Alice Levine is mortified upon hearing a man masturbate

A television presenter was mortified when she found herself on the other side of the door as a webcam model masturbateis lying, giggling into the camera as she admitted she could hear clear “breathing” sounds. You can watch what happened below:

Alice Levine, co-host of an extremely popular podcast My dad wrote a porn and a former DJ of Radio 1, has been document British sex life for the new channel 4 sseries Actually sex with Alice Levine.

Meet people from all walks of life, she exploress what sex means for them – whether they do it for pure pleasure, for money or even in search of spiritual awakening.

Credit: Canal 4

On Wednesday’s episode (September 22), she spOkay To 29 years Sam and his partner Nikita, 24, who fell in love during the lockdown and quickly started creating explicit webcam content for cash.

In a particularly awkward moment, Alice was wait outside Sam’s room while he filmed a masturbation video for her followerssmirk behind the door as she turned apparent what was going on.

“I am going to linger because I am aware that I am not putting you in the mood”, she said. said to Sam, who laughed back: “Haha it’s good, it’s good.”

Credit: Canal 4
Credit: Canal 4

He then closed the door and started the session, although at first a confused Alice asked: “How do you know when it started?” “

Finally, noises began to break the silence, prompting Alice to put her hand to her mouth in shock.

She said to the camera: “I can hear him breathe. “

Credit: Canal 4
Credit: Canal 4

When it was all over, Alice said she could “hear him put on his pants,” and it wasn’t long before she could debrief to ask how the shoot had been for Sam.

“Yeah, hot man, I’m dripping with sweat,” he said.

“I feel relieved … I filmed some footage, took a few pictures, and probably lost half a pound of sweat.”

While Sam identifies as straight, he has said that a lot of his clients tend to be men.

Credit: Canal 4
Credit: Canal 4

He said: “Even to say that 90% of my fans are men would probably be an understatement.

“I think that’s why I’m at an advantage in this industry, that’s how male artists make money, that’s because of gay men.

“It’s a business deal at the end of the day. The emotions stay out of it.”

He and Nikita opened up about how they had sex for fun and to create content for money, with Nikita saying earlier on the show that Sam’s predominantly male audience made it easier.

She explained: “It’s almost nicer to have the attention of men rather than women..

It may seem hypocritical on my part, because obviously 95 percent of my followers are all straight men … but I think that’s just the way my hormones are programmed. “

You can watch episode 1 of Actually sex with Alice Levine on All4 now, while episode two airs at 10 p.m. Wednesday, September 29 on Channel 4.

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