Ambright kicked off the third undergraduate virtual college lounge with solid lineup including MIT, Oxbridge and more

  • MIT launched the star-filled VUF on day one while Oxbridge joined on the last
  • Trinity joined Ambright’s China Excellence Identification Program and accepted AST scores
  • Representatives from the United States Consulate General, the British Embassy and the British Council provided first-hand information and authoritative analysis.

SHANGHAI, June 4, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Ambright Kicked Off The Third Undergraduate Virtual University Fair With Star-Filled Lineup On To Provide First-Hand Information And Authoritative Analysis On Top University Admission Policies global and US and UK visa policies for thousands of potential undergraduate applicants in China and all over the world.

Of May 24e at June 1st, numerous academics and admissions officers from over 15 prestigious universities around the world have hosted more than 17 exciting webinars. The third undergraduate virtual university fair attracted over 56,000 people, generating over 72 million impressions over 9 consecutive days.

On the first day, more than 8,400 viewers flocked to and watched the opening ceremony and the MIT session. The sessions presented jointly by the Oxford University and the Cambridge University the last day drew over 16,000 viewers. Other participating universities include University College London, Trinity College Dublin, University of Edinburgh, Nanyang Technological University, Johns Hopkins University, and much more.

Liu Yazhuo, Deputy Executive Director of CEIS / AST, announced at the opening ceremony that Trinity College Dublin has just become the first higher education institution in the Republic of Ireland join CEIS. She said: “This means that from now on, the results of the academic aptitude test will be accepted by Trinity College Dublin, as well as 11 other world-renowned universities that are now members of CEIS. “

Dominique luthringer, regional director of Eastern Europe, Central and East Asia at Trinity College Dublin said: “We are accepting applications for the double degree program between Trinity University Dublin and Columbia university in United States with the results of the AST tests. ”

Sean Wuhua Zhang, Dean of the Ambright Institute for Educational and Scientific Research, said: “From April to June 2021, we successfully hosted three undergraduate and one postgraduate virtual university fairs, attracting over 300,000 people to watch the webinars and interact with the presenters. The total number of global media reports has exceeded 200, with a cumulative exposure of over 150 million people to the global internet, which has garnered considerable industry attention and positive social impact. ”

It is worth mentioning that VUF has also gained support from the United States Consulate General, British Embassy and British Council. Beijing Normal University’s Chinese Institute for Educational Innovation has kindly provided academic support and authoritative media such as Times Higher Education and Tencent News provided support to the media.

“Departure May 4e, the United States Consulate General in Canton started processing student visas for Chinese students. ” Tyler brent, Head of Cultural Affairs at the United States Consulate General in Canton, said in his congratulatory remarks at the opening ceremony, “United States continues to welcome legitimate Chinese students to study and conduct research in United States. “

In addition, representatives from the British Embassy and the British Council provided first-hand information and authoritative analysis on UK visa policy and many other aspects of student travel and study abroad.

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