chance of finding it elsewhere.

The pandemic has certainly highlighted this, but a long-standing dysfunction is also at play, such as the historic mismanagement of Welsh Labor of the NHS. Despite higher health spending per capita, Welsh citizens are struggling with a median wait time almost double that of England. Long before the pandemic, the decentralized government was spending huge sums on vanity projects like Cardiff Airport, while neglecting education, health and other areas where Wales has fallen behind. Such historic pressures have helped leave ambulance services still relying on the military almost two years after the start of the pandemic.

The big picture is one of failure, but also of a fragmented and uneven political style. Although nominally a trade unionist, the Welsh Labor has struck a deal with the Senedd nationalists. And despite the recent spate of Labor polls in the UK, Sir Keir Starmer’s most likely path to power would involve similar poker jiggery with the SNP.

Nicola Sturgeon may be an infinitely smarter political operator than Drakeford, but there are many parallels in their political style – the same victim mentality, the same black holes in the budget, the same ‘I’m not Boris ”and an infantile approach to criticism. Sturgeon regularly uses his public health press conferences to throw populist placards in the media. A reporter recently aroused her anger by politely asking if the 10-day isolation period could be shortened to ease pressure on areas crippled by understaffing. “Yes, that would really help – it would spread the infection even further,” she scoffed. Yet days later John Swinney, Sturgeon’s deputy, admitted that the Scottish government was considering precisely this policy change.

Any form of devolution seems to result in similar insignificance and differentiation for itself. Given a lever, you can be sure they will pull it. Even the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, preemptively canceled the capital’s annual NYE fireworks display long before there was any mention of omicron. It may be inevitable; in its structure, decentralization seems almost inherently biased towards failure and authoritarian politics. As the financial costs and nuances of decision-making are externalized, political capital accumulates here.

Hopefully, these real-time experiences will remind voters in the Westminster polls that leftist politics, even paid for by others, ends in disaster. Devolution has stranded millions of British citizens with rulers they don’t deserve, but it could prove to be a gift for Boris Johnson. As always, the best advertisement for voting Conservative is a quick glimpse of what their opponents are up to.

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US investigative office concerned about funding for CCS projects Mon, 27 Dec 2021 01:53:00 +0000

The US Government Accountability Office (GAO) said only three of the 11 carbon capture and storage projects funded by the Department of Energy (DoE) since 2009 were operational – and only two still are.

The GAO released a report assessing the success of DoE funding and the money that could have been wasted. The DoE has invested approximately $ 1.1 billion in projects under three initiatives to demonstrate and commercialize carbon capture technology.

Coal CCS projects have been particularly less successful than CCS projects in industrial factories. Of eight funded CCS coal projects, only one became operational, until it ceased operations in 2020 due to low oil prices.

Two of CSC’s three industrial projects have become and remain operational.

The report found that coal projects were unsuccessful due to facility competition with natural gas, uncertainty over the future of carbon markets and tax incentives, and expected project costs. students.

However, the GAO was more concerned with the amount of DoE money spent on projects that turned out to have a likelihood of success.

The article continues under the ad

Compared to industrial CCS projects, the DoE spent less time negotiating agreements for coal CCS projects and did not use a downward selection process, which would choose a group of projects for initial funding. , then conduct further reviews to determine which projects would be complete. funding.

The DoE ended up spending $ 472 million on the first phases of four of the ultimately unfinished coal projects, nearly $ 300 million more than originally planned.

The ministry has a process of withholding funding until certain technical advancement phases and milestones are completed, but senior management would have allowed funding to be spent before milestones were reached.

GAO recommended that Congress put in place increased oversight of DoE’s fundraising activities, such as requiring the department to report regularly on project status and funding in order to protect taxpayer dollars.

The report also recommended that the DoE more closely monitor established scopes, timelines, and budgets to mitigate its financial exposure if projects run into difficulties, especially as new funding from the bipartisan infrastructure bill has emerged. been allocated to CCS and hydrogen projects.

The DoE also launched two Earthshot initiatives this year – the Hydrogen Earthshot Initiative and the Earthshot negative carbon initiative – reduce the costs of producing clean hydrogen and capturing carbon.

