Plan body urged to guarantee loans to Dalits unrelated to banks

KARIMNAGAR: TRS corporate and Dalit leader Kamsala Srinivas on Friday urged the government to sanction loans to people belonging to SC Corporation’s Scheduled Caste unrestricted and unrelated to banks. Leading other Dalit leaders, Srinivas met with Deputy Chairman of the State Planning Commission, Boinapally Vinod Kumar in Hyderabad and presented …

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CII calls for the creation of several bad banks to buy bad loans

Budget 2021: CII recommended that the government create several bad banks. Banks could see bad loans double despite signs of an improving economic impact from the Covid-19 pandemic, a report from the Reserve Bank of India’s Financial Stability and Development Board said on Monday. Banks’ gross non-performing assets (NPAs) can …

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3 Basic Bad Credit Auto Loan Requirements

Getting a car loan with bad credit doesn’t have to be as difficult as you expect. Sometimes just being prepared can make all the difference. We’re here to show you what lenders expect when you need an auto loan and how to get the most out of it on your …

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