Accounts – Gutenberg Sat, 25 Sep 2021 13:52:22 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Accounts – Gutenberg 32 32 Wilmington’s Path to Funding Small Businesses and Preventing More Business Closures – The Seahawk Wed, 07 Apr 2021 23:17:36 +0000

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, many small businesses have struggled to keep their doors open. Each day, companies lost customers and money when people started to stay inside keep themselves and their families safe.

Due to these complications, Wilmington Downtown Inc. now offers small businesses $ 20,000 microloans to finance new businesses and to help companies that took a back seat during the pandemic. Funds came from the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Block Community Development Grant, initially awarded to the city in the 1980s. To be eligible, a business must be located in one of 12 downtown neighborhoods.

Before these efforts and the we government efforts to gradually reopen businesses, small businesses continue to struggle to maintain their support structures almost one year in the pandemic. Same when cities started to open up again there was still a 23% increase in business closures during the months between September and July.

Many businesses in Wilmington are announcing they will close their doors for good due to lack of activity and are struggling to to keep a clientele during the pandemic while ssome business owners are rethinkis lying the the way their businesses are run and expanding their sources of income.

These little bcompanies understande Vernis Ale and Spirits, Stalk and Vine, Two Sisters Bookery and The Sideboard. Those particular companies were forced to cope with economic instability during the heat of the pandemic when the places barricaded their doors and quickly melted into the background like people treaty COVID-19 virus epidemic.

Lillianne hogsten

Ale and Spirits Varnish, formerly called The Liquid Room, was a beloved downtown hangout Wilmington. They initially closed their doors at the start of the year for renovations and to rename Their business. Early change of company name this year joined the buildings historical roots as one of North Carolina’s greatest paintings and varnish deposit. Theare now temporarily closed due to a rapid decrease in clientele.

Alyssa douglas

Before triggering the COVID-19[female[feminine virus, Two Sisters Bookery was a successful business known for their good books and comfortable environment it was managed with a careful touch and a good hand. Because of the COVID-19[female[femininevirus, Bookery Two Sisters was forced to close its doors for good some months after changing owners. This store had already changed owners a few times before the pandemic hit and the store itself date to the 1970s. The building is still there but there are no new businesses at its location currently and the business is definitely closed.

Lillianne hogsten

March 30, Stem and vine revised their business plan to allow to take-on orders. The restaurant was located on the beloved Wilmington Riverwalk in the heart of downtown. By the time the pandemic hit, Stalk and Vine was already a new restaurant and did not have the foundationation that comes with business to live, wwhich ultimately resulted in the business owner, Zac Brown, deciding to definitively closee Stem and vines’ doors In early June. The building is still on the waterfront promenade, but the building is empty, and Stalk and Vine is permanently closed.

Alyssa douglas

The Buffet another permanently businesses closed in Wilmington. It was a game Coffee, which means when people eat here, they sthis around a rectangular or round tables and plaYes plank games while they ate. Ee Buffet was beloved and popular place in downtown Wilmington that was well known for their innovative business model.

Microcredits are short-term solutions to reorganize the life of downtown Wilmington in the hope of welcoming new businesses to the area as well as to help companies that have been hit hard by the epidemic. New businesses will be added Wilmington’s economic regeneration as COVID-19[female[femininecases decrease.

These loans are only supposed to continue for five years in the hope that by then many new businesses will have found their niche and popularity in the downtown core. Funds was from the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development Community Development Block Grant which was originally given to the city in the 1980s. To be eligible, a business must to be in one of the 12 neighborhoods of downtown.

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Amazon Adds Alexa-Compatible Wearables and Smart Oven to Its Line of Devices Wed, 07 Apr 2021 23:17:35 +0000

Amazon adds ways to access its Alexa voice assistant wherever its customers go.

The company has announced a plethora of devices Wednesday, including the Echo Buds, Echo Frames, and Echo Loop, which are wireless headphones, eyeglass frames, and a ring, respectively, that each come with Alexa access.

The glasses and ring are offered as “Day 1 Editions,” products that Amazon says are offered as part of an invitation-only program. Echo frames are prescription lens ready, according to Amazon. contrary to from google earlier attempt at smart glasses – the Google Glass – Amazon specs don’t come with a camera or display. But users who pair them with an Android phone can make calls or listen to audio through four micro speakers that direct sound to their ears and minimize the sound heard by others.

Amazon Echo Frames (Photo credit: Amazon)

The Echo Loop, which works with Androids and iPhones, vibrates when a user receives a notification or an incoming call. It also has two microphones and the smallest speaker Amazon has ever included on an Echo device.

Amazon Echo Loop (Photo credit: Amazon)

While the frames and buckle are by invitation only, Amazon’s other Echo products are available for pre-order. The AirPods-Competing Echo Buds are priced at $ 129.99 and have up to five hours of music playback or four hours of call time on a full charge, according to Amazon. They can connect to Alexa through Amazon’s Alexa phone app, and users can also use them for tasks like finding a nearby cafe or ordering an Uber.