In response to the report, the ministry disagreed or disagreed with GAO’s recommendations.

Last week, the DoE launched the new Office of Clean Energy Demonstrations, which it says will be best suited to address GAO’s concerns.

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Let’s take a look at some great games that stole our hearts this year. Sat, 25 Dec 2021 13:54:00 +0000

Hyderabad: Looking back, 2021 has been a year of delays before it even started, as many games and gaming devices launched in 2021 were expected to reach us in 2020.

The PS5 eventually arrived in India and became increasingly scarce as Sony struggled to ramp up production to meet global demand. Microsoft also struggled with the X series, as the official “Halo Infinite” competitions were forced to use development kits. Likewise, the shortage of Nvidia and AMD chips has been staggering.

Despite an endless shortage of gaming hardware and delays in your favorite games, 2021 has always been a great year for gamers as the few games that have arrived were truly amazing. This week, we’re taking a look at Game On’s ‘top five’ for 2021, games you should catch up on if you haven’t already.

Hyderabad News

click here for more information on Hyderabad

First Person Shooter: Halo Infinite
One of the best FPS franchises is coming back with a vengeance and a campaign that is simply fantastic. “Infinite” builds on the iconic Masterchief story in style, as its campaign is quick, straightforward and straightforward. With a variety of weapons and enemies, it brings the joy of history back to FPS games. If the incredible campaign wasn’t enough, the multiplayer element of the game is absolutely free, talk about two games for the price of one. Make sure to try ‘Infinite’ if FPS is your genre of choice.

(playable on Xbox One, Series S, X and PC)

Game with a story: Life is Strange – True Colors

If a good story is what you love then the ‘Life is Strange’ franchise never disappoints and with ‘True Colors’ the game’s storytelling and character creation capabilities reach new heights as you go. Navigate the life of Alex in the charming mining town of Haven Springs. The music and the visuals are just spellbinding, and the supernatural is wonderfully brought out as you mobilize Alex’s empathic abilities to help those around you. The story here is slow, charming, pleasant, and then simply sinister.
(playable on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Series S, X, PS4, PS5 and PC)

Racing Game: Forza Horizon 5

With 2021, Microsoft is truly back and finally delivering a fair fight on the gaming front as games from its two iconic franchises make our final list in 2021. “Horizon 5” is the best racing game set in Mexico with a variety of terrains and biomes. . It’s everything an open world racing game can be and more. With wonderful episodic tales, overblown showcase events, long-running complex racing shows, and some of the best cars in its lineup, it has a lot to offer. There are some issues and bugs however, as the world is just too big and the physics of racing can get messed up at times.
(playable on Xbox One, Series S, X and PC)

Action game: Return
The first of the Sony exclusives on this list, “Returnal” is beautiful and spooky in equal measure. A game where you play as a female space traveler stranded on a planet seeking to kill her, “Returnal” is one of the best experiences on PS5. A game that harnesses the console’s unique hardware to render truly stunning visuals, then augments them with the haptic and tactile sensations of the PS5 controller, this is the best advertisement for current generation gaming hardware. Add to that a heroine who never gives up and overcomes anything thrown at her by a hostile environment, this is the 2021 version of ‘Control’ but also much more.

(playable on PS5 only)

Play experience: Deathloop

There’s not much to say here, as you play as a character stuck in a time loop that he helped build and now wants to destroy. His former team is desperate to stop him and everything has to be done in less than a day before the loop resets. A visual masterpiece with infinite replay value and incredible powers, “Deathloop” allows players to play either as Cole to break the loop or as Julianna in multiplayer mode to protect the loop and prevent the other players to break it.
(playable on PS5 and PC)

Honorary mentions: No list is complete without mentioning a few names which could have been retained but which were short. Honorable mentions for 2021 are “Kena” and “Resident Evil: Village”. These are games that are bound to be fun if you choose to play them.
So that’s it with 2021, bring back 2022 please!

