Boat tour company cleanup of Cumbrae wins support from dozens of volunteers

A BOAT charter owner says he was ‘overwhelmed’ by volunteers after organizing a cleanup of Little Cumbrae.

Ronnie Doolan, owner of Clyde Charters, has organized the cleanup of the island to shape it into a ship with the trip to the smaller Cumbrae set to resume next month.

The man from Skelmorlie says he wanted to reimburse the islanders for allowing his company to organize tours after putting her on their stop list in September.

He said: “We have been running trips to Little Cumbrae for a while now and are ready to start the tours again before the summer season.

“Before our first tour, we wanted to make sure we made the island look good before taking anyone.

“We have always been very particular in telling our passengers to treat the island with respect when they visit.

“As a thank you to the Islanders for their continued support, we wanted to do our part to help Little Cumbrae cool off.”

Ronnie says the response online to his spruce proposal has been overwhelming, and he took a group of enthusiastic volunteers to the island last week.

He explained, “We put an ad on Facebook and were overwhelmed by people who wanted to help.

“We managed to make two trips with 12 volunteers each and it made a huge difference to the island.

“We cleared the paths, cut down overgrown bushes, placed flag markers on the paths so people wouldn’t get lost and pick up broken glass.

“It’s definitely a lot better than before and it will be flawless for the first summer visitors to arrive.”

Ronnie says he intends to have a small Cumbrae cleaned regularly – and believes locals will gladly join them in helping to maintain the area’s natural beauty.

He said: “We want to make this a regular event now and clean up an island at least twice during the summer season.

“The volunteers are happy to do it and everyone gets that feel-good factor by helping the environment.

“I think a lot of people realize that Scotland is such a beautiful place and that we have to protect it at all costs.”

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