Can 10 Year Old Cars Be Depreciated By Law?

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I’ve owned drop-head four-seater cars for years, starting with a Triumph Vitesse, then two Triumph Stags, a Vauxhall Astra, an Audi A4 and now a BMW 2-series. electric (EV)? If not, what would be the best gasoline engine option to replace the BMW? Also my wife has an Alfa Romeo 159 Sportwagon which has been very reliable since new in 2011 and she loves it. Do you know if there is an all-electric Alfa in the pipeline? RB

No, although apparently VW is developing an electric four-seater ID.3 convertible which could arrive in 2023. Otherwise, there are mild hybrid (MHEV) developments of existing convertibles, such as a Fiat 500C hybrid; low performance, but fun to drive and with an economy of almost 60 mpg. The latest Fiat 500 is electric; although it owns Alfa Romeo, Fiat’s EV technology will likely take a long time to filter down to the Alfa lineup.

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My 2006 Mini One convertible, owned for seven years, has driven 67,000 miles and completed its last MoT. But he looks tired and I want a newer Mini. What should I do with a budget of around £ 8,000? I guess my car has little trade-in value. If I keep it, what might go wrong? JP

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