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Analyst Charges APCON on Pricing Behavior in Advertising Market Thu, 23 Dec 2021 03:32:48 +0000

Rahim Akingbolu
Days before the official adoption of the Advertising Industry Standard of Practice (AISOP), economist and founder of ValueFronteria, a research institute based on business data, Professor Martin Ike-Muonso, urged the Council of Advertising Practitioners of Nigeria (APCON) to step back and reconsider “the dangerous measures it is taking in these early stages by interfering with the free functioning of the market”,

In a special review of advertising spending on various platforms over the past few years and the likely consequence of pricing behavior in the Nigerian advertising market due to APCON’s new regulatory position, Professor Ike- Muonso, admitted that the industry will do much better “ceteris paribus”, if it follows through on some of the measures put in place by APCON, but observed that for this expectation of result to be a full reality, the regulator will have to maybe pay attention to three elements of the AISOP document.

According to his review, which was made available to THISDAY, those three factors include: the horizontal pricing of pitch fees, which he says has huge anti-competitive consequences and a downsizing of the market. Another concern raised was the double billing of advertisers using a system of primary presentation fees and secondary rejection fees which, when combined into a single transaction, exceed inflated advertising transaction costs. Finally, the expert also expressed his concern at the interference envisaged by APCON in the implementation of the terms and conditions defining the contracts between the market players.

“To demonstrate the detrimental effects of horizontal pricing behavior in the advertising industry, we used a simple model that captures the size of the overhead at the main pitch fee level. The model shows, albeit in retrospect, how much damage the volume of ad spend above the line would have suffered over the past seven years had this policy been applied.

The review also looked at data and performance of media monitoring services since 2014, which showed that the total above the line [ATL] spending topped 100 billion naira in 2020. “The closest to that benchmark in the past seven years was in 2015. ATL’s advertising spending that year was around 97.9 billion naira . However, it fell steadily thereafter, to 79.9 billion naira in 2019.

See Figure 1. Perhaps the troubling persistent half-decade decline in the volume of ATL’s ad spending may have contributed to the regulator’s decision to inject chunks of market clean-up measures. to improve its efficiency. Second, it is quite clear from the data that the potentials of the advertising industry are under-optimized and justify recent actions by the regulator ”,
He referred to the distribution of media channels, which shows that the media television remains dominant and accounts for more than 50% of spending in 2020. The average share of the TV channel in ATL’s overall spending was around 37% up to ‘in 2019. The sudden jump to 52% in 2020 may have been due to the COVID-19 pandemic which appears to have dramatically improved people’s choice of television more than radio, outdoor advertising and the press.

Under a caption “Advertising, National Economic Growth and Diversification,” the expert said that by expanding consumer choices, advertising pushes the boundaries of aggregate demand and production in an economy. “But this role is mutually reinforcing as economic growth propels new advertising activities. The exact process leads to economic diversification as the advertising industry becomes more competitive and innovative. Increased competition and hence innovation and growth lead to lower advertising costs and prices, leading to increased consumption of advertising services. This is one of the areas where the regulator intervenes. Its role in this process beyond the regulation of fraudulent and misleading messages is to promote better functioning of the market. This expectation is incompatible with any regulatory attempt to alter the determination of market prices and the contractual understanding between market participants ”,

While examining the simplified model of price fixing damage, Ike-Muonso said, “Economists, development experts and competition scholars have long recognized the destructive effects of price fixing in the marketplace. To demonstrate this, we asked a fundamental question: What damage would have been done to ATL’s advertising spending since 2014 if APCON had implemented the horizontal pricing agreement currently suggested during those years. To make this simplified estimate, we collected data on the average pitch fees paid by the top twenty companies in five industries since 2013.

These prices constitute our reference prices or site fees. The heart of the estimate is determining the amount of overcharge, which is essentially the difference between the fees paid minus the benchmark fees. This difference is then multiplied by the quantity requested. For the sake of simplicity and to determine the effect on the size of ad spend, we assumed that every billion naira of ad spend equals 500 ad service units consumed. To keep the model as simple as possible, we refrained from calculating windfall effects based on consumer surplus and the additional negative impact of double billing. Table 2 summarizes the minimum size of the damage caused to the consumption of ATL advertising services ”,

He also pointed out that if the land charge of N 2 million were in effect in 2014, the ATL segment of the industry would have lost N 58.1 billion in damaged value. The size of the damage would also have been 67 billion naira in 2020. It would also have been 13.4 billion naira if the land costs were 1 million naira in the same year. Imagine the size of these Naira losses if we include the double load recommended by APCON for pitch rejection in this simplistic model.

