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Ben Roberts-Smith “extremely paranoid and obsessive” about investigation, courts say

Victoria Cross recipient Ben roberts smith became “extremely paranoid and obsessive” after Nine Entertainment published allegations he committed war crimes while serving in Afghanistan, a court has heard, News Corp reports. Max Maddison and Kieran Gair.

In a Federal Court judgment released Wednesday, the judge Antoine Besanko said the war hero’s ex-wife, Emma Roberts, asked her former husband to “seek professional help” to address concerns about his alleged “binge” drinking, anxiety and depression.

Roberts-Smith, 42, sues nine newspapers on Sydney Morning Herald and Age for defamation following a series of reports released in 2018 which he said described him as a murderous war criminal while serving as a Special Air Service soldier in Afghanistan in 2009-12.

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AustralianSuper faces questions from APRA after giving details of its two million members to New Daily

One of the largest super funds in the country, AustralianSuper, is under review for allowing the transmission of data of its clients of over two million members to the information website, The new daily, News Corp’s reports Sophie elsworth.

It comes as the outlet – owned by industry super fund umbrella company Industry Super Holdings – has been forced to apologize and pay the costs to the Superannuation Minister. Jane hume for an article written by a commentator Michael pascoe.

On Wednesday, it was revealed that the financial regulator, the Australian Prudential and Regulation Authority, was reviewing AustralianSuper after revelations showed that the industry super fund had forwarded its members’ information to the news website.

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“That’s why we have quotas! “

Tony burke, opposition House affairs director and former arts minister, has been a passionate advocate for maintaining Australia’s quotas, reports TV tonight.

Hailing Foxtel’s history of local drama, he said the way to achieve a level playing field was to add quotas to streaming platforms, not lower obligations on subscription and free TV. .

“What is the government’s solution when it says, ‘Oh, well, Foxtel is now at a competitive disadvantage compared to free-to-air channels, where we have reduced their drama quotas’? The solution is, ‘Oh, well, let’s continue the race to the bottom and make the cuts apply to Foxtel as well,’ ”said Burke.

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Netflix reportedly intends to enter the video game market

Apple, Microsoft, Sony and Google have all attempted to create a “Netflix for games” offering unlimited access to a library of titles for a monthly fee. But a growing number of reports suggest they could be on the verge of fierce competition from the streaming company itself, The Guardian’s reports. Alex hern.

Netflix has approached senior executives in the gaming industry to join it to lead the creation of a subscription-based gaming service, according to reports from the Tech News site. information and Reuters.

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New Brands

Victorian Liberal broker Michael Kroger called for the sacking of ABC chairman Ita Buttrose

Former Victorian Liberal Party Chairman and ABC Board Member Michael kroger attacked the presidency of the public broadcaster Ita Buttrose, describing her as “a hopeless failure” and calling on her to quit immediately, News Corp. reports. Sophie elsworth.

Kroger didn’t hesitate to slam Buttrose, which he said allowed the ABC to advance an anti-liberal agenda.

Appearing on Sky News Wednesday night with the host Chris Kenny, Kroger said Buttrose has done a terrible job of limiting the current bias against conservative politicians, including members of the Morrison government.

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ABC rejected Christian Porter’s offer to settle defamation case

The ABC rejected an offer to Christian porter to settle his defamation case weeks before the minister agrees to initiate mediation, reports Goalkeeper Australia‘s Amanda meade and Michael mcgowan.

The former attorney general claimed a victory in the high-profile case, but it is understood that he initially made an offer for a relatively modest financial settlement without an apology or retraction of the article.

The offer was rejected by the broadcaster in early May and the two sides began mediation on Friday May 28 and reached an agreement on Monday.

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ABC CEO David Anderson apologizes to Christian Porter for Louise Milligan and Sally Neighbor’s tweets

general manager of ABC David Anderson apologized in person to Christian porter for a series of social media posts by two of its veteran reporters following the libel case involving the public broadcaster and the former attorney general, News Corp. reports. Nicola Berkovic and James madden.

The formal mediation between Porter and the ABC had just ended on Monday when Anderson approached the Minister of Industry to express his disappointment that the tweets of Four corners journalist Louise milligan and the executive producer of the show, Neighbor Sally, had tarnished what had been achieved in the legal discussions earlier today and destroyed the goodwill between them.

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Ben Fordham defends Nine’s publicity but refused the appearance

A Channel Nine staple Ben Fordham defended the media organization’s Covid-19 vaccine announcement as “very well done” after being criticized for lack of diversity, News Corp reports. Mitchell Van Homrigh.

Fordham told his 2GB audience Wednesday morning that the announcement was “really well done” but revealed he declined a request to appear in the video.

“Regarding the accusation that he’s too white, I’m not sure they had a lot of time to put everything in place,” he said.

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Nine Immunization Promotion Updates

Nine last night posted a new public service promotion in its #GetVaccinated campaign, reports TV tonight.

Added to previous images were Brooke boney, Sarah abo, Travel guides ” Kev and Teng, Tina Bursill and sports presenters.

This follows earlier criticism of the casting for the first promo and a lack of diversity.

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Veronicas say making Celebrity Apprentice was a ‘massive mistake’

The Véronique described being on Celebrity apprentice as a “massive mistake,” accusing the editing producers of “heartbreaking and soul-destroying,” News Corp. reports. Cameron Adams.

The chart-topping twins released a damning statement via Instagram after Tuesday night’s episode, including an open letter to “the team and production involved” on the show Nine “who knows the truth.”

In an Instagram story posted on Lisa Origliasso, the letter stated that the duo had signed up to the show “under cover of charity and heart” to raise funds for the Brain Foundation, as their mother Colleen has rare progressive supranuclear palsy (a brain disorder that affects their cognitive abilities and motor function).

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Weakest Link Drops Ratings As Viewers Point To Big Problem With The Show

the Magda Szubanski-led restart of The weakest link dropped in ratings in its second week on the air, News Corp’s reports Nick bond.

Viewers on social media have given mixed reviews, with criticism of the show’s attempts at humor and the very structure of the game, which sees contestants compete against each other in quick trivia rounds to win prizes in the game. cash.

The most common complaint, however? The sound design of the show – especially the decision to put on a booming echo effect every time Szubanski says the words “the weakest link.”

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