Amazon’s Echo Buds (Photo credit: Amazon)

The new Echo devices also include the Echo Flex, a pluggable smart speaker; the Echo Dot with clock, which displays the time, outside temperature, timers and alarms; the Echo Show 8, with an 8-inch screen and a camera with shutter; Echo Studio with five directional speakers and an updated base Echo.

Amazon also announced some smart home devices, including a voice-activated oven for $ 249.99. When paired with an Echo, Amazon said the Amazon Smart Oven can preheat, start and stop cooking, and it will notify the owner when it’s preheated or the food is ready. Cooks can also scan the barcode on packaged foods from hundreds of brands, and the company has said the oven will know what to do.

Home chefs can barcode hundreds of brand name food products to instruct the Amazon Smart Oven. (Credit: Amazon)

The company is also adding features to Alexa, including a system capable of alerting an owner of an activated smoke detector or glass breakage, managing Wi-Fi access, such as pausing it at dinner time and keep track of a house’s household supplies inventory like the air. filters, batteries or ink cartridges.

Daniel Rausch, vice president of smart home at Amazon, said the company’s customers want smart home technology to make everyday tasks easier, but also easy to set up.

“We think customers will be excited about what we have to come this fall: more ways to find smart home devices they can set up in minutes, new Alexa features that take the stress out of being away home and new products that help families enjoy great meals together or just have a little fun.


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‘This House Is Going To Measure Up’: President Robert DeLeo Preaches The Art Of Listening As He Goes To Look For Work At Northeastern University Wed, 07 Apr 2021 23:17:32 +0000

House Speaker Robert DeLeo’s farewell speech drew a small audience on Tuesday afternoon, but it was different from its predecessors. Instead of addressing a room full of grassroots members, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced many lawmakers to watch DeLeo virtually quit the post he has held for 12 years.

DeLeo, 70, will step down on Tuesday night, ending his record-breaking run as a speaker and three decades in power amid a pandemic that has killed more than 11,000 residents and infected some of his own colleagues.

“While this is not the farewell speech I envisioned, I am happy to join you – even remotely – as this format reflects how this House has adapted to COVID and accomplished so much. things this year, ”the Winthrop Democrat said Tuesday afternoon on the floor of the House. ” I’m proud of it.

So ended DeLeo’s three-decade tenure and tenure as President, having overseen House gaming legislation, gun control and, most recently, police reform and access to law. ‘abortion. He looks to Northeastern University for his next chapter as he explore employment opportunities with his alma mater.

DeLeo was first elected to the House in 1991. He became speaker of the Ways and Means House in 2004 under President Sal DiMasi and when the northern Democrat resigned amid an inquiry criminal, DeLeo took the helm as president.

He took control of the House during a global recession, working with the government of the day. Deval Patrick, a Democrat, on spending cuts and economic development initiatives to keep the state afloat. He has avoided raising taxes for Massachusetts residents, but has increased spending for the past 12 years.

“Sometimes it feels like those 12 years have gone by in an instant,” he said, “but during that time Massachusetts has been ruled by two governors from opposing parties and four presidents of the Senate” .

In this March 2020 file photo, House Speaker Robert DeLeo announces that Massachusetts State House is closed to the public due to the coronavirus pandemic.

After DiMasi’s bribery conviction, DeLeo came under scrutiny during a patronage case involving ex-probation commissioner John O’Brien as prosecutors called DeLeo a “Uncharged co-conspirator”. A court of appeal later overturned the convictions of O’Brien and his deputies. DeLeo said the appeals court decision was further evidence that he had done nothing wrong.

Barring major surprises, DeLeo will be the first speaker in three decades to step down without the specter of impending criminal charges.

During his 12 years as a speaker, he has gained a reputation for pushing deals behind closed doors and keeping tight control over House agendas, rarely pushing through a major bill without a majority in the House. veto test. Few have openly criticized his style of leadership, except for Majority Leader Brad Jones and other Republicans, as well as progressives, both of whom say he fails to promote transparency.

DeLeo left a few tips for his colleagues: visit their colleagues’ neighborhoods if they are invited to do so and listen to differing points of view, even if it means not prioritizing their neighborhood each time.

“I would eventually learn that the essence of the role of speaker is to recognize that every member, whatever their political persuasion, is sent to Beacon Hill with exactly the same mandate: to competently represent their 40,000 constituents,” said DeLeo. “Throughout my tenure, I have strived to listen deeply to my colleagues, keep an open mind, and identify solutions that work for the Commonwealth, from the Berkshires to Boston.”

Robert DeLeo transpo

From left to right, Massachusetts Rep. Aaron Michlewitz, Speaker of the House Robert DeLeo and Rep. Ronald Mariano discuss a transportation revenue bill earlier this year.

DeLeo’s most likely successor is Majority Leader Ron Mariano, a Democrat from Quincy who was elected around the same time. A retired teacher, Mariano rose to prominence for his expertise in healthcare and financial services, working on the 2006 state healthcare reform bill and other major proposals. As DeLeo’s second in command, Mariano built relationships with representatives from across the state and made deals on behalf of the speaker. on casinos, gun control, transportation and other major bills.

Rep. Russell Holmes competed to replace DeLeo as a speaker, announcing his candidacy in an email in mid-December. However, he soon learned that Mariano had already amassed verbal commitments from lawmakers across the state. He told Mariano on Wednesday that he would end his offer for loudspeaker.

“My thought was I could come in here and be just a sore loser like what we’ve seen our president be… or I can be respectful and respect the process and say ‘OK I lost, I’ll support the Democrats and the caucus and move forward with Ron, ”Holmes said in an interview with MassLive Monday afternoon.

State officials are expected to vote for DeLeo’s successor in caucus on Wednesday, after DeLeo’s resignation takes effect.

“I know Massachusetts is facing such a big challenge now with the pandemic, but you know what?” DeLeo said. “I know I have unwavering faith in this institution, its people and its leaders, that this House will rise to the occasion and that our great State will continue to lead the nation.”

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Crypto-news: NFT, Tether and a Bitcoin bubble | Interviews Wed, 07 Apr 2021 23:17:30 +0000

The rest of this program touched on the phenomenon of cryptocurrencies, from technology and cryptography to economics and energy use. And now that we’ve gotten to the present day, we can begin to understand some of the crazy headlines in the crypto world: NFT and multi-million art sales, financial misconduct, Facebook money … and are we in a Bitcoin bubble? Economist and financial expert Frances Coppola has joined Phil Sansom and Eva Higginbotham …

Eva – So Frances, there was news from the digital artist known as Beeple who achieved something remarkable when he turned his work into what is called an NFT …

It is the first NFT ever to be auctioned and one of the 20 most expensive works of art to ever be auctioned. The online auction for the first 5,000 days of Beeple’s has just ended at Christie’s; final sale price: $ 69.3 million. That’s more than most Picassos, Monets or Warhol …

Eva – Frances, what is an NFT?

Frances – It means “non-fungible token”. And that just means it’s something unique; there is only one in the whole world. It is a digital token that cannot be copied or reproduced.

Phil – It’s something that usually works on a blockchain like Ethereum, right?

Françoise – Yeah.

Phil – Why the hell is this tied to a huge art sale?

Frances – What they do is they symbolize art. Beeple has therefore been producing digital art for about 13 years; he gathered all of his works into one digital work, created a token based on it, and sold the token. The token is a unique representation of this work of art that is cryptographically secure, which should give someone the right to… well, what? To this token. It doesn’t actually give them the right to the artwork. And that’s all that’s strange about it: that in a way the token becomes the work of art and what people bought is the token, not the art.

Phil – Is that why it’s worth so much money? Do people trade them and turn them into another speculative thing?

Françoise – Yes, absolutely. It’s another speculative bubble. We had some very strange things: someone made an NFT with a fart and sold it for $ 85.

Phil – How strange!

Frances – We also had the famous example of Jack Dorsey selling his very first tweet. The point is, he didn’t sell the tweet, he sold an NFT based on the tweet, but the tweet is still live! You can still watch it, you can still retweet it, you can still copy it. What you buy when you buy an NFT is not the art, it is the token. I mean, really, they’re not real. They are just weird.

Phil – During this time in this world, we have heard about a real full-scale legal action …

Crypto exchange Bitfinex and stablecoin issuer Tether have reached an $ 18.5 million settlement with the New York attorney general’s office. Bitfinex and Tether have not admitted any wrongdoing.

Phil – Bitfinex is a cryptocurrency exchange, and Tether, I think, is kind of a cryptocurrency. So what is going on here?

Frances – Around 2016, I think it was, Bitfinex got hacked and lost a lot of its customers’ money. So he borrowed money from Tether. Now the problem with that was that the money he borrowed from Tether was the money that was in Tether’s reserves. He was supposed to support the Tethers. So, for a while, Tether wasn’t fully backed by reservations, but he did state on his website that he was. So the New York attorney general objected to this. They got fined, and we’ll see what they come up with like “these are our reservations and this is the audit to prove it”.

Phil – So Tether, unlike Bitcoin – which is just kind of a digital thing – Tether is supposed to have dollars in his account somewhere that is equal to the amount of Tether coins he takes out?

Françoise – Absolutely. This is called a stablecoin. And rather than being a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, which is a thing in itself, it’s a digital asset in its own right, Tether is meant to be: one Tether equals $ 1 at all times.

Eva – You can see why it’s called Tether now; it is linked to a specific currency. What good is it, if you could spend dollars or euros or whatever, why would anyone bother to buy Tethers, which seems potentially risky?

Frances – Well I think the reason is that it’s actually quite difficult to use fiat currencies on a lot of crypto exchanges. And some crypto exchanges don’t use fiat currency at all. Tether is therefore used by many offshore exchanges in the decentralized finance world, where it is really used as a proxy for the US dollar, as these exchanges simply have no way of obtaining fiat currencies.

Eva – It seems very meta and multifaceted going into the different levels! And now you can actually see why the New York attorney general got so bored.

Frances – He’s changed his terms and conditions somewhat since his initial claim that he had actual cash dollars for each of his Tethers, as we now know that wasn’t the case, and maybe not yet. He now says his reserves could include other things like third party loans and whatever else they decide to put their reserves in, which could include cryptocurrencies or just about anything really. They may have a whole bunch of cryptocurrencies, stocks, and other types of questionable investments. So you may think that you are holding US dollars, but you might never get US dollars.

Eva – We also heard from an earlier cryptocurrency reporter, David Gerard, and he wrote a book on a currency called Libra from everyone’s favorite social media company …

David – Facebook proposed to have some sort of Facebook based money used by maybe 2 billion people around the world. They said they were going to do it in 2020, then they said it would be in 2021 … unlike cryptocurrency, regulators have taken a very close look at it.

Eva – So Frances, do you think we’re going to have some Facebook money?

Frances – I’m sure Facebook, despite all its protests, would really like us to do that. To be fair, it’s not meant to be money on Facebook. They created this independent foundation which is located in Switzerland, which is supposed to issue the money and manage the reserve. It’s kind of like a stablecoin in that it’s supposed to be backed by currencies, fiat currencies. And the medium is meant to be one to one. So he’s going to have this gigantic fund. One thing that people haven’t talked about too much is that in order to use this thing, you need a wallet. And the main wallet is called Novi and it’s produced by guess who? Facebook.

Phil – Well, we better figure out what’s really going to happen with all of this. I was talking to economist Jon Danielsson to find out if we were somehow in a Bitcoin bubble or a cryptocurrency bubble that was going to burst – he said yes …

Jon – I think it’s a huge bubble. And someday – not today, not tomorrow, but someday in the future – the little boy will cry, “The Emperor has no clothes”, and the whole edifice will collapse and all the Bitcoins will go without. value.

Phil – But I also spoke to economist Thorsten Koeppl from Queen’s University, and he told me he thought the involvement of traditional investors might actually stabilize him.

Thorsten – Bitcoin can survive, but less as a payment instrument, more as a new asset class, a new investment.

Phil – Françoise, what do you think? What will the future look like for this thing?

Frances – It’s very early, isn’t it? And I mean, we’re in a digital transition in general, not just in money. So it makes sense that there is some sort of digital money and digital assets that underpin the digital market that we are heading towards. I’m not convinced that’s quite it; I think it’s just like a first step in evolution. I find it a bit disturbing that even now we have some Bitcoin maximalists trying to set it in stone and say, “That’s it and there can’t be anything else,” because it’s not. what technology looks like. Things get stale, we have ridiculous bubbles exploding and then everything just collapses, and what comes out of it is something different. This has happened several times in the history of Bitcoin. I think it’s probably going to happen again.

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The BRI Alternative – The Statesman Wed, 07 Apr 2021 23:17:28 +0000

Xi Jinping’s central Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) strategy was unveiled in 2013 as a “win-win” initiative for 140 targeted countries around the world. The infrastructure “network” was aimed at opening up access and creating arterial roads to facilitate trade, investment and interconnectivity with China as the epicenter of the initiative. Bringing together disparate, unfinished and unfinished road / sea / rail projects under one heading was unprecedented in its recklessness, scale and transformative capacity.

The mandate has been extended to digital networks, 5G, fiber optic cables and space arenas to expand the realm of possibilities beyond the creation of terrestrial assets. While the world was still emerging from the Great Recession of 2007-2009, the major battered economies of the United States, the European Union, Japan, etc., struggled to invest in “third world” economies such as previously. Step into China, the oddity that was still teeming with surplus to invest and an insatiable appetite to invest, and a new “bloc” of Sinosphere was on the horizon.

Long before the Covid pandemic saga unfolded, Beijing had shown its ability to turn a major global crisis into an invaluable opportunity to nurture its own hegemonic instincts, with its BRI conceptualization. The Chinese juggernaut of the “military-industrial complex” on the mainland was fueling muscular awareness with its BRI imperatives planned for more than $ 1,000 billion, to clearly desperate and option-free economies.

Beyond the obvious Chinese largesse, it was the alleged “ease of doing business” with the Chinese that made the BIS irresistible. China’s unconditional, no-questions-asked approach imposed no conditions on the host country to answer any embarrassing questions about democratic freedoms, human rights, transparency, etc., which were generally granted to any potential aid from “free world” donors and multilateral agencies.

Some internationally isolated regimes like Pakistan, North Korea, Venezuela, Iran, Bolivia, Myanmar, etc. have been naturally and automatically drawn into the BIS net. Megaprojects like the $ 62 billion China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) or the even larger $ 100 billion China-Myanmar Economic Corridors have emerged from the BRI’s strategic overlay. Almost eight years after its announcement, more than $ 800 billion has been “invested” in infrastructure projects or loans to more than sixty countries, most of which will inevitably struggle to repay the service requirements of the government. debt that accompany them.

As a result, China’s global “grip” has extended beyond trade angularities and is playing out strategically with the sinosphere collectively asserting itself with the indebted countries dancing to Chinese tune. The legs and arms of the legendary ‘Chinese century’ became boldly visible as country after country apparently succumbed to the Dragon’s aggressive overtures, through a curious mix of checkbook diplomacy, bailouts, coercion and intimidating territorial expansion.

Soon the cracks began to appear when recipient countries realized that Chinese aid under the BRI was not so benign, after all. The growing Chinese footprint from the arid plains of Balochistan to the urban dwellings of Yangon had begun to militate in the eyes of suspicious residents. Sri Lanka timidly admitted its mistake by exchanging its “debt trap” for a 99-year Chinese lease on the port of Hambantota, just as the Maldives reneged on their original alliances with the Chinese during the rebound with India.

Distant Zambians, Ethiopians and Papua New Guinea have serious doubts whether they have considered the Chinese option, and even China’s “all-weather friendship” with Pakistan has sparked murmurs in the Pakistani Senate of CPEC as “another East India Company”! Even as Chinese territorial belligerence and expansionism in the South China Sea, Taiwan, Japan, Bhutan, Nepal and the Indian borders became too visible, it was the Covid-19 pandemic that exposed the Chinese machinations and the “minimization” that subsequently wreaked havoc on global economies. The Chinese are now suffering from a serious reputation crisis and suddenly the BIS doesn’t seem like a godsend after all.

China veteran Joe Biden feels the opportunity to play a more fundamental game than waging binary “trade wars” that can only crush the US economy even further. Biden referred to a multibillion-dollar alternative infrastructure plan to rival China’s BRI. Like the BRI, it is considering new age investments in areas such as artificial intelligence, biotechnology, quantum computing, etc., which come from the alternative “bloc” of democratic states!

Potentially, other parallel infrastructural ideas like the ‘Blue Dot network’ to promote infrastructure development in the Indo-Pacific or the QUAD formulation (US, India, Japan and Australia) could be interconnected to give the alternative BRI a step ahead, a base and an ecosystem to build on. While over 100 countries have already inscribed various subcomponents of China’s conceptualization of the BRI – fears of erosion of sovereignty, debt traps and inequality have led to an unprecedented fear of “aid.” »Chinese via the BRI, and therefore the search for a more equitable option, if one exists.

Beyond mobilizing finance for a plausible alternative to the BIS, the patience required to marshal and plow so-called ‘investments’ and neglect certain sovereign governance issues (for example, the junta takeover in Myanmar has driven the United States to impose punitive sanctions, while the Chinese rejected it as “internal affairs”, will test any alternative to the existing BRI.

The United States will need to deploy its more nuanced and holistic DIME (Diplomacy, Information, Military and Economic) approach, instead of invoking a purely militaristic approach to countering the BRI, as the world suspicious of China must be reassured of a a reliable, committed and sustainable alternative approach that cuts across all the “states of need” of a sovereign nation. The post-Trump era also left the Biden administration with the onerous task of mending relations with all of its so-called “allies” to begin with, before embarking on the task of pooling resources to create an alternative to the Chinese BRI.

Not all nations will share the same urgency, fear, or even plausible appetite to join an alternative to the existing BRI that intentionally involves offending the Chinese, directly. But the conversations have already started, now could not be a better time to pose the idea and combine parallel flows of initiatives – the alternative to the BRI may not only be doable, but totally inevitable, unless the ” free world ”throws in the towel for the Chinese, completely.

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Accenture Provides Cloud-Based Solution to Help Regional Banks Improve PPP Loan Application and Forgiveness Processes Wed, 07 Apr 2021 23:17:25 +0000

Salesforce Powered Solution Supports Critical Milestones in National Lending Program Designed to Help Keep Small Businesses Open Amid Pandemic

Accenture honored with the Salesforce Partner Innovation Award 2020

Accenture (NYSE: ACN) has developed a complete cloud-based Paycheque Protection Program (PPP) loan application and cancellation solution based on Salesforce technology for Regions Bank.

Regions Bank is one of the largest regional lenders in the United States. Like banks in the sector, regions began facilitating Small Business Administration PPP financing for qualified clients looking for financial lifelines during the initial wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. At the same time, regions turned to Accenture for a technology solution that would give small businesses a shorter and more intuitive application and forgiveness process.

In eight weeks, Accenture developed and launched a comprehensive, cloud-based Salesforce solution that not only simplifies the process, but is also designed to help process PPP loan and remittance requests more efficiently. To upgrade both processes, Accenture developed and deployed a solution using Salesforce Experience Cloud for application intake, the nCino Bank Operating System® for middle office processing, and Salesforce Service Cloud for case management.

The result is that small businesses can spend less time focusing on applications and demands, and more time moving their business forward.

“Regions recognized the importance of helping customers navigate the PPP program, and looked to Accenture for a productive collaboration that would lead to an easy-to-use app experience,” said Jared Rorrer, Director General and responsible for Accenture’s commercial banking sector. group. “By combining Accenture’s user experience design capabilities with our Salesforce and nCino delivery expertise, we have been able to deliver a highly effective, customer-centric solution that complements Regions’ mission to improve. the lives of the people and communities they serve. “

Regions Bank continues to meet the financing needs of PPPs through the Small Business Administration program.

“It has been said repeatedly that the COVID-19 pandemic is unprecedented, and it is indeed true. But we’ve also seen an unprecedented collaboration to help small businesses access critical SBA funding, ”said Ronnie Smith, Head of the SBA. Corporate Banking Group for the Banque des Régions. “Our work with Accenture is a good example. Accenture came to the table with ideas and solutions that translate into a more transparent process for entrepreneurs to take advantage of P3s. This SBA program aims to help businesses across America get through a very difficult time. We are honored to play a role in connecting clients with SBA financing, and we appreciate Accenture’s dedication to helping us make this process easier for small businesses. “

In recognition of Accenture’s innovative work, Accenture received a Salesforce Partner Innovation Award 2020 in the Experience Cloud category.

“It’s inspiring to see Partner Innovation Award winners such as Accenture drive customer success by leveraging not only their Salesforce expertise, but also their expertise in solutions developed by other Salesforce partners, to develop impactful solutions. Said Tyler Prince, Executive Vice President, Global Alliances and Channels, Salesforce. “Today more than ever, businesses need to accelerate their digital transformations, and trusted partners can increase the success of customers across industries.

About Accenture
Accenture is a global professional services company with industry-leading digital, cloud and security capabilities. Combining unparalleled experience and specialized skills in more than 40 industries, we offer strategy and advisory, interactive, technological and operational services, all powered by the world’s largest network of advanced technology and intelligent operations centers. Our 537,000 employees deliver on the promise of technology and human ingenuity every day, serving customers in more than 120 countries. We embrace the power of change to create value and shared success for our customers, employees, shareholders, partners and communities. Visit us at

Accenture’s banking industry group helps retailers and commercial banks and payment providers drive innovation; meet business, technological and regulatory challenges; and improve operational performance to build trust and engagement with customers and grow more profitably and securely. To learn more, visit

About the Régions Finance Company
Regions Financial Corporation (NYSE: RF), with $ 147 billion in assets, is a member of the S&P 500 Index and is one of the nation’s largest full-service providers of personal and commercial banking services, wealth management and mortgage products and services. Regions serves customers in the South, Midwest and Texas and, through its subsidiary, Regions Bank, operates more than 1,300 bank offices and 2,000 ATMs. Regions Bank is an equal housing lender and member of the FDIC. Additional information about Regions and its full range of products and services can be found at

This content is provided for general information purposes and is not intended to be used in place of consultation with our professional advisers.

Copyright © 2021 Accenture. All rights reserved. Accenture and its logo are registered trademarks of Accenture.

Salesforce, Experience Cloud, Service Cloud, and others are trademarks of, Inc.

See the source version on


Melissa Volin
+1 267 216 1815

Jeremy D. King
Bank of regions
+1 205 264 4551

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Slatery Urges Federal Authorities To Forgive ITT Student Loans | Local News Wed, 07 Apr 2021 23:17:24 +0000

State Attorney General Herbert H. Slatery III on Tuesday urged the US Department of Education to write off federal student loan debt for some students who attended ITT Technical Institute.

“The now defunct for-profit school has defrauded thousands of people by encouraging them to enroll and borrow loans based on false and misleading information about the value of an ITT degree,” said a press release from the attorney general’s office.

A “borrower defense demand” that a bipartisan coalition of 24 states and the District of Columbia filed on Tuesday includes students who attended ITT Tech between at least 2007 and 2011.

Federal law allows the US Department of Education to waive federal student loans when borrowers have been tricked into obtaining them.

“Attorneys General are calling for total relief from ITT students, including repayment of payments already made on these loans,” the press release said.

“In Tennessee we had hundreds of students just trying to improve their lives through education at ITT Tech and instead they got injured. This office will continue to work on their behalf to enforce our state’s consumer protection laws, ”Slatery said.

Based on a 2012 congressional report, ITT enrolled approximately 282,000 students across the country between 2007 and 2010. in income growth, sometimes over $ 100,000 in average annual earnings, than workers with the same references, ”the statement read.

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Aura appoints Anne M. Myong interim CEO and Joe Martin COO Wed, 07 Apr 2021 23:17:22 +0000

SAN FRANCISCO – () – Aura, a mission-driven fintech company that provides affordable loans to hard-working families, today appointed Anne M. Myong as interim CEO and Joe Martin as director of operation. Ms. Myong succeeds James Gutierrez who founded Aura and will remain on Aura’s board while seeking independent funding for the company.

“I am happy to share several changes related to Aura’s management team“said former California Senator Dean Florez, member of Aura’s board of directors. “Anne M. Myong has been appointed interim CEO and will also continue in her role as CFO, and Joe Martin will become the company’s Chief Operating Officer. Anne and Joe bring important business and technology leadership to the table, and looking forward, we are confident in their leadership in these uncertain economic times.

“Aura Founder and CEO James Gutierrez has decided to step down from his day-to-day role as CEO to seek independent funding from Aura that will help the company be more successful and avoid conflict as CEO. James will continue to serve on Aura’s board. Aura is grateful for James’ visionary leadership and his many contributions to the mission and success of the company, and we are delighted to count on his leadership as Aura continues to grow.

“As we know, COVID-19 has created so much hardship in the country, disproportionately affecting communities of color. As we look to the future, Aura will continue to support its borrowers and lead the way in the fight for economic justice.

Anne M. Myong, Interim CEO

Prior to joining Aura, Ms. Myong was Senior Vice President and CFO of Walmart’s global e-commerce business, overseeing a global business with direct-to-consumer e-commerce sites in the United States, China and Brazil. . In this capacity, she led the finance, accounting, strategic planning, mergers and acquisitions and integration activities. She joined Walmart in 2011 as Executive Director of its China retail operations and became CFO the following year.

During her tenure at Walmart, Ms. Myong was a member of the board of directors of Walmart Mexico and a member of the CEO’s Women Leaders Advisory Board. Prior to Walmart, Ms. Myong held various finance, strategy, and investment roles at Fortune 500 startups and tech companies in Silicon Valley and China. Anne began her career with McKinsey & Company in Washington, DC and New York after earning an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BBA in Computer Information Systems from James Madison University. Ms. Myong also serves on the boards of Align Technology (NASDAQ: ALGN) and Goodwill Industries International.

“As Interim CEO, I look forward to ensuring that Aura continues to thrive in these difficult times,” noted Anne M. Myong. “So many families in America face hardship, especially in communities of color. At Aura, we will continue to support those in pain by providing them with affordable loans and financial services. “

Joe Martin, Chief Operating Officer

Prior to becoming Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Martin was Senior Vice President, Engineering, Products and Design at Aura. Previously, he was Senior Vice President of Engineering, Trust and User Operations for Indiegogo. In this role, he led engineering and products while managing operational issues such as trust and safety, customer happiness and campaign strategy. Prior to that, he served as Senior Director of Engineering for eBay and held several engineering and product leadership roles for Microsoft. Mr. Martin holds a BS in Computer Science from Stanford University, where he was a member of the Society of Latino Engineers and Scientists.

“I joined Aura because her mission is close to my heart” said Joe Martin. “I want to help working families achieve financial prosperity. Now, as COO, I look forward to continuing to build Aura’s success and talented team, and together we will help millions of hard-working people survive in these tough economic times.

James gutierrez

James Gutierrez co-founded Aura in 2012 to help provide equal access and opportunity to underrepresented communities, minorities and people of color who have remained invisible in traditional banking systems. James withdraws from Aura’s day-to-day operations to make an independent offer for Aura funding.

“I launched Aura in 2012 because I understood the need to provide equal access and opportunities to underrepresented communities, minorities and people of color who have remained invisible in traditional banking systems.” said James Gutierrez. “Right now, this mission and its success are more critical than ever. So I decided to step down as CEO in order to pursue Aura full time independent funding and avoid any conflict I might have with myself as CEO. Our collective fight for economic justice continues.

Starting in 2012, James led the growth of Aura (formerly known as Insikt) from an idea to $ 100 million in annual revenue and nearly 600,000 affordable loans as CEO. Prior to Aura, James founded and was CEO of Opportun (NASDAQ: OPRT), formerly Progreso Financiero, a leading provider of responsible lending to Hispanics in the United States. justice among minorities and low income families in America.

About Aura

Aura uses technology that goes beyond credit scores to determine borrowers’ ability to repay and enables local businesses to manage credit demands. Since the end of 2014, the company has granted approximately $ 800 million in loans to nearly 344,000 borrowers at 1,050 partner sites. Aura loans have saved its borrowers over $ 500 million in additional fees and interest over predatory options. Two-thirds of Aura borrowers saw their credit scores increase by 312 points on average after two loans.

Aura is a technology-based Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) that provides small, affordable loans to working families in America. Aura’s mission is to build financially healthy low-income communities by providing empowering financial services to the 66 million underbanked and unbanked people in the United States. Aura has launched cloud-based lending technology that allows trusted local businesses to submit credit applications for centralized review and approval by its proprietary scoring algorithms.

Currently available in more than 1,050 locations in California, Texas, Illinois and Arizona, Aura has provided hundreds of thousands of responsible construction loans to low-income households since its launch in 2014.

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]]> 0 Suspect in 1989 Girl Murder Says His Wife’s Body Was “Right Under Your Nose” Wed, 07 Apr 2021 23:17:20 +0000

ALLEGAN COUNTY, MI – For three decades, Dennis Bowman has kept the murder of his 14-year-old daughter a secret, including disturbing details of her body disposal, investigators said.

Then he was ready to speak.

He said, ‘I hope your cameras are rolling,’ State Police Detective Sgt. Todd Workman testified on Monday February 22 in Allegan County District Court.

Bowman, 71, told police he had an argument with his daughter, Aundria, on March 11, 1989, at their home.

She said she was going to report that he assaulted her. He told her it was a lie. Then he pushed or hit her, causing her to fall to her death on the stairs, he told police.

Instead of calling for help, he hid his body in the barn on Lincoln Road, near Holland. He reported that she had run away from home.

Investigators at the scene of the home of homicide suspect Dennis Bowman near Hamilton on Friday November 22

But 30 years later, Bowman admitted to killing and dismembering the girl – using a machete and ax – and even moving her buried remains when her family moved to another house on 136th Avenue. in Hamilton.

The testimony convinced District Judge William Baillargeon to bind Bowman to a trial in Allegan County Circuit Court on an open murder charge.

Bowman is already serving two life sentences for the rape and murder of 25-year-old Kathleen O’Brien Doyle in September 1980 in Norfolk, Virginia.

He was arrested in late 2019 in the Norfolk murder and months later in the murder of his daughter.

Workman, along with Allegan County Sheriff’s Detective Chris Haverdink, were part of a team to investigate Aundria’s disappearance – and shared information with Virginia Police working on their own unsolved murder .

In late November 2019, Bowman told police he had “nothing to lose” by speaking to them except everyone knowing he was a “rotten son of …” Haverdink said.

Police said Bowman gave conflicting accounts about his daughter’s exact death, but admitted she pushed her down the stairs and failed to provide assistance.

In some statements, he said she broke her neck and died immediately. In others, he said the girl was moaning. He told police he hid his body in his barn and burned a sports bag containing his things in a burn barrel.

An hour later, he reported her missing.

So many years later, he told cold business detectives that he put the girl’s body in a cardboard barrel. It was too small. He hacked it with a machete and an ax to adapt it, police said. He told investigators the machete was still under his bed and likely still contained the victim’s DNA.

“He said it was a terrible thing to cut up a human,” Workman said.

Police said he put the victim’s body parts in four bags and then buried them behind his house on Lincoln Road. A year or two later, he unearthed them and buried them in the backyard of his new home in Hamilton.

He was in prison on February 4, 2020, when he finally told his wife the truth, she said.

“I told him he owed it to me,” said Brenda Bowman, moved.

She and her husband adopted the girl when she was 10 months old. Aundria had previously accused her father of assaulting her, but then recanted, her mother said.

Her daughter was a college student in Hamilton when she disappeared. She was excited after attending a group festival that day.

Brenda Bowman said she never saw her again. She was stunned when her husband was finally outspoken on the February 4, 2020 call.

She said he told her, “’So close, so far, right under your nose.’ I said, “What the hell are you talking about?” He said, ‘Aundria. She is buried in the garden. I said, ‘No she isn’t, we weren’t even living here then.’ He said, “Well, I moved her from the other house as soon as we signed some papers on the ground. “

Read more:

Mother of daughter who has been missing since 1989 says husband admitted “It was his fault”

Allegan County man charged with missing adopted daughter’s death in 1989

Police find remains, possible link to cold 1980s case

West Michigan man arrested in 1980 murder of woman in Virginia

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“Any loan or investment must be in the interest of Inter and not just Suning” Wed, 07 Apr 2021 23:17:18 +0000

As Inter owners Suning seek to invest or secure a loan to continue their tenure at the helm, Italian journalist Mario Scocerti has warned that any deal must be in the club’s best interests.

The ruling Zhang family have been in talks with various parties since the start of the year as they seek to deal with the increased debts of the Nerazzurri, while also considering taking out a loan to keep the club afloat while their allowing to keep the property.

Writing in today’s edition of Corriere della Sera, Sconcerti insisted that it is essential that any deal benefits Inter and not just be done to protect Suning, while admitting his surprise at see the Nerazzurri sit atop the Serie A against such an uncertain backdrop at the club.

“What is surprising is the ease of travel. Inter were there and based around Antonio Conte, despite the corporate crisis for which we all now have to applaud someone to lend € 250million to a billionaire, ”said Sconcerti.

“Maybe the real question isn’t whether Suning will get a loan to repay, but whether Inter really want it. I don’t know the answer, but it can’t be about Zhang’s interest. It has to be Inter’s interests.

Sconcerti went on to assess the Nerazzurri’s 1-0 win over Bologna in Serie A last night, as Conte’s side moved closer and closer to the Scudetto as they increased their lead to eight points. The reporter suggested that Inter have maintained a nine-game winning streak without impressing in the last matches.

“Inter continues in its small obscurity. They have struggled in the last four matches but are still increasing their advantage over their opponents. [Nicolo] Barella and [Achraf] The Hakimi seem tired and less creative, this lacks their support for [Romelu] Lukaku and Lautaro [Martinez].

“Bologna offered little in attack but they found a lot of space. They are also counting on Christian Eriksen to cover, but he is not supported by Barella or the others at the moment. It looks like Inter have the finish line in sight and are managing the games. Maybe they’re right, the other teams seem exhausted.

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