Making his point, he explained that regulators in all progressive societies and markets view this offense as regressive. “Rather, the emphasis is on ensuring that the market system enjoys enormous availability of data for rapid and robust decision making by market participants. This path of market promotion is the path that we suggest to the regulator to take as a matter of urgency, ”he declared.

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Complaints increase as ABAC judges big brands Wed, 22 Dec 2021 02:58:49 +0000

New data shows complaints have increased dramatically in recent years during ABAC’s latest 2021 rundown of decisions, which features top beer brands, seltzers and brewery social media posts.

A trio of complaints about the Carlton & United Breweries brands and Lion’s XXXX ads were all dismissed, as were a number of seltzers who once again faced an ABAC panel.

Advertising complaints related to several areas of the code, including the appeal to minors and the promotion of excessive alcohol consumption.

Complaints about digital ads and packaging have risen sharply this year according to data collected on the ABAC website, highlighting current trends in alcohol advertising space.

Carlton and United brands

Three complaints against the Carlton & United Breweries brands were dismissed by an ABAC panel this month.

The knowledgeable complainant said two social media posts showing women drinking BV on the beach constituted a “clear violation of Standard 3 (d) of the ABAC Code by showing girls drinking alcoholic beer in their swimsuits. bath while it is possible that they will go swimming after “.

CUB responded by arguing that accompanying text to the posts, which specifically refers to the beer being drunk after water activities.

The ABAC refereeing committee agreed, saying that overall the messages do not encourage alcohol consumption before activities like swimming. He dismissed the complaint.

The CUB also responded to a complaint about a Balter TV advertisement who opposed the change from “Happy Birthday” to “Happy Beerthday” “.

The complainant argued that young children would hear this and should explain alcohol to a toddler.

“I might add that I’m not a blast and enjoy a beer, but I find this advertisement totally offensive on many levels,” they said.

The ABAC states that alcohol must not specifically target minors, or be likely to strongly appeal to minors, and a panel ruled that Balter’s ad did not meet those requirements.

He dismissed the complaint, saying that on the whole it was not reminiscent of a children’s birthday party and that any appeal to minors would be incidental rather than loud or obvious.

4 Pines was also the subject of a complaint regarding a social media post, of two drinking men superimposed with cartons of 4 Pines beer.

The complainant argued that showing only two men with two cases of beer amounted to irresponsible alcohol consumption, which is prohibited by ABAC.

“You encourage excessive and irresponsible drinking, which is reflected in the comments on the social post. 4 Pines did not even moderate this post. There is no community management, ”they said.

She also raised the issue of handling comments on social media. ABAC has stated that comments are the responsibility of the company on the platform on which they are posted,

However, the ABAC panel said the comments would not alter the likely understanding of the posts, which do not appear to show men affected by alcohol. He ruled that the post would not be considered a post about heavy drinking and dismissed the complaint.


Meanwhile, CUB rival Lion has also been the subject of a complaint about his XXXX brand, concerning an exterior billboard showing cars driving on a beach superimposed on a bottle and can of XXXX Gold.

Pre-approval was received for the billboard, but the complainant claimed he encouraged drink driving.

An ABAC panel dismissed the complaint, saying the scene does not show or reasonably imply alcohol consumption, and that layering the beers on the stage would be understood by a reasonable person as branding rather than encouraging drinking and driving.


Following a series of seltzer arbitrations, a complaint about a video published on social networks by Hard Fizz was also made redundant.

It showed two men in a swimming pool covered in photos of Hard Fizz seltzer, but they were rappers The Island Boys, who are known to be 20 years old.

The ABAC panel said the code prohibits the prominent portrayal of adults under the age of 25 in alcohol advertising materials, or that they are not a paid model or actor and have been shown in an age-restricted environment.

This was the case with the Island Boys, so ABAC dismissed the complaint.

In addition, a brand of seltzer owned by Asahi, Good Tides Hard Seltzer, is the subject of criticism regarding its packaging.

The complainant argued that the use of a cartoon whale character is attractive to minors.

“On our kitchen bench, our 13-year-old daughter asked if she could take a sip,” they explained.

“She has never asked to drink any of our alcoholic products in the past.

“This led our family in the ABAC Rabbit Hole to file a complaint as we have not had a response from the company that owns Good Tide.”

However, while the panel noted that using images of animals or sea creatures can increase the appeal of the packaging to a minor, there are other design factors to consider.

Overall, the ABAC arbitration committee decided that the packaging’s appeal to minors is likely to be incidental rather than strong or obvious. He dismissed the complaint.

Small breweries

Smaller brewers were also featured in the latest ABAC judgments. Complaints about the advertising and packaging of beers from two South Australian brewers were both dismissed by ABAC.

Big Shed Brewing Concern facing a panel following a complaint concerning the marketing of its zero alcohol option and its taproom.

The complainant confused the various points of a marketing message, which encouraged people to bring their children for lunch or dinner, while also mentioning the new alcohol-free version of Big Shed’s Desi Driver.

They argued that Desi Driver encourages people to drink or drive, even acknowledging it is a low-alcohol option, claiming it is associated with “high-risk activity”.

Big Shed responded by saying it was committed to responsible alcohol promotion, but pointed out that as a small business it has limited resources to effectively respond to a complaint.

The ABAC Arbitration Committee acknowledged that Big Shed cooperated with the complaint process and that there are time and resource costs for small businesses, despite the fact that “not all complaints are also strong in the arguments put forward ”.

However, he said alcohol abuse causes harm to the individual and the community, and therefore has a right to strong avenues to raise concerns about the responsible marketing of alcohol.

That being said, he dismissed Big Shed’s marketing complaint, saying that a reasonable person would not understand that drink driving is encouraged by mail.

The packaging of the Undercover Fashion Police NEIPA of Adelaide Little Bang Brewing Co. has been reviewed by ABAC, and it has raised some interesting questions regarding copyright and borrowing from other franchises or intellectual property.

The beer packaging appears to be a riff on the Grand Theft Auto game franchise, which the complainant argued “Strongly attracts minors” despite the fact that the game is also rated R18 +.

Little Bang refuted that there was an appeal to minors and cited design inspiration from retro cop TV shows, arguing that the game itself was not intended for minors.

The ABAC panel responded by saying that “if this was the full answer … then the public policy settings … would not need to have provisions on non-minors marketing”.

“The reality is that human life and behavior are a bit more nuanced,” he said.

However, he dismissed the complaint, saying that, as a whole, the packaging would primarily appeal to older men, and any appeal to minors would again be incidental, rather than loud or obvious.

Spike in complaints

The number of complaints and resulting arbitrations has accelerated in recent years, according to new data. 156 ABAC arbitrations were registered in 2021, 52 more than in 2020 and 95 more than in 2019. This continues a growing increase in the number of arbitrations since 2017, because until then the number of arbitrations of one year over year was relatively stable.

Some of these complaints can be traced to elements of the anti-alcohol lobby, after the Cancer Council admitted earlier this year that it used ABAC’s mechanisms while criticizing it as ineffective.

Number of auctions by an ABAC panel 2004-2021

In 2021, the balance of complaints in terms of confirmation and rejection was relatively homogeneous. This is also a deviation from past trends, where a higher proportion of complaints were dismissed.

Number of ABAC complaints rejected or maintained 2004-2021

The beer brands have been a major source of criticism from the complainants. Decisions against beer producers account for over 40% of all decisions in 2021. However, the numbers show a relatively even balance between rejected and confirmed complaints.

Advertising practices of the retailers themselves also featured prominently, closely followed by spirits producers. Like beer, they received relatively equal rejection or confirmation determinations.

Seltzers, a relatively new category in which some small breweries have invested heavily, was the fourth largest category. The figures show that complaints against this category were upheld more often than any other category, with the exception of wine.

Number of auctions by category in 2021

The ubiquitous medium of digital marketing continues to be the number one source of complaints to ABAC. Digital ads and social media posts account for more than half of all auctions in 2021.

Marketing elements in response to complaints at ABAC 2021

Unsurprisingly, there has been a significant increase in complaints about the media in recent years, but packaging and naming issues and concerns about TV commercials have also continued to increase, particularly during the last few years. more recent.

Marketing aspects in the face of a 2004-2021 ABAC complaint

“Strong or obvious appearance to minors” was the most frequently tested section of ABAC code this year. Almost a fifth of all decisions have been reviewed from this perspective. Of these, 25 were confirmed and 23 rejected.

Complaints about whether alcohol consumption was portrayed as safe were next, followed by complaints about the placement of alcohol ads and advertising showing binge drinking.

Issues raised by ABAC 2021 complaints

All data was collected on the ABAC website using a mix of programming technologies and modeled with Microsoft Power BI.

Additional reporting by Daniel Ridd

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CGX warns of delays and higher costs of drilling campaign in Guyana Mon, 20 Dec 2021 13:18:00 +0000

Canadian operator CGX Energy has indicated that drilling the Kawa-1 exploration well in the Corentyne block off Guyana will take longer than initially expected, and costs are also expected to rise.

CGX dug the shallow-water prospect Kawa-1 on August 22, using the Maersk Drilling Maersk Discoverer semi-submersible platform, and planned to reach full depth in the first half of December.

The company and project partner Frontera Energy said about 90% of the well has been drilled and early results suggest an active hydrocarbon system is present at Kawa-1.

However, the program will take longer than expected and the well is now expected to cost between $ 115 million and $ 125 million.

“CGX may need to seek additional financing in accordance with the ongoing drilling program and is currently evaluating several strategic opportunities,” the company said.

No further details were provided other than the fact that logging during drilling in the first of three geological zones at Kawa-1 indicated the presence of hydrocarbons in several Campanian and Upper Santonian formations.

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“The joint venture will provide a cost update and release full exploration results on the Kawa-1 well once full depth is reached and the results analyzed,” added CGX.

After the drilling of Kawa-1, CGX should mobilize the Maersk Discoverer to dig the wildcat Makarapan-1 in the Demerara block off Guyana.

CGX operates both Corentyne and Demerara with 66.67% of the shares and Frontera owns the remaining 33.33%.

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Streetwise: Can a shipowner take on too little debt? Thu, 16 Dec 2021 20:31:00 +0000

This week’s edition of Streetwise examines whether it is possible for a public shipowner to have too little debt. Subscribe to


The shipping graveyard is littered with the carcasses of companies that have found themselves too indebted at a time when market cycles have turned against them.

Restructuring, bankruptcy and liquidation were some of the inevitable results.

But what about the notion of having too little debt?

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Strange as it may sound, the question arose at a recent Marine Money financial conference regarding dry bulk owner Genco Shipping & Trading. the ultimate goal of achieving zero debt as a public enterprise.

The goal is aligned with the new owner’s high dividend policy, with the intention of continuing to reward shareholders, regardless of what rates the dry bulk market might bring.

Under this model, Genco hopes to abandon the traditional method of valuing shipping companies based on net asset value and instead move to a stock that is priced based on dividend yield and cash flow.

This is a feat that has never been attempted before by a dry bulk shipowner.

The problem arose when a zero debt target was criticized as a “lazy” approach to management by Flex LNG chief executive Oystein Kalleklev, who was sharing a panel with Genco chief executive John Wobensmith.

Kalleklev later told TradeWinds on the sidelines that he couldn’t imagine relying solely on the cost of equity – which can go up to 12% or more – when he could easily get loans at a rate of $ 2. % to 3%.

So sharp elbows aside, who is right on the matter?

Streetwise found that there was some disagreement.

For example, a finance veteran with experience on the shipowner side argued that Genco had this right.

“Basically I think it’s a good idea,” he said. “It’s just a challenge for an existing business to get to that level.”

Although he agreed that equity can seem more expensive at a price between 8% and 12%, “the problem is that the value of equity sometimes turns negative and equity usually does not survive that” when the debt is too high.

This usually happens in trough cycles to which shipping is particularly sensitive, the ship finance expert said.

Shipowners can also issue extremely expensive “bailout equity” at these times, greatly diluting shareholders.

Another problem is that pricing models say that the value of debt relative to equity is attributable to tax deductions from paying interest charges.

“But shipping companies don’t pay taxes,” he noted.

Flex LNG CEO Oystein Kalleklev is skeptical of a debt-free shipowner. Photo: Johnathon Henninger / Marine Money

A final factor is that the cost of equity becomes cheaper as debt goes down, the financial expert said.

“The experience of the public market is that if you can get zero debt, the stock market likes it and will give you a better valuation,” he said.

Still, an equity analyst has taken a stance that leans more toward Kalleklev’s position.

Under-leverage is possible

“At some point you can be under-leveraged,” he said.

“We are seeing more and more dry bulk and container companies with debt reduced by 20% to 35% after taking advantage of strong markets and that is a very good thing.

“But I agree that you don’t need to hit zero. I’d rather a company with 20% debt use cash to buy back stocks when they’re undervalued.”

The analyst cited inflation as another concern.

“If you think interest rates are going up, why don’t you see some loans now 2-3% above Libor when debt is cheap?” ” he said.

Genco may need to sort it out, but the trip could take some time.

The shipowner is aiming for zero “net debt” by the end of 2023, hoping to get rid of the rest – if it can – some time later.

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How to start the DLC The Contract in GTA Online? What is the price of the agency and where are the locations? Wed, 15 Dec 2021 10:18:50 +0000

It’s time to go into business with two gaming legends with the release of The DLC contract update in GTA Online.

Franklin Clinton and Dr. Dre return for this set of new high-flying missions, and there’s a whole new Agency property to add to your portfolio.

The deal might not be a full-fledged heist like we usually do in December, but it still brings together some of the things that have made GTA Online such a huge success: old friends, famous faces, exclusive music and multi-stage missions with plenty of history in between.

Since his turn as the protagonist of a GTA main series game, Franklin has established Los Santos’ first “celebrity solutions agency”, solving problems for the wealthy and the city’s successes.

Turns out one of those celebs with a problem is music and tech mogul Dr Dre and it’s up to you to create your own agency building to help with the job. .

Here is where you can find the Agency price in GTA Online, as good as buyable agency locations.

In addition, we will guide you how to start The Contract DLC missions and also start a new chapter in your character’s story.

How to start the contract in GTA Online

First, quit the game and make sure you have downloaded the latest patch update for GTA Online. That’s around 4 GB on all platforms.

Then in the game, to start The Contract DLC missions in GTA Online, you just need to open your phone and open the sponsored ad for Dynasty8 Executive.

You will then have the option of purchasing an Agency from the catalog.

Where to find the agency in GTA Online – Agency pricing

As with any legitimate business in GTA Online, setting up an agency takes a lot of money.

After loading the game, open your iFruit phone, open the internet, and go to Dynasty8 Executive. Here you will find 4 new agency locations that you can buy.

Be prepared, because the cheapest always costs more than $ 2 million roe deer:

  • Little Seoul – $ 2,010,000
  • Vespucci Channels – $ 2,145,000
  • Rockford Hills – $ 2,415,000
  • Hawick – $ 2,830,000

Then there is a whole suite of upgrades that you can purchase for your agency. The maximum you can spend on each is below:

  • Art – $ 340,000
  • Wallpaper – $ 442,500
  • Highlight – $ 100,000
  • Armory – $ 720,000
  • Accommodation – $ 275,000
  • Vehicle workshop – $ 800,000

The Armory is where you access the two new weapons, the Stun Gun and the EMP Compact Launcher.

Where to find the new jobs in the GTA Online contract update

With your agency up and running, now is the time to start working.

You can access new abandoned jobs with The Contract DLC by visiting your agency, watching the intro cutscene, and then interacting with the laptop in the office.

Remember that in order to accept jobs at any of your companies, you need to make sure that passive mode is turned off and that you are registered as the CEO of the company.

To do this, go to the SecuroServ option in your menu and brand yourself as CEO.

If you’re playing in a public session, you might need to find a new one if the maximum number of tagged CEOs has been reached.

From there, you will be able to secure fixed-term contracts from the Agency’s system. Once they’re done, you can tackle the VIP contracts with Dr. Dre.

If you fancy a new ride while you take on these tasks, here are the new cars that come with The Contract in GTA Online